New Rite Aid +UP Rewards

There have been rumors buzzing about the Rite Aid Wellness +UP rewards (pronounced plus UP rewards).  I just received detailed information on the program!

Starting June 6th, +UP rewards will be in all stores – chain wide.   The +UP rewards will be issued when you purchase select items. From what I understand, we will find this information in  the ads and via hangtags.  The +UP rewards will be issued at the end of your receipt (think ECB). They will be usable on anything in the store.

The +UP rewards are currently unlimited, so if you purchase 2 of the required items, you should receive 2 of the coupons advertised.

It appears as though there are some “secret” items working chain wide right now (not the Huggies), so I am going to give it a whirl this afternoon to find out. Stay tuned for more information!

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  • Lee Ann

    i am assuming… well i have to double check my receipt and my ads… ugh i am such a rookie!!! thanks AGAIN!

    • Shannon

      @Lee Ann,

      Dont be afraid to return it!

  • Lee Ann

    i purchased the old spice body washes last week and it stated i was to get $4 in UP rewards…. but at the end of my receipt i got the same 2 coupons i always seem to get $1 off $10 in shaving and $1 off $10 in hair products i think it was.. so are these UP rewards always for certain things? Not just $4 towards a purchase? That is kinda bummer, because unless you plan on spending what they are wanting you to spend, you don’t really get that good of a deal on the item you just bought…. did that make sense!?! LOL! thanks for all the help!

    • Shannon

      @Lee Ann,

      Yes they are definitely – are you sure you bought the right sizes it was on specific sizes only.

  • teresa

    My local Meijer will take Walgreens Register Rewards as coupons off your total bill. Since they state Manufacturer Coupon they can submit them for the money back, just like Walgreens can. makes the Walgeeens deals SO much better. I don’t have to keep track of cheap fillers in the store anymore

  • teresa

    I have been getting +up rewards this weekend with my purchases, huggies, coppertone, stayfree and sure deoderant. I got $1 off $10 haircare purchase and $1 off $10 shaving or accessory purchase. I have 2 weeks to use them and it says 1 pre transaction

  • Lindsay

    Is this active in GA yet? I would love to do a huggies deal this week. I know it will be nationally next week but worry that the huggies deal will be gone

  • Jen

    I live in rural PA (nowhere near Harrisburg though) and got some +up coupons on some purchases last week. They looked like the wellness coupons that have been printing so I didn’t even notice the +UP part right away. They were $1 off $10 shaving & accessories if I recall correctly.

  • I like the SCR program, but when Wellness Rewards rolled out, I too thought SCRs were on their way out. With the report that came out that Rite Aid has been in the negative for the last 11 quarters, I got a little scared. I think that they are trying to keep the money coming back into their stores, and the reason why we like SCRs (we get cash and we can spend it elsewhere) may be part of the reason Rite Aid is losing money. If the +Up program is good, and not like Wags (I don’t shop there anymore because it became too stressful for me), and it keeps Rite Aids doors open, then I’m all for it. But I will miss SCRs.

  • CaseyB

    I live in the Buffalo NY market and I made a HUGE score on Huggies today with the +UP ( and I had no problem rolling it!). At my local store there were tags that read “Buy any three huggies diapers and receive an $11.99 +UP reward” I bought three jumbo packs and used these coupons: (1) $5/$25, (3) $3/1 Huggies and (1) $1/1 Huggies Video Values. My OOP with tax was $13.25 and with my receipt the $11.99 +UP reward printed. Then, I went to the other store by me because this deal was too good to not take advantage of (I bought the last 3 packs of size 6 at the first store). This second store did not have anything marked except the regular sale from this week’s circular. I figured I would take my chances and grabbed 3 more packs (plus a .99 pack of Goldfish for my little guy). I used the same coupons listed above plus my $11.99 +UP reward and paid only $2.25 OOP – and wouldn’t you know with my receipt I got another $11.99 +UP reward!! The cashier couldn’t believe it LOL And, I also can get the coupon for a free pack through SCR for buying 5. I am sooooo excited!!
    I would also like to note that the first store I went to also had signage with the Johnson & Johnson baby bath products that read “Spend $10 of any J&J bath products and receive a $4 +UP reward” Of course I only had my diaper coupons with me so I might try to run back over tonight and grab this deal too :-)

  • Katie

    I’ll be sad about the SCR’s if ended as well. Aren’t the SCR’s what make Rite Aid different? I don’t know why they’d try to compete with the CVS and Walgreens type of marketing.

    I also wonder if we’ll see less of the $5/25 coupons because of the +UP coupons.


  • Linda

    I also have the feeling that the Up rewards will be great right now while it is test mode, but once it’s nationwide the coupons won’t be near as good.

    I don’t want to see the SCR end. Having the Up rewards isn’t “money in hand”. It’s a reward or coupon to use on your next purchase imho. I’d much rather receive a SCR even if I have to wait until the rebate period ends. I’d like the Up rewards to be in conjuntion with the SCR. It’s great to hear that they roll without any ratio or restrictions, though! :)

  • EgyptLyn

    I also have that bad feeling…I got it when they introduced the Wellness card. Today in the mail I received my check from last month for $19.50 which is going with the rest toward my Christmas money.Between Rite Aid and the Target $5 Gift Cards, My Black Friday shopping is pretty much covered. I have stopped shopping at Walgreens pretty much because