Rite Aid: Cheap Neutrogena Facial Bars & Updates

1. Just headed to Rite Aid and the Neutrogena bars are working for the save $5.00 wyb 3 products. They are priced at $2.99 +  Buy One, Get One 50% off.

Buy (3) Neutrogena Bars $7.47
Get $5.00 UPR
$2.47 for 3 after UPR

I didn’t try this but here is the better deal:

Buy (6) Neutrogena Bars $13.45
Get (2) $5.00 UPR
$3.45 for 6

2. Keep an eye out for Stayfree bonus packs – these are also working for the UPR.

3. The American Greetings coupon beeped for me – no go, as my store is no longer putting thru anything that doesn’t scan. Let us know if it worked for you.

4.  The Revlon Tools UPR is limited to one per household. Oops, I messed that one up.

That is all I have for now. I need to head back to test another deal before I get it posted.

Do you have any updates for Rite Aid this week?

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  • Angela Wright

    My Riteaid store (Puyallup,WA) didn’t even have 3 Neutrogena Facial Bars…I only saw 2 on the self and that was it. So I ended up doing a different deal with the Aveeno Baby products. I only bought 4 Aveeno products because they were bogo and got 1 $5 up reward. My question is if I go back tomorrow and buy two more things to will it count my one from a previous transaction as part of the 3 or does the 3 items have to be in the same transaction?

  • Rei

    Do you know if the Neutrogena Naturals are included in the +UP reward deal? TIA

    • Shannon

      REi, I am not sure, hopefully someone else can answer this.

  • Marla

    I did get the email about the Scunci…I purchased a headwrap and it did produce the $2 up this am at 11:30.

  • i bought 2 biore products and 1 john freda, because i thought there was a buy $20 worth get $10 in Up+ and it didn’t print, any suggestions?

    • Shannon


      sorry I didn’t post about that – the deal doesn’t start until 3/30. Maybe you can return it.

  • Jami

    My American greetings Q beeped but they put it through anyway.

    • themommyliza

      @Jami, mine, too. Wonder why?

      • Shannon

        It must have something to do with what cards we chose. Thats all I can deduce.

        • themommyliza

          @Shannon, mine were $2.59 each, and from the Studio line.

  • Tina Seymour

    i bought 10 axe body washes. i only got 2 $5 ups but then i looked at the receipt and 2 that i had bought were on clearance and rang up at $2.89 each instead of $4.50. at the bottom of the receipt it showed I had over $11 towards my next axe purchase. so i bought 2 more axe bodywashes with my bogo q and got another $5 up. the lysol/airwick is also being tracked along with the revlon.

  • debbie

    I had no problem stacking the american greeting card coupon with the dollar off one I printed.
    I was bummed my store is not running the lysol deal again this week. Guess its not in my region.

  • Kristin M

    My store only had 2 of these. Couldn’t even do one transaction – lame.

    Also, I just noticed on my ups some wording which didn’t seem right to me – Down at the bottom “*Good thru 4/16/11 on 1 purchase only of at least $1 of eligible product etc etc etc”

    Has “1 purchase only” always been in the verbage?

  • Jillian

    My American Greeting coupon didnt scan at all, but, they put it in manually and it didnt beep.

  • Nicole

    I had no problems with the American Greetings Q. Mine went throughout without a beep.

    • Shannon


      Thanks Nicole good to know .

    • kristi

      I did the american greetings on 2 separate transactions, the first on three .99 cards and the second on more expensive cards with the internet coupon. It worked both times without beeping.

      • terrellterp

        I didn’t have a problem using the pdf coupon either, but I’m surprised you were able to use it on the 99 cent cards. I think that coupon excluded the 99 cent cards.

        • I went this morning & bought 3 of the 99¢ cards & used the $3/3 in-ad coupon & it went through just fine.

  • Ueen

    If u have the 10% wellness discount the 3 neutrogena bars will cost as follows:
    1 2.99
    1 1.49 50% bogo
    1 2.69 10% wellness discount
    .72 each after upr
    If u have the 20% wellness discount cost will be as follows:
    1 2.99
    1 1.49 50% bogo
    1 2.39 20% wellness discount
    .62 each after upr

    • Brenda

      @Ueen, I dud have two of these 10% print out at the end of my recept


      None of them will scan, I have tried at 2 stores and nothing four times; any suggestions?

      • Janice K.

        @Brenda, If you’re referring to the coupon read the fine print. Mine states that it’s 10% off full priced items, not sale items.

      • Ueen

        @Brenda, Sorry for the confusion. I was referring to the wellness discount that is tagged against your wellness points. This is the discount that is automatically calculated without the use of any coupon at the bottom of one’s receipt.

  • Kristin

    There are $0.99 American Greetings cards ($0.79 with 20% discount) which makes them free (or MM w/ 20% off) after $3/3 in-ad Q.

    Also, I got an email saying there was a $2up+ when you buy scrunci elastic or headwrap but the headwrap I bought didn’t product an up, so I’ll have to call customer service tomorrow.

    The cetaphil deal states $2 off regular retail of $8.49 or higher Cetaphil.

    • Tami R.

      @Kristin, I did the same deal…bought 3 $.99 cards, got my 20% discount, whcih made it $79. Used the in-ad coupon and got them for free. It does not state for cards above $.99 as the printable coupon does. Works for me!

    • jill

      Let us know if you hear anything on the Scunci…..I also got an email with the $2 up on Scunci, but my weekly ad didn’t show this deal.

      Another interesting thing is that my flyer didn’t show the gum BOGO, but when I went online and put in my zipcode, the deal was in that flyer.