Rite Aid: $5.00/$25.00 Coupon

Rite Aid loves us! Just in time for the Huggies Deals, you can print a $5.00/$25.00 Coupon!  You can grab it here.

Note: This coupon seems totally legit to share – however, I would just have a backup $5.00/$25.00 coupon available since the last coupon that we saw didn’t scan all the time.

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  • Kristen Lowery

    I think the problem with the scan is if your computer resizes the coupon to print it. Click on your printer preferences to do nothing instead of fit to page ect.

  • Ash

    I printed this coupon out a few days ago and used it…can I print it out again and use it again?

  • Selena

    I just tried using this one tonight and it didn’t scan.

    • Shannon


      Must of been the cashier – it is working.

  • pattil24

    Can you use this coupon more than once? I seem to keep getting my $5/25 coupons rejected more often lately because I’ve already used them!

    • Shannon


      The Pdf yes.. the Video Values.. no.

  • Ada

    Can we use this more than once? Thanks

  • Laura F

    Woo hoo! Thanks Shannon! :)

  • o2bpadln

    Why not go to the source of the coupon (Rite Aid) and find out if it is legit.

    • Shannon

      It is legit, thats not the question. The question is if it will scan properly, the last two did not. This one is scanning just fine.

  • Jenna

    i am confused, when i click on that link it won’t do anything. am i missing something?

    • Shannon


      As of 09/20 the link is working fine. It is a PDF, so it could be something on your end.

  • kd

    Will this coupon be attached to our wellness card or is it only the video value coupons that are attached to our wellness card?

  • Samantha

    Will we only be able to use this once since it will be linked to our Wellness cards?

  • Christina

    Shannon you literally just made my day with this b/c I’m about to do a Rite Aid run and was sad I didn’t have any more $5 off $25 Q’s. Thank you you!!!! :)

  • THANKS a bunch!