Rite Aid Ad Preview 2/27

Here is your Rite Aid Ad Preview for the week of 2/27. I would suggest printing these coupons asap, as I imagine by the weekend they will be gone!

You can also see the Rite Aid Ad Preview for the week of 3/6 here.

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  • shannon

    The $0.75 coupon for Colgate manual toothbrush
    will not work on the Colgate Plus Toothbrush that is $1.00.

    • Shannon


      Colgate Plus is a manual toothbrush.

  • Jessica

    If you need hair color bring a bunch of your Clariol hair color coupons with you (P and G and brand saver). There was a lot of hair color on clearance for 75% off. I was able to get one that was originally 11.99 for 75% off and use $2 off coupon made it $.99

  • Corlien

    I went to my Rite Aid this morning at 6:45 a.m., as it is a 24 hr. store, and the Combos did produce $1 UPs. My only disappointment is that my store limited you to TWO of the dollar items total. The assistant manager said this was to make it fair to everyone. I got some Stax last time, so I picked up just two Combos. Hoping to hit some of the other local Rite Aids later when they open! :)

  • the $1.25 arm and hammer det. coupon is available again!!



    • Stephan

      @Freebies, Thanks for the info! I was waiting for that since I missed printing it when they came out some time ago! Thanks so much!

  • JR

    Is it a limit of one UPR for the Lay’s Stax and Combos?

    • Tami R.

      @JR, I bought 10 today and got all 10 +UP rewards!

  • Diane R.

    Is it for sure that the monthly UPs for Lays Stax and Combos will still print until 3/01 ? My Rite Aid never puts any signage for the monthly UPs, so I haven’t seen if the dates were printed on the signage that other Rite Aids had posted. I depend on this site to know what the monthly food & snacks UPs are! I remember that the January food-snack UPs printed until 1/22 and then the Feb. UPs started on 1/26 so that’s why I’m wondering if maybe the Feb. UPs will stop at the end of this week (2/26). I sure hope not, cause I’d love to go to Rite Aid on Sunday or Monday and get a few more Stax!!

    • Shannon

      @Diane R.,

      the signs are thru 3.1

      • Tracy

        @Shannon, The signs at my RA say it ends 2/26. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow

        • Shannon


          so weird. Here is why I was thinking that it wouldn’t, because the SCR’s are changed to start on Tuesday now, instead of Sunday and normally the SCR and the monthly UPR run the same period.

  • Betsy Nel

    I am wondering about the month long food UPs. My friend who follows another blog, called “Refund Sense”, tells me that a lot of the ladies believe the month long Ups for February are up on the 26th. This would mean no free Combos or Lays Stax. What do your sources tell you Shannon?? Thanks for any insight.

    • Shannon

      @Betsy Nel,

      Hi Betsy, the Tags in store say 3/1 on them.

  • Caroline

    Free Combos will get me there too! My husband has been asking for them for weeks and I almost broke down and got them last week thinking, at least I’d get $1 back on each bag. Now they’ll be FREE!! On a similar note, are all the month long food +UPs expiring on the 1st? If we have rain checks for things like the Betty Crocker cookie and cake mix, we’ll be out of luck if they don’t get them in stock before then? Will there be another month long deal like that on something else? Thanks FTM!

    • Stephan

      @Caroline, Ja, they stop printing then. Had the same issue with the BC cookie mixes. None of my RAs had chocolate chip left, so I got a raincheck. Well, the trucks all came in for this week, and they only had one chocolate chip and 5 sugar cookies, so i took these then… Didn’t want to end up without any at the end when the foodUPR end.

    • Rose

      @Caroline, I heard from other bloggers that you can pay for rain check items ahead of time and pick them up when they come back in stock. I haven’t try that but would love to do that too.

  • Melissa

    Shannon, I think we should all pull together and ask Rite Aid to stock more of the sale items. The last few months has been a nightmare trying to get anything on sale at all. I called the store manager today and he said the problem is they don’t know what coupons are out there to stock extra items for that coupon but that they were “working on it”. It is so very frustrating. Does anyone share this concern?

