Rite Aid Deal: Free Cleaning Product Scenarios

Here are scenarios for the Cleaning Products deal at Rite Aid. Remember, limit one is showing in the ad.

If you have any great ideas, leave them in the comments!

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Buy (2) Tilex $4.00
Buy (2) Pine Sol $4.00
Buy (2) Clorox Toilet Bowl Clearner $4.00
Buy Motrin PM $3.00
Total: $15.00
use $3.00/$15.00 Survey Coupon

use $2.00/1 Motrin  in 3/13 inserts
use  $1/1 Motrin PM RA printable
use (2) $1.00/1 Printable Tilex Coupon
use (2) $1.00/1 Printable Pine-Sol Coupon
Get (2) $1.00 SCR
Get $1.00 UPR for buying Motrin
Get $3.00 UPR for buying $10
Free plus overage after SCR, UPR & Coupons

Buy 5 PineSol $10.00
Use (5) $1.00/1 Pine Sol Printable (need multiple computers)
Get (2) $1.00 SCR
Get $3.00 UPR
Free after UPR & SCR and Coupons
Thanks, James!

Buy (6) Soft Scrub $15.00
use (4) $1/1 Soft Scrub Total Product, exp. 4-30-11 (RP 03/13/11) (can use more than 4, but 4 makes it free)
use $3.00/15.00 Survey Coupon
Get $5.00 UPR wyb $15.00 (Dial monthly deal)
Get $3.00 UPR wyb $10.00
Free + Overage after coupons

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  • rachel

    i did a clorox deal. buy 4 wipes and 2 bleack. Total 11.36-1.69 free bleack coupon fro mwalmart times two two 1/2 clorox wipes . so 11.36-1.69-1.69-1-1=6-3up=3-2scr=1 for all not as good as the other deals but if u need clorox here u go.

  • Melissa S

    My trip to Rite Aid today was a nightmare. I thought the Motrin PM 20ct was on sale, and it was the 40ct, so of course it rang in full price and I didn’t notice because my newspaper today didn’t have the Rite Aid insert so I was to busy clipping the in ad coupon for the Visine I needed at the store. Then I did a second transaction for the Loreal Mousse and Go Clean to use my $2 of $10 beauty reward and forgot the in ad coupon for the Go Clean face wash. Luckily my store is totally rockin and fixed it all with a smile….thank god for patience.

    Loreal Mousse 8.99
    Go Clean 4.99
    total 13.98
    used 3/1 Loreal Healthy Look VV
    used 3/1 MC Loreal Mousse in todays paper
    used $2 off Beauty Bonus coupon
    used 2/1 Go Clean in ad
    used 2/1 MC in todays paper

    paid 1.98 for Loreal Mousse haircolor and Go Clean facewash

  • Becky Barley

    What all is included in the dial monthly deal? Thanks

    • themommyliza

      @Becky Barley, I can’t find the info on this either. Shannon, do you have that info, or a link to where I can find it?

      • Shannon


        Sorry Liza, Cannot find what you are looking for. what can I help ya with.

        • Lori

          Shannon – I think they are referring to the $5.00 UPR you have listed in the buy 6 soft soap deal that’s above.

          • Shannon


            :( I have answered that question about 50 times. :(

  • Kelly

    If you used the $3/15 survey coupon, wouldn’t that make it a $2 moneymaker? $15-$6(mqs)-$3/$15-$3UPR-$5UPR = -$2?

  • Anita

    How do you get the RA survey coupon? I went on the site and couldn’t find anything.

    • Tami R.

      @Anita, It has to print at the bottom of your receipt with a special code in order for you to do the survey. Just an FYI, I have gotten 3 in one day, so it usually is pretty easy to come by.

      • karla

        @Tami R.,
        Funny thing, I have been to 3 RA with my sister, and neither of us have gotten a survey since they started the $5 off $15. (Got plenty of surveys before the change).

        • karla

          oops $3 off $15, sorry.

  • also wondering if you can get the $5 on $15 soft scrub deal AND the $3 on 10 all in the same transaction? HOPING Soft Scrub Total is included in the deal!!!

    • ueen

      @Scarlett, I got both ($3 wyb $10 and $5 wyb $15 soft scrub). Total Soft Scrub is included in the deal.

    • themommyliza

      @Scarlett, just got back from RA. I purchased the $15 of Soft Scrub and got NOTHING on my receipt. Not the $3 wyb $10 or the $5 wyb $15. The manager would only give me a $3 card for the currently posted deal of $3 wyb $10 and not the other, since he said it isn’t currently posted in his store. Should I contact someone higher up, or did I get the best deal I could?

