Rite Aid – $1.00/1 Video Value Coupon

This is a odd coupon that has popped up on the Video Values site. It is for $1.00 off  a $1.00 purchase. It looks like they replaced the $5.00 off $25.00 with this coupon. The odd part is that  it says on the bottom you must spend $25.00. I think someone quickly updated the $5.00/$25.00 coupon. You do have to watch a 3 minute video to get it.

So, Debby went to Rite Aid to test it – it worked fine on a purchase under $25.  Now, you may find that some cashiers may read the fine print (which makes no sense if you read the coupon) and not let you use it.

Also, this is a 48 coupon so it cannot be combined with another 48 coupon – i.e a $5.00/$25.00.

Thanks, Debby and Sally

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  • Jennifer

    Did you guys see there is a $1 off any purchase on the VV account, YAH!

  • Katie

    Do you think this coupon is going to stick around? I would love for the $5/$25 to come back. Maybe the $5/$25 is costing them too much money.

  • Michelle

    I had two $1 off non-presciption purchases show up on my VV yesterday, I used them both last night with the $5 off $25. I wasn’t aware of it being a “48″ coupon and not being able to combine it. The coupon should clearly state if it can’t be used with any other coupons. I got such a great deal being able to use all three coupons together.. now I feel guilty!

    • Shannon


      Don’t feel guilty.. now you know. We all make mistakes with our coupons, its the intent that matters.

  • Carolyn

    I went to my Rite Aid on the 11th and used my 5 off 25 and my 1 dollar off in the same transaction with no problems.

    • Shannon


      I am not trying to sound rude, but coupon policy strictly says that you cannot – even if the register takes it doesn’t mean its right. You may have used them unknowingly, but I was talking to someone about why they removed the $5.00/$25.00 and the stacking of $5.00/$25.00 came up. The policy says ONE 48 coupon, so that is what I will use and suggest that other readers use.

  • anna

    I used mine last night with a $21 order and had no problems:) The cashier did comment that it was a weird coupon but it went through with no issues. She just had never seen if before. :)

  • emikom

    sorry for being ignorant but what is a “48 coupon”? or if you answered such questions before, could you direct me to those posts? there is also a $4/$20 coupon that you get after watching so many videos. is that also not combinable (if there is such a word :P)? Thank you for all the effort! it is so very much appreciated.


  • Michelle G

    I did your free scenario with a few modifications since this was my first trip to RA for the week and they didn’t have everything. But, I used my 5/25 coupon and both 1/1 VV coupons all in the same transaction. The only problem coupons were for 4.oo sinex and 2.00 playtex. they pushed the playtex through and voided the Vick’s sinus. My RA is real slow to get new products.

    • Anonymous

      make sure to ask for a rain check.

  • Steph

    This would only be able to be used one if you use your wellness card?