Rite Aid Deals 03/14

UPDATE: Check out the $17 Money Making Scenario here

This week’s Rite Aid Deals are listed below.

If you are new to Rite Aid – check out the Rite Aid How To Here and Rite Aid Coupon Policy Here. You can also print Rite Aid Video Values coupons that can be used in addition to manufacturer coupons. You can get a $3.00/$15.00 printable here or $5.00/$25.00 here.

It is a rather blah week. After last week, I guess that is too be expected.

Post Shredded Wheat $1.88
use $2.00/1 printable Post Cereal Coupon
OR use $1.00/2 Post Cereal Coupon in 02/28 SS
as low as FREE after coupon (Rite Aid does not give overage on coupons)

Cottonelle Bath Tissues $5.99
use $1.00/1 printable Cottonelle Coupon (zip 63366)
use $1.00/1 Video Values Coupon
$3.99 after coupon

Joy Dish Soap $.79
Use$.30/1 from 2/7 P&G
$.49 after coupon

Hershey’s Easter Candy $1.99
use $2.00/3 printable here
$1.33 each after coupon

Dawn Hand Renewal $.79
use $1.00/1 in Home Made Simple or $.50/1 in 03/07 P&G
as low as free after coupon

To see all the deal’s click below.

Prilosec 28 ct with free 14 ct $18.99
Submit $5.00 SCR
use $3.00/1 in 02/07 P&G
$13.99 after coupon

Viva Paper Towels 8 Pack $5.99
use $1.00/1 printable Viva Paper Towels Coupon
$4.99 after coupon

Almay Foundation, Powder & Blush BOGO
Submit $5.00 SCR
price varies

Renpure Hair Care $5.99-$9.99 BOGO
keep a look out for Try Me Free Hang Tags
use $3.00/1 Video Values from February
as low as 2 Free after Try Me Free Rebate

{ Deal Idea }

Buy (2) Renpure $6.99
use (1) $3.00/1 Video Values Coupon
Submit Try Me Free Rebate
$3.00 overage

Herbal Essences $2.99

{Deal Idea}

Buy (2) Herbal Essences $5.98
use $1.00/1 in 03/14 RP
use BOGO coupon in 02/07 PG
$1.00 each wyb 2 after coupons

Band Aid $1.99
use $1.00/1 in 01/03 RP
$.99 after coupon

Visine psa $5.99
use $3.00/1 in ad coupon
stack with $3.00/1 in March All You
Free after both coupons

Johnsons Baby Care $4.29
use $1.00/1 in ad coupon
stack with $1.00/1 printable coupon
$2.29 after coupon

Listerine $2.99
use $1.00/1 printable coupon (zip 63366)
$1.99 after coupon

Right Guard Extreme $4.49 BOGO
use $2.00/2 printable coupon or $2.00/2 printable coupon
$1.24 after coupon

I don’t have much to work with this week, but here’s my Easter Candy Scenario:

Buy 6 Hershey’s Candy $11.94
Buy 1 Visine $5.99
Total $17.93
use $3/$15 Rite Aid Coupon
use $3.00/1 Visine All You
use $3.00/1 Visine in ad
use $2.00/3 Hersheys
use $2.00/3 Hersheys
Total $4.93
$.82 each plus free Visine
Did I miss anything? Please leave it in the comments!   Also, you can check out and download next week’s ad here.

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  • virginia

    I used the video coupons in a store/area where they had no idea what the cards even looked like. They took my coupons and had no problem. I didn’t read the small print though, I didn’t know I couldn’t use them there. The cashiers were nice and impressed with how little I paid for my stuff too :-).

