Rite Aid 101

I have had many requests for a comprehensive Rite Aid 101.  I hope this will answer some of your questions regarding Rite Aid.

Rite Aid has a very detailed coupon policy, which can be viewed HERE. A quick overview of the policy:

You may use a Rite Aid coupon starting with a #48 and a Rite Aid Coupon staring with a #49 and a manufacturer coupon per item.  Please be sure to read the complete policy here.

Rite Aid features a program called  Single Check Rebates, commonly referred to as SCR or SCR’s. In addition, they have a rewards program called + Up Rewards.

The SCR Program

Like traditional rebates, Rite Aid has a rebate for each individual item. Instead of sending separate checks for $1.00, $2.00 etc, the Single Check Rebate  program is designed to allow you to shop at Rite Aid during a predefined cycle and get one single check for the entire amount back. There are no UPCs to cut, shoppers card or rebate forms to keep track of. You need to save your receipt from your qualified purchases.  You will join the SCR program online HERE and enter your receipts each month.

Rite Aid issues a SCR book  with each offer in it for that cycle . You can also find the shopping list for the products online HERE. This book will list dates that the rebate is valid. Note: Rebates are not necessarily valid during the entire rebate cycle. Most rebates are only available for one week. You must check the rebate dates.

Most items will require a single item purchase:


To qualify for single item purchase SCR:

  • Purchase one item listed during the rebate period
  • Coupons can be used and will not be deducted from the rebate amount

There are rebate offers that require multiply purchases of the same product line

rite aid scr

To qualify for offers that require a purchase of multiple products :

  • You can make purchases during the entire valid period
  • Purchase do not have to be on one receipt
  • List of products that qualify for the SCR will be shown
  • You may be able to earn multiple levels of rebates
  • Coupons can be used and will not be deducted from the rebate amount

There are rebate offers that are for multiple product purchases in the rebate cycle.

rebate 23

To qualify for offers that require a purchase of multiple products :

  • You can make purchases during the entire valid period
  • Purchase do not have to be on one receipt
  • List of products that qualify for the SCR will be shown
  • You may be able to earn multiple levels of rebates
  • Coupons can be used and will not be deducted from the rebate amount

There are rebate offers  that will span more than one monthly SCR cycle:

rebate 1

These offers will list dates that the offer is valid, as in the example from purchases 09/27/09 – 12/26/09.

For offers that span more than one cycle:

  • You can make purchases during the entire valid period
  • Purchase do not have to be on one receipt
  • List of products that qualify for the SCR will be shown
  • Coupons can be used and will not be deducted from the rebate amount

You can also view the rebates available HERE.

Each rebate will have a rebate #, valid date and the amount of the rebate.

It will also include a description and the rebate limit.

online rebate

Once you have made your purchase you will need to keep your receipt.

rite aid receipt

The key information from your reciepts is as follows:

  • Store #.
  • Register #.
  • Transaction Code
  • Date of Purchase

You will then enter your receipt into the computer system.

enter receipts

When you enter a receipt, the status of the receipt is “Waiting for Purchase Information to Confirm Your Rebate”, it means that the receipt information you entered has not yet downloaded into Rite Aid’s system. If you entered your receipt on the same day that you made the purchase please allow up to 2 to 5 business days from the purchase date for the data to show on your account.  If you have waited more than 2 to 5 business days from your purchase date and the information is not showing on your account, please review the following information carefully on your account.

Once your receipts are entered, you can confirm your rebates. Once each receipt is entered, you will see a list of the rebates you qualified for:

rebate statusIf you made an error entering your reciept:

If the rebate program submission  has not passed, reenter the receipt.

If the rebate program submission or sign up date has already passed, resubmit your receipt information to Special Services for manual processing by fax at  800-457-2243.

At the end of the period, you can request your check once all the receipts are entered.

request check

You will receive a check in about 2-3 weeks after you submit your request.

If the store is out of stock, you can still participate in the SCR program.

Rainchecks will be honored for all rebate offers during any promotional rebate period. Rainchecks must be used within 30 days of issuance to purchase the product on rebate and qualify for the rebate.Your receipt must state “Raincheck” under the participating rebate product item to qualify for rebate.

• If you purchased the item on raincheck within the valid rebate dates then the rebate item will show on your account.