      • Shannon


        Liza, did you purchase the Soft Scrub Total? Sorry didnt see this before I answered the other one?

        • @Shannon, Hi, i did the deal yesterday and the store did have the total, and it worked, I got both the $3 UP and the $5 up. I was hoping to do it again on hubby’s card tomorrow, but the only Soft Scrub left is the regular and i’ve heard rumors that isn’t working for the double dip:(

          • themommyliza

            @scarlett bowling, I think you’re right. I wasn’t able to get the $5 UPR for the Soft Scrub with Bleach. :( It may not be working even for the $3 UPR, because I had to point out to my manager that the ad only states Soft Scrub (not what kind) and includes 24-25.5 ozs, which would include the regular Soft Scrub, even though it’s not pictured in the ad. He ended up giving me a $3 returned merchandise card in place of my UPR.

  • Is the 5UP on 15 on all the cleaning products on sale or just the Soft Scrub for the monthly deal??

  • Tina

    If you’re bummed your NYC smart source doesn’t have the Motrin PM coupon, you can still buy the Purex Complete Crystals Softener to add to the cleaning products to reach $15. The RP has the $2.00 off Q + $1.00 off RA VV.

    Thanks Shannon!

    • Tina


      On a separate note, the NYC RedPlum has a B1G1 Rite-Guard. First time I’ve seen it. So excited! It’s almost never included.

      Plus, the Dial coupon is $1/1, not $.35/1 for the 3 pack or liquid soap, so I guess you win some, you lose some!

    • Shannon


      Yep thats a good plan too Tina – Thanks.

  • Erica

    My Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Cleaner (the 2 for $7 one) had a $2 off 2 any Scrubbing Bubbles peelie, so keep an eye out for that!

  • Nicole

    Is it only soft scrub for the monthly deal? and where do you see this… I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    • Shannon


      Its part of the Dial Monthly – advertised in stores only.

      • themommyliza

        @Shannon, I posted this already, but my manager said it wasn’t posted in his store, so he wasn’t honoring it. Was it a local deal only?

        • Shannon


          I doubt this is local —

          Call corporate.. It should automatically print off and I cannot see how a manager can decide “not” to honor it. Did the UPR print and he took them? Or what happened Liza? I didn’t see your last reply — unfortunately ..

        • Shannon

          Whoops I saw it now.

          • themommyliza

            @Shannon, :).

            I had done 3 of the Soft Scrub Total (since that was all that was left) and 3 of the Soft Scrub with Bleach (saw someone else mention those worked fine for them), and it didn’t print off either of the UPRs. I pointed out that the ad only said Soft Scrub and that it included the ounces for SS w/Bleach (24oz). If it had only been for the SSTotal, it wouldn’t have said 24-25.5oz, even though the SSTotal was the only one pictured. I still believe the $5UPR should have printed, too, so I will call corporate, unless the $5 was only on the Total. Since he didn’t have it posted in his store, I couldn’t check it.

        • Shannon
          • themommyliza

            @Shannon, thanks, Shannon! Well, it looks like I won’t be getting my $5, since I didn’t only get the SS Total. Oh, well, it was still a pretty good deal, just not free. :)

            • Shannon


              Is it tracking on the bottom of your receipt? Is there something that says Dial and the amount you purchased?

  • jessica g

    What is the 3$ up wyb 10$ on cleaning. Would the scrubbing bubbles toilet bowl gel things qualify? 4@14 ..would I get the 3 wyb 10. I’m gonna buy wipes to get it up to 5/15 too

    • Jessica G

      @jessica g, sorry I meant the monthly 3/15 deal

  • Grace

    If you go to Soft Crub dot com, you can register and then it lets you print three different coupons. One of them is for $1.50/1 Soft Scrub Total Cleaner which I hope is included in this sale. Remember to hit the back button to print two coupons for each. This way if you were planning on buying all those papers for this deal, you dont’ have to.

    • Shannon


      nice Grace!

    • Shannon

      and thanks for remembering to put soft scrub dot com and not .com LOL

      • Grace

        No problem, Happy shopping!

        • Lisa

          for the life of me…can’t reach that site!

          • Michelle

            @Lisa, Lisa, you poor thing, put a period (.) in place of the “dot”

            • Shannon
            • Lisa

              Glad you can’t see my red face!

          • Shannon


            Michelle used the dot instead of .com because sometimes when you put .com my spam filter thinks you are some spammer and puts your comment to the spam folder :)

    • Ana

      I just went on the website and I only see the coupons under $.75 value :(

      • Jessica

        you have to log in to get the $1.50 coupon.