    • Amber

      A manager in our area is finally on board! He had 300 stax on the floor last night for the sale. My friend went and by 9:30 they were almost gone. He limited to 20 which was good. Then my other friend went back and they were restocking the floor!! This guy ordered 96 of each type of JJ brand stuff and sold out. I love my store, but manager is not on board yet. I might have to go to this store 5 minutes further than mine the other way until mine gets with it. I agree though, how can we get all Rite Aids to stock up. They would make so much more money on our coupons if they were prepared!

  • melissa

    Why are all my comments “waiting in moderation?”

    • Shannon


      Because comments go thru an approval system and unfortunately, sometimes if you comment alot the system thinks its spam and I have to manually push them thru and I just wasn’t here yesterday to do that .

      • melissa

        @Shannon, Yeah, I guess I did have a few comments. : 0 Thanks, I always wondered why sometimes they went through and sometimes they sat there a while.

    • @melissa,
      I seem to have my comments deleted. I had one regarding the food UPs for Lays Stax and Combos, but it was deleted. Probably my own fault, as I referred to another blog by name. My bad. I went to Rite Aid today, and according to the signs, the month-long UPs expire on 3/1/11. I think that means through the end of 3/1/11. So I guess we CAN get free Combos and Lays Stax for three days.

      • Shannon

        @Betsy Nel,

        No comments of yours were deleted. I get thousands of comments a day and I have a spam filter. Unfortunately, spam filters catch some good comments. There is only one site that I will not post here, because I have a good relationship with Rite Aid and they asked me to not post their ad scans so I refuse to post anything that directs anyone to a site that posts adscans. I hope you understand that my intention is to keep my relationship in tack – I posted an ad scan one time and promptly got an email requesting I take it down out of courtesy. Of course, I probably could post the ads that I get 3 -4 weeks out but I would be shooting myself in the foot. Doesnt make sense does it – I value being able to call the contacts I have and get information. So if your comment referenced that particular site it is automatically flagged in my programming to mark it as spam and its not a blog. I have said this numerous times and not trying to hide that fact.

        • Betsy Nel

          Sorry Shannon. I meant no disrespect!! I value your site more than you know!! Without it, I wouldn’t know any deals!! I use two different browsers, and when comments are: “Waiting in Moderation”, you cannot see them on a different browser than you used to post them. This was my fault. Please forgive me. I was not implying anything about you. You are A+ #1 in my book!! Thanks for all you do for us moms!! I have five kids, and the free snacks and ice cream have been so great!!

          • Stephan

            @Betsy Nel, There are also guys out here that thank Shannon fo her work!!! Just wanna mention that ;) No kids yet, though :) Free as a bird… :)

            • @Stephan,
              Didn’t mean to offend you, Stephan!! But the website does say “For the Mommas” (LOL!!)
              Have a great day!! :}

              • Shannon

                @Betsy Nel,

                he he we love Stephan.. Mom or Not.

            • Shannon


              Yes Stephan, the place wouldn’t be the same without you.

  • crystal

    it looks like WAGS has the gilette pro fusion for $9.99 too. You get $4 RR. Use the $4/1 in 2/27 PG making it $2 after RR and coupon.

  • I’m going Loco or is the Afrin VV not on the website anymore?

  • melissa

    Can anyone tell me how to navigate the new video values system? I used to be able to see pictures of all the available video values, but now they’re categorized by company using words rather than pictures and I have no idea who makes Afrin. I also don’t know if it’s a Heart Healthy product or a Winter Rewards product, so I end up randomly searching until I find it and right now I’m having no luck with the Afrin one. Is there an easier way to do this?

    • Betsy

      @melissa, I know I saw the Afrin coupon earlier in the week but didn’t watch the video, now I am not seeing it at all. Maybe it is gone?

  • dizzymommy73

    I hope my stores get more Lays in they are still out from the last time this was free.

  • krissy

    I think the thing I am most excited about this week are the free combos!!!

    • melissa

      @krissy, Funny how we both had the same thought at almost exactly the same time! I hear ya!!!

  • melissa

    Free Combos?! I’m totally there!

  • Jamie

    There is a listerine ad perk coupon from this month that turns your Reach Floss – $0.99 deal into a money maker. The ad perk coupon says $1 off listerine, reach total care floss, or reach total care.

    • Shannon

      I think that is only for the Reach Total.

  • Nicole


  • Wish I’d saved my foam coupon, I did use it for a $1 at CVS lol…

    Do you know if there is a limit on the pepsi? and if Diet is included? (I’m a DP junkie)