Rite Aid: Catalina Machines & Free Breathe Right Strips

So, I am jealous. Very Jealous.  How dare Rite Aid put in catalina machines and not include my stores! (Yes, they are my stores, I am very possessive, I like to believe that they stock the shelves just for me..he he)

So here is the deal… Karen from Koupon Karen, commented on the Free Breathe Right Strips catalina that is popping up at Walgreens. She said that her Rite Aid has a catalina machine and she got the free Breathe Right Strips Cat there!

So first, if your Rite Aid has a catalina machine – fess up – tell us where!  Second, Rite Aid if you are reading this, how about some cat machines in the the Philly burbs?  Please and thank you.

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  • christa

    none in los angeles

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    No Cat Machines in East Coast Jersey here.

  • Stacey

    none here in orange county, ny either that i have noticed

  • Jenifer

    None here in the Nashville, Tennessee area :-(

  • Tiffany

    Nothing yet here in central CA. Fingers crossed!

  • Katie K

    I haven’t seen them here (WA)

  • Gwen

    Haven’t seen a cat machine at RA, but I got the Breathe Right catalina at Giant yesterday.

    • Caroline

      @Gwen, Me too! I went through the self checkout and it was lying on the empty checkout stand I used!

  • lynb

    None at my RA’s in Maryland’s Harford county.

  • Melissa B

    Haven’t seen them at either store that I frequent in Burlington County, NJ. :)

  • Angela F

    I haven’t seen any catalinas at the Rite Aids I shop at in Perry Cnty, PA (just outside of Mechanicsburg/Carlisle. I would love it though!

  • Angela F

    I haven’t seen any catalinas at any of the Rite Aids I shop in Perry Cnty PA (just outside of Mechanicsburg/Carlisle). Would love to though!

    • Crista

      @Angela F,

      The RA in Mechanicsburg (C. Pike) has a Catalina machine:)

  • Linda

    Please don’t hate me!

    I noticed them in a few stores around here about 2 weeks ago
    but I am not sure if they were there before as I really didn’t shop
    at riteaid before; I got free sugar cookies and $1 off seven generation detergent.

    I have many many ride aids in my city “lots of subdivision in the city” and other next door cities as I am in a major city. One of the small next door cities have it “there is also a cvs next door” plus the rite aid two blocks down
    doesn’t have, these stores are less then 10 minutes away with traffic.

    In total I know about 4 or 5 that have those little machines but there are at least 13 plus stores in my area some 24 hrs.

    I am in MA

    • Shannon


      he he Linda, we won’t hate you , but we may be jealous! :P

  • Katie

    Nothing in the triangle area in NC (that I’ve seen, anyway).

  • Kim

    None here in MA either.

  • kadywood

    Haven’t seen any in Montgomery or Berks county PA.

  • Debbie

    They have them in Medina, Oh.

    The asst. mgr however, is very against coupons, and actually said last night that she does not like them.

    She was not following the policy, even when I had it with me. She told me she knew her job, and again voiced “I do not like coupons, especially these at all”, referring to the catalina one’s.

    I’ve gotten 3 of the breathe right strips coupons since Sunday. I’m not to sure what triggered them though. The first trip I believe it was all the nyquil I got (followed the deal to get the rewards on nyquil). The breath right and a free afrin printed out, so that trip was really cheap with all the free stuff.

    Last night I got tons of advil, but I do not believe it triggered from that. Seeing that I got two, on two different transactions (wasn’t paying attention), it was either from the free pill glide (got two, two seperate transactions), or the free salon spa arthritis pads (also got two of those).

    I’ve been to Walgreen’s 3 times since Sunday, and have nothing but issues. I was in check out for almost an hour because of her last night. CVS though, a breeze. The girl cashier on Sunday was very accepting of the coupons, as was the store mgr last night. He even printed an extra reward without question when I thought one should have been printed. Same with the Rite Aid.

  • Ruth

    I haven’t seen a catalina machine at any Rite Aid in PA and De but Walgreens is giving out a coupon for a free strips when you purchase Vicks or the Occill….can’t spell it. I got 6 free packs so far.

    • Shannon


      Come on you have to spell it.. he he.. Its a tongue twister to say too!

      • Emily

        I, personally, like to say it out loud. It sounds a bit like a dirty word, lol. :)

        • Shannon

          he he .. could you imagine.. when you stub your toe.. Osco…

  • Carol

    No Catalina machines in NEPA :-(

  • carilyn

    Nothing in NW Pa. I hope they just stick to the UPR at the bottom of the receipt. I have a hard enough time remembering everything!

  • Emily T.

    No catalina machines in West Central Jersey either.

  • lisae

    I never saw one in the Philly suburb stores I frequent, either. (Douglassville or Pottstown/Coventry)

  • Susan

    My store in Western NY didn’t get one either. The manager and cashier both asked me what’s a catalina machine…..unreal!!!

  • Grace G

    None here in Central PA :( I will have to ask about it next time I go in. I hope they don’t do away with the Video Values since they are putting in catalinas…that would be a big bummer.

  • Mine in SW Portland don’t have any, but I did get that same free Breathe Right at Fred Meyer last night too!`

    • @Chandra,
      Keeping with the Kroger family of stores theme, I got this one at Kroger on Sunday when I bought sugar & nail polish. :)

    • Amber

      @Chandra, Shout out to P-town!! We just moved from Hillsdale;) Missing the mountains soooooooo much.

  • juliann

    How dare they …. I’ll check my area soon & report back :)

  • Amber

    Not at any stores in Ann Arbor, MI. I gave up shopping at Wagreens because of the confusion w/ their RR. Hopefully RA won’t follow suit!

    • Shannon

      Think catalina machine like the grocery stores, not RR.

  • :( no catalina machine in MY store either!! :( I will have to inquire about this next time I am there!

  • Lynzee H

    none in the southern oregon area. They better not try to do anything crazy like making RR like wags with those things! lol