Rite Aid: $5.00/$25.00 Saga

I posted this in the weekly matchups and there seems to be some confusion.  Note: None of this is official from Rite Aid – it is all based on what I and other readers are experiencing in stores.

One of these things may happen to you when you go to use the $5.00/$25.00 coupon:

1. The cashier may tell you they are no longer accepting $5/$25 coupons, period regardless of source. (my store is doing this)

2. The PDF expiring 11/30 WILL beep as invalid. You may have a cashier who will push it through or threaten to call the coupon policy because you are using a fraudulent coupon.

3. No, the PDF coupon wasn’t fraudulently made – it was hosted on Rite Aids server.  It was pulled by Rite Aid.

4. The PDF coupon expiring 10/31 has also been an issue for some readers – I have gotten this email from several of you:

I just went to Rite Aid tonight to use one of the ones expiring 10/31 and it “bonked” (my term for when the computer/radar won’t accept the Q for some reason and the register makes a “bonk” sound).

I don’t want to start mass rumors, but I just want you to be prepared that you probably should not try the November coupon and that you may run into issues with the October expiry coupon as well. I have not heard anything about the Red Plum coupon that was valid until 12/31.

Hope this clarifies things a bit.

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  • Pam B

    Hmm.. I am surprised they are working again..I was there today and heard the supervisor tell that cashier that she just talked to thier DM and they are not to take the 5 off 25 coupons ..She sd it would come as invalid. Thank god I wasnt attempting to use 1 at the time. lol Good to hear they worked though!

  • Anna

    I used the 5/25 PDF coupon that expires end of november and it went through without problems today!

  • carrie

    Wish Rite Aid would straighten this out. I went to Rite Aid this morning. Figured I’d try the $5/$25 that expire 10/31 and the one that expires 11/30. Fully expecting them to beep and just not use them. Surprise! Both scanned completely normal, no beeping, nothing!!
    I was also able to get 2 Flu Shot coupon booklets without even getting the Flu Shot, I just nicely asked the District Manager who happened to be in the store for one and he gave me two! Love those booklets!

  • Toni

    I used two $5 off $25 video values coupons today with no problem. They rang up and everything. (I have the November and October $5/25 but was scared to try them!) I brought two $4/20 just in case.
    My Rite Aid is a small store and they call us the “Coupon Queens”. We’re very well treated and I’ve never had a problem with using any coupons or getting up rewards.
    I’m also in a really small town, not sure if that makes a diff.

  • Colleen Y

    I was able to use my $5 off $25 without any beeping this am in Oregon. Guess I got lucky!

  • Jessica

    I shopped today (24th) and was able to use a 5 off 25 that expired 10/31. I asked about it before shopping and the cashier said she didn’t know why it would be a problem, but it wouldn’t scan or go through when I was checking out. The manager tried looking it up with no success and put it through as a RA coupon for me. I also used a Video Values 4 off 20 on a second transaction with no problem. I think it must depend somewhat on the store – mine is a smaller one where very few people use coupons, so they are more willing to work with me.

  • Selena

    I had one of the older $5/25 that expired 10/31 and tried to use it about 2 weeks ago. It didn’t go through and the manager was my cashier and he wouldn’t push it through. That was the first time I ever had a problem with these. So I called corporate and the guy emailed me a new one (exp. 10/31) to my email on the Rite Aid site (in my wellness sign in area) and I’ve used at least 4 or 5 copies in the past couple of weeks, most recently 2 nights ago. I’m really hoping that my coupon stays valid until the end of the month!

  • Sarah

    I’m so glad I came across this post, but wish I had seen it before this morning! I have been hearing rumblings about the $5/$25 coupons ending, but no one has explained things clearly. Your post has cleared up some of the confusion for me. I also had no trouble earlier in the week using the PDF coupons that expire 10/31, so when I went in today to make my purchases I took several of the 11/31 ones assuming they would work just fine. I was baffled by the insane beeping that occurred when they tried to scan them! At the time I just assumed that maybe the Nov was wasn’t active in the system yet and thankfully had my VV ones to use today instead. Those went through without a problem… hopefully the $4/$20 will still work as well (I assume they will since the new VV still has that as the “reward” coupon).

    Like many others, I will be disappointed if the $5/$25 completely comes to an end. Limiting them and/or distributing them in a different format makes sense, but if they go away completely I will likely not do much Rite Aid shopping anymore. Most of the time their prices are not as good as other stores (like Meijer) so the $5 coupons really just helped even the playing field. Without those, I’m more likely to get better deals shopping Meijer or Kroger with my coupons.

    I do expect changes in the future (the reason I’m taking full advantage of the deals I see now because I have no idea if they’ll be there later!) – but I’m hoping it will be a solution that both Rite Aid and their loyal customers are happy with.

  • Maybe some good news, I used a $5 off $25 I printed from Red Plum quite a while ago (expires 12/31) and no “bonking”.

    • Shannon


      Good to know.. Thanks Samantha. I appreciate all your input here!