• If you purchased the item on raincheck outside the valid rebate dates then you will need to resubmit your receipt information to Special Services for manual processing.

Valid rebate date refers to the date the rebate item should have been purchased such as the entire program month or a limited time only rebate. If you have purchased the rebate item on raincheck outside of the specific dates on the website or in the directory of the rebate program then you will have to resubmit your receipt information for manual processing.

The + Up Rewards Program

Note: The program is still new. They are still working out the internal kinks in the program and this information is subject to change.

To be eligible for the +UP Rewards, you must have a Rite Aid Wellness card. Without this card, you will not receive the +UP rewards.

1. +UP Rewards are Rite Aid’s Cash Register Receipt Rewards program.  See photo above. (I will refer to them as UPR from here on.)

2. UPR’s are earned when you purchase a specific item that is advertised. There will be a tag that says +UP Rewards.  In the photo above, you would get a $2.00 UPR when you buy Colgate for $2.99. You will see signs in the store like the one below telling you how much of a reward you will get.

3. As of now, UPR are unable to roll. (note – this is per the policy – sometimes they do end up rolling but I would go on the assumption that they may not) This means if you buy a Colgate for $2.99, receive a $2.00 UPR , you cannot use it to purchase another Colgate at $2.99 and still get a new $2.00 UPR.

4. You are limited to one like UPR per transaction. If you purchase 10 toothpaste, you will only get (1) $2.00 UPR. (note – this is per policy, sometimes multiple ups print – no official limits are published — so you presume it is 1 — I often provide a list of UPR limits each week)

5. You may use multiple UPR to pay for a transaction. If you have 10 UPR you can use them as long as it is more than your total (minus tax)

6. Your total must be over the amount of the UPR before tax.  For example, if your UPR is $2.00, your total cannot be $1.99 plus tax. It must be $2.00 and then tax.

7. UPR will not be adjusted if the price is lower. (this is the official policy and your store may choose to do it differently, but I would presume that they will not adjust it)

8. There are some restrictions on usage – no prescriptions, tobacco, prepaid cards, or any other items excluded by law.

9. Do not confuse the UPR with the Wellness Coupons that print on the bottom of the receipt. They are $1.00/$10.00 purchases- the same rules do not apply.

There are also UPR that require you to purchase  $x Dollars of select products to earn UPR.

1. The required purchases are pre coupon prices.

2. There doesn’t seem to be a set standard of whether they can be purchased in multiple transactions – some work and others don’t.

Video Values

Video Value Coupons are Rite Aid store coupons that you earn by watching videos online. To get the video values coupons – you must register for an account using Ad Perk. You can sign up for an account here. The video values can be watched each month and the coupons are good thru the following month.  You may only use one coupon per person per wellness account. The coupons are all individually coded – so you may not use them twice.

Video Values Coupons can be combined with manufacturer coupons.  You can check out the video values program here.

Here are some tips to help you save with SCR:

1) You can print a shopping list on the Rite Aid site. This is helpful to remind you which items you need to purchase. In addition, to monthly rebates, there are also rebates that run outside of this period. In addition to cash rebates, there are also special gifts and gift card rebates. Many times these programs will run for multiple months or outside of the rebate periods.

2) When shopping, you may use coupons in conjunction with your rebates to maximize your savings. There are frequently free after rebate programs that become profitable when you combine with coupons. Once you have made your purchases you will be required to enter your receipt information into the online rebate system. Everything you need you will find at the top of your receipt.

3) I suggest that you enter your receipt immediately after you shop. If you decide to enter your receipt the same day you shop, there will be a day or two waiting period before your items show up. DO NOT request your check at this time. Once you request a check, you are no longer qualified for any other SCR during that rebate period. The only exception to this is if there is a rebate that is offered for a multiple month period. This will show up under a separate area of the rebates and you can select it without selecting your monthly check. If you are unsure, it is better to not request the rebate until the end of the period.

4) The check will not be in an envelope when it arrives. They are pink and mailed out of Exton, PA. Be sure to not accidentally throw it away, it does resemble junk mail. It can be cashed at your bank or used towards other Rite Aid purchases. Some Rite Aids will allow you to get cash back while others will not. So, check with your local Rite Aid to see what their policy is. I put the check amount on a gift card and use it to make purchases for the next month SCRs.