  • Sheri

    There is also a video values coupon $2 off for the Right Guard

  • Jen

    Reputable rumor has it that J&J baby products will be on sale next week. Might want to wait to use your coupons ;)

  • 1st transaction: (even if you didn’t do anything else to get the rebate this is a great deal if you needed anyone of these items :) )

    1 Cortaid 3.99
    1 Benadryl gel caps 24ct 5.49
    2 Sudafed PE cap 10 ct 4.99 each
    1 visine 4.99

    Total 24.45 towards J&J rebate
    It was over $25 with tax so my RA took my $5/$25

    I used:
    -5/25 RA
    -2 Cortaid 1/3rp
    -1 Benadryl 3/14rp
    -2 in ad Benadryl
    -3/2 sudafed 1/3rp
    -2 in ad sudafed
    -2 in ad sudafed
    -3 visine March All You (theres also a -2 in the 1/3 ad)
    -3 in ad visine
    OOP with tax the total was $2.81

    Trans 2

    Joy anti-bac .79
    Neut unscented soap 3.5 2.89
    Neut unsented soap 2.89
    Bandaid 1.99
    Bandaid 1.99
    Renpure 6.99
    Renpure BOGO 0

    Total 17.54
    Towards J&J 9.76

    -3 Renpure vv
    -.30 Joy 2/7pg
    -2 inad Neutragena
    -2 inad Neutragena
    -1 bandaid 1/3 rp
    -1 bandaid 1/3 rp

    With tax oop was 6.26

    Trans 3:
    Benadryl 5.49
    Benadryl 5.49
    Cortaid 3.99
    bandaid 1.99

    Total, all J&J 16.96
    -2 Ben. inad (use 2)
    -1 Ben 3/14rp (use 2)
    -2 Cortaid 1/3
    -1 bandaid 1/3

    4.96 plus tax oop

    Total OOP for all 3 transactions 14.03 plus tax on transaction 3 (I haven’t done it yet)

    Will get $25 J&J RA rebate and $3 renpure mail in rebate (not Rite Aid)
    Here are a couple of notes:
    1. Always give your $/$$ coupons first, don’t even hand them other ones.
    2. If you use more then 1 inad coupon, you need more then 1 inad coupone (I know some stores use the same coupon several times). I had to have 2 sales flies to cut coupons out of and will get another when I walk in the store today for the last transaction.
    3. In the 1st transaction my RA counted tax as part of the $25, if yours requires $25 in merchandise just add a bandaid or a cheap filler.
    If you could do transaction 1 two times adding a pack of bandaids you would make about $18, I don’t have another 5/25 or my 5/20vv (I used it last week). Also this could easily be done as two transactions without the Renpure and Joy.

    I hope this motivates someone to get out there and get a great deal!

  • Sherry

    I didn’t see any deals listed for the buy $50 worth of Johnson & Johnson products and get a $25.00 rebate (may have missed it) so I went through the ad this weekend and my coupons and I had coupons for most of the items. Everyone might want to check it out. I was able to get my $50.00 worth of product for $8.92 OOP and will get the $25.00 rebate make it a $16.08 money maker. I had to do 3 transactions on it and used 3 of the $3 off $15 coupons. I stacked the in ad coupons with manufacturer coupons and some video value coupons. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up in case they were looking at doing it.

  • You said it was a blah week but I just did a great money maker. Spent $9.07 today.
    Tomorrow will spend $4.94 + tax.
    I’ll get $28 back in rebates, I call that a great week!
    My cameras not working or I submit it to be a featured shopper:)

    • Shannon


      Send a list. I am assuming you did the J&J Rebate :)

  • SRT

    So we can’t stack the printables with the in-ad coupon even though the policy says:”Only one manuf. coupon is accepted, unless couple with another manf. found in a Rite Aid circular.”?

    • Shannon


      You can stack with coupons that start with RC with a single barcode and are specifically Rite Aid Man. Coupons.

  • Sarah

    I went to another Rite Aid yesterday, not my usual and had a ton of problems, ended up not buying anything. Question on the BOGOs…With the covergirl face bogo, can I use 1 BOGO combine with the rite aid bogo and not pay anything for 2 products, or do I have to buy one, use the bogo and get 2 free and pay for 1?

  • I’m sorry everyone is having cashier issues. I just started shopping Rite Aid last week and didn’t have any problems (Horsham and King of Prussia, if you want to try them). Scanned my x/xx first and didn’t blink an eye at the BOGO cover girl. My first receipt was $0.00. The receipt printed out and she said, wow, that’s a good deal! This is good and bad for me. Love the deals, but I’m already addicted to CVS. Darn you Shannon and your too-good-to-pass-up scenarios!!