  • Erin

    This morning I tried testing the $5/$25 coupons I had. As others have experienced, the pdf version wouldn’t go through. (Although the manager pushed it through and admitted he was confused as to why these stopped working.) The second was a redplum coupon and it scanned just fine.

  • Christy

    I just got back from Rite Aid…I thought I’d try the $5/25 that expires 10/31, and it didn’t just beep, it went BONK BONK BONK BONK like I set off some kind of security alert! The cashier just waited for the bonking to stop and then pushed it through.

  • I tried this today and it beeped. The cashier was nice enough to push it through but I don’t know if every store will.

  • carrie

    Just wanted to thank you for all you do Shannon! I think it’s wonderful that Rite Aid actually reads your blog. Rite Aid did such a great job clarifying their coupon policy recently. Before using coupons I never would have shopped at Rite Aid and didn’t even know that there were 4 Rite Aids within easy driving distance of my house! Their clear coupon policy, great customer service over the phone and especially their $5/$25 coupons have made me a regular at Rite Aid (seveal of the them lol!) several times a week. I often give out your blog site to other Rite Aid shopppers I see trying to use coupons! Even without the $5/$25 I’ll probably still go to Rite Aid but not nearly as often as before:(

  • Brenda

    I quite honestly am not going to get a wrinkle over this, here is why;
    I have gottenvia email this week alone from CVS $5 off $15 , $4 off $20, $7 off $30 ….. From Walgreens $5 off $20 “2” , $10 off $30;
    I have been getting these for about 2 months now so it seems to me that they want my bussiness so off I am.

  • Jenny

    I had my coupon rejected today. The cashier called the manager over and the mgr said it was because it was from a third party site. I disagreed, but it was clear she wasn’t going to take it regardless.

  • Natalia

    Please Help!!!
    I lost my printout :-( for the rebate $10.00 Beauty for All Ages Mail In Rebate (Johnson & Johnson ‘Get $10 with $30 purchase of qualified J&J Products:Aveeno, Clean & Clear, Lubriderm), it was a promotion back in September and I’m wondering if maybe anyone has .pdf file of it?
    my email is bnatali@gmail.com

    Thank you very-very much!!!!

  • Anonymous

    who do we contact to complain? I wont be shopping at RA if I cant print $5 coupons! I’d like to send them a nice email about how much I love their store/coupons/sales etc. Kind words sometimes work best!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Can you use all of your UPR’s in one transaction?

    • coralie

      @Stephanie, yes. it is not supposed to allow them to take off tax, but sometimes it does. better to be safe and do only the subtotal amt.

  • Stephanie

    Can you use Rite Aid UPR’s combined? For example, if I have three different receipts with UPR’s on them, can I use them all together on my next trip?? THANKS!

  • AJinnette

    Have you been getting 5 off $30 coupons from CVS and Walgreens? I’ve gotten one for CVS the last two weeks. Seems like they are willing to take the Rite Aid place with the MIR’s that print out and the 5/30 coupons….

  • Linda

    I tried using a $4.00 of $20.00 and it didn’t work; ODD as well is that my coupons have been cleared out, re-set somehow, which sucks bc I wanted the curls coupons as it is what I use an dthey are very expenssive.

  • Carolyn

    I have a pdf of a ton of RA coupons and there is a $5/$25 that expires 12/31 does anyone have any experience with this one? I don’t want to use anything that isn’t allowed. Although, JMO i think they should honor these to the expiration and if they want to nix it just don’t release more.

  • amy

    I called and complained about this to corporate. The guy explained they are as confused as we are about this. They have no explaination, just that they are not accepting these coupons at this time. He agreed with me that it’s not right to put a coupon out there and have it embarassingly declined at the the store. I have about 10 coupon.com coupons that I am hoping they will still accept. At the very least, it cost me in ink to print these out! The corporate guy also took my name and number and said there is someone working on this and will return the call once they have more information. He hinted that I might be some how compensated for the coupons I had….

  • When I was in last weekend I had three coupons beep (one was sent to me from Huggies, the other two were the printables for the childrens cold meds). The manager was there and told me that they’ve been instructed not to manually enter coupons as the stores lose $. She said that they send all of their coupons with a print-out to a 3rd party who deals with the coupons. If a coupon isn’t listed on the print out they don’t get the $ for them. She said she’ll turn in 2 large envelopes full and only have a page print out. So – she said they’ve been instructed to lower the cost of the item manually instead. This is fine, but if you’re planning to get overage (last week the cold meds were free after rebate so I should have made money, but since they “fixed” my coupons by lowering the price, I only got the rebate for the new lower price)

    We’ve had it awfully good at RA lately, but I think there are going to be some changes. :(

  • I am nervous to go to Rite Aid tomorrow morning! I have thrown away my Oct & Nov $5 off $25 but kept my 2 Red Plum ones. I hope they work. If not it will totally throw off my purchases I have planned. I will have to rework an alternative scenario just in case.

  • Danielle

    Bummer on RA getting rid of the 5/25 coupons. I love those! I went to RA yesterday morning, did two transactions with the 5/25 coupons expiring on 10/31 adn they both beeped, but she manually pushed them through. Said that lately she’s been having all sorts of problems with RA’s own coupons going through…..but she was really cool about it. Was kind of bitching about the computer systems too. I had no idea at that point that they were doing away with them!