Source: Rite Aid.com

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  • Mary

    Will they accept +up rewards after expiration?

    • Andrea

      technically, no.

  • Jill

    UP points are not loading automatically and will not load until the next day. So you cannot separate purchases and expect to use your up points from the first purchase to pay for the second.

  • andrea

    I clicked on the link for the SCR and it says they are no longer doing SCRs

    • Robin

      I just tried the SCR and it seems to be working.

  • Nadine

    I just found your blog and it is great. I’m following on twitter – doctornayaka. Up until last month, you could use the UPR on a separate transaction on the same day. So I would split transactions. Purchase all of the items with UPR using cash and manufacturer’s coupons. Then, purchase those without UPR using the UPR I earned on the first transaction and any manufacturer’s coupons. Rite Aid is now not printing the UPR but loading them on your Wellness card. The cashier said it now takes 24 hours to load so you can’t use them immediately on the same day. Just a heads up! Keep up the good work!

    • Lizzie

      You can opt out of the load to card program if you like. You just tell the cashier that you would like to opt out and they will change it so that your +up rewards will print on your receipt.

  • Carla Carter

    I also have the same question as Jessica. Also, do the Up Rewards reset the following week? Thank you for the amazing information!!! I stayed up all night watching your videos!! You are fantastic!

  • JessicaL

    Thanks for the great post. I’m still questioning the info on the bottom of my recent receipt;
    “$59 Skin care items $15+up Total $22.48”
    “$30 Aveeno $10+up Total $11.99”

    Can you tell me what this means?

    • Emily

      “$59 Skin care items $15 + up Total $22.48” means that when you buy $59 of Skin care items you will get a $15 +up reward. The total amount you have purchased is $22.48. Same with the second number. $30 Aveeno is how much you need to purchase to get a $10 +up and you’ve bought $11.99.

  • Jane

    Is it possible to use a manufacturer’s coupon, a Rite Aid in-ad coupon, and a Rite Aid video values coupon together on one item?

  • Oksana

    Thank you for putting together this great information! I have a question. If you have an item eligible for SCR and you pay partially using UP rewards, do you get the full price refunded or the portion you had to pay out of pocket? Thank you.

    • Shannon


      Yep you still get full price!

      • Oksana

        @Shannon, Wow, awesome! Thank you Shannon!

  • Nancy S

    Thanks for the concise description of how Rite Aid works. I started utilizing the UPR’s this week and everyday I go in the shelf is empty. Can you ask for rain checks on the items and still get the UPR’s? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time.

  • Kim

    Great job on this website! Much information!

  • Stacy

    I’m just getting started myself, and I love your information on this website! I certainly couldn’t do it without you! I have a question – where do I get a booklet listing the SCR for the month. I know it’s available on-line – but I seem to get stuck when I’m trying to follow that long list? Thanks!

    • Shannon


      they should be right in the front of the stores when you walk in.

    • June

      @Stacy, They are in store by the front door, right next to the weekly flyer.

  • andrea

    thanks for the information

  • Lee Ann

    thank you for the help on rite aid. i do have a question… if r.a. doesn’t have an item that is part of the scr, do you just ask for a raincheck? they didn’t’ have the eye drops last week (ended that day) when i went to get them, which they were free with scr.. but i didn’t think to do a raincheck, until i just read your info. if you could just clarify that for me, i would greatly appreciate it.

    • Shannon

      @Lee Ann,

      Yep Lee Ann, Get the raincheck and then you need to call customer service to get your SCR. It is really easy once you get the product.

  • Thanks for this post. I just moved to an area that has a Rite Aid and I really want to start shopping there using their SCR program. Very informative, thank you!

  • Amy F

    Thanks! I have decided to be a Rite-Aid shopper- today was my first day- I wish i had read your helpful tips beforehand, but now I will be ready for next time:)

  • Janet

    Thanks so much for writing this up. It is so much easier to understand than Rite Aid’s own instructions! This will be my first time submitting for a rebate and I hope all goes well.

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  • Wow! This is a great, detailed description of how Rite Aid works! I am absolutely loving Rite Aid right now and how much they have been paying me to shop there! I would love to link this to my blog for anyone new to Rite Aid!!

  • Shannon

    Thanks Julie.

    It took forever to write. Glad you appreciate it :)

  • Julie

    nice job on this post!