    I think I’m going to transfer my son’s vitamin prescription and get the $25 gift card this week.

    • Shannon


      Rite Aid is real money.. no ECB’s to fool around with :)

  • erica hall

    My $5/$25 was refused yesterday for being too dark to scan. My $3/$15 wasn’t acceptable either and they refused to enter it manually. I was able to get me BOGO Cover Girl but not the Almay deal and not the Pampers deal.

  • Quick question about the wellness program: i am new to shopping at Rite Aid (I usually shop at Walgreens). I signed up for the Rite Aid Wellness Program, not fully understanding what it was. I printed some of the coupons and used them with no problems. I just found out (when my card arrived in the mail) that my area isn’t included. So, the question is, can you still use the Qs but you can’t get the points for the Wellness program? Is that why we can sign up if we aren’t in a Wellness area?

    • Shannon

      Rite Aid specifically says on the coupons that you may not use them outside of the areas. I have checked with my contact and they indicated that they are not to be used outside of the wellness markets. However, the wellness program will be rolling out nationwide soon.

  • Christen

    I have noticed that at my Rite Aid the cashiers are beginning to wait until all other coupons have come off before scanning my $/$$ coupons, however they still work as long as my total was originally over the set dollar amount. I haven’t had a problem at my Rite Aid yet, knock on wood.

  • Angel

    The store manager at my store yesterday pulled something like this. He INSTISTED that all my BOGO coupons had to be scanned after each item, and not at the end of the transaction. Which pretty much made my $5/$20 coupon obsolete. What should have been a $2 total was $11.xx. He made me furious, but I was polite (through my teeth).

    Thanks for letting me vent :)

  • Jan

    About the Hershey’s candy…there is also an in-ad coupon $2off 3. That can be stacked with the printables, correct?

    • Shannon


      No this particular coupon is a manufacturer coupon and not a Rite Aid coupon.


  • carilyn

    I was just on the Rite Aid website and it let me sign up for the wellness + program. Does that mean that it is in my area or is everyone allowed to sign up? It also let me print coupons, can I use them? I live on the PA- Ohio border? I am kinda new to Rite aid deals. Thanks !

    • Shannon

      No Carilyn, they let you sign up which is so silly. But we cannot use them yet. :(

  • Laura Fidler

    Hi Shanon, do you know what size Cottonele toilet paper is on sale? My coupon is for the 12 pack of larger. Thanks!

    • Shannon

      Cottonelle is 12 pack :)

  • Lauren

    Hi guys – I just wanted to say that several months ago one of my RA managers insisted that the policy was changed (regarding the $5/25 cpns). She said that it was an “email that came down from corporate.” When I asked for a printed policy regarding the change she said it wasn’t available. So I emailed RA corporate and received a response immediately. They called my RA store and I haven’t had a problem since! I was very impressed!

  • Samantha

    Went to my dentist today.

    Listerine $2.00 off coupon. Who knew the dentist was yet another source for high-value coupons!

  • Rosey

    Is it a district manager call? If not, then can there be anything done?

    • Shannon


      Read Lauren’s comment, maybe this is the course of action that you can take. It stinks that these District Managers try to implement rules, it just makes Rite Aid look bad.

  • Are the district managers allowed to change a corporate policy like that?

    • Shannon


      From what I understand no, but really you don’t have much recourse.

  • Rosey

    I was at my rite aid in Colorado yesterday and they told me that rite aid changed their coupon policy for the $3/$15, $5/$20, etc. to come off after all other coupons. They said that it was a recent change. It completely changed all of my scenarios that I had planned. Just an FYI.

    • Shannon


      I spoke with corporate on Thursday, there has been no change to their policy as of Thursday 03/11/2010.

      I called because it seems as though some district managers are making it their policy.

  • Joanie

    there is also a vv coupon for the cottenelle for $1 off making it $3.99 each

  • sue

    There is a $1 off video coupon for Cottonelle.
    Also don’t forget the wellness $1.00 off “candy purchase of $1.99 or more” coupon you posted on 3/4.

    • Shannon

      Thanks Sue!

    • Shannon

      Sigh, lucky duck for those of you who live in Wellness coupon areas.