  • Dee

    Yes Rite Aid were hosting the coupon on their servers. I think the problem stems from who the coupon was intends for. It wasn’t on the website in an easy to find location and I suspect it was intended for new wellness members and not to be distributed like wild fire through hundreds of blobs and forums. It also says one per customer (not transaction or visit) and I think the mass printing and abuse of this coupon has spoiled it for the rest of us. RA removed it from their server but that wasn’t enough as people still had saved copies of it and were emailing out to people. All that was left to do was remove the UPC from the system.

    This is just my opinion but I am not surprised this has happened.

    • Shannon


      This coupon is the same coupon that has been coming out of Rite Aid for the past 2 years, monthly.

      I agree somewhat, but just for the record, I know that Rite Aid reads my blog – in fact, I call a contact when I have a question and they always known that these coupons have been posted – they actually email us these things in advance. They also frequent the forums and read them. So with that being said, I think my problem is that Rite Aid did not properly prepare for this – these monthly $5/$25 have been available forever – believe you me, if there was a problem with us posting in the past, we would have known. They decided to end the $5.00/$25.00 which is fine, but
      They have to be responsible for controlling their coupons — and you post PDF coupons and lets be honest — people are not going to regulate them self – sad but true. We all know this.

      • anna

        have you been able to get in touch with your rite aid contact? I am just wondering what they have to say?

        • Shannon


          This all came up late yesterday, so I did not get a chance to reach out yet. On the list of things to do.

          • anna

            thanks shannon. I was just wondering. :)

      • Sally

        I agree with this. To me if they want to change the format or control the # of uses or how they are distributed, that is fine for them to do, but IMO they should be honoring the current coupons until expiration. I received a personal email with a pdf link from Rite Aid and I believe that I should be able to use that coupon at least once. If they want it limited, they should use a different distribution method, not pdf format.

  • Michele

    The recycle bank one worked today. It was the last of 5 that I ordered.
    I think they should honor the RP. They came out so long ago.

  • AJinnette

    The manager and I both called headquarters when my 5/25 didn’t work this morning and they said they are no longer accepting them BUT the lady at headquarters offered to mail me 3 that would work for the ones I was going to use today. After that, no more, she said.

    My Simply Saline, Chestal, or Oscilloccoinum coupons did not work either. They said they were told not to push them through anymore. UGH!

    Oh well, still plenty of good deals to be had… just a little less sweet.

  • anna

    I also had the same problem friday with my 5/25 (the beeping…and said not found). The cashier was also confused but did push it through. I used the november one….I was hoping they would keep these. I really love them!

  • Any word on the pdf expiring in december?

  • Jennifer Kirk

    My $5/25 coupon beeped on Friday and my cashier said, “These coupons haven’t been going through for me lately.” I shrugged and he pushed it through and all was fine. But I’m guessing that won’t be the reaction next week. I’m still going to try, though. They put it out there so I don’t feel wrong in trying to use it.

  • Uggghhh!!! I was holding onto my $5/$25 coupons from Red Plum since they didn’t expire until Dec 31. I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll take them!

  • My $5 off $25 PDF that expired 10/31 also beeped at Rite Aid last night. They pushed it through though.
    The manager said that they are doing away with the $5 off $25 coupons and will have a promotion where whatever you spend you’ll get $1 +UP. We’ll see how it works out, but it’s not cool for Rite Aid to make their own coupons beep expired!

  • Mel

    Did you have any problems with the Simply Saline, Chestal, or Oscilloccoinum coupons “bonking” this week? Mine did and the cash register said coupons not registered in the system. Usually when it says that the cashier checks to make sure the coupon is correct and valid and then manually puts it through. unfortunately this cashier refuses to enter anything manually because she’s afraid she’ll get in trouble, even though the manager has told her when I’ve been checking out it’s ok if the coupon is valid. Just curious!

  • chickaboom

    The $4/$20 works fine…used it yesterday.
    Better than nothing…

  • Danielle

    Is this just the red plum type coupons or also the AdPerk coupons?

  • Roseann

    I knew this day was coming. RA has to be losing their shirt on the multiple UP Rewards that are printing and the $5/$25 coupons. I think we all have to be appreciative for the wonderful deals we have all gotten to this point. I think we are going to see big changes in the RA coupon and UP Rewards policy shortly. I feel the days of multiple UP Rewards are gone and they may even start limiting the number of coupons you can use in one transaction. Just my opinion.

  • Thanks Shannon – I hope we get some clarity from Rite Aid soon. AND I hope this is not the end of the $5/$25 :(

  • Sherry

    Here is my experience. Sunday I had two transactions and used a 5 off 25 on each one and all went through fine. Thursday I had one transactin and used a 5 off 25 with no problems. Yesterday I went for another transaction and used a 5 off 25 and it beeped and said item not found – the cashier was confused and put it in manually (don’t think they are supposed to do that but she was the supervisor). So it appears that things are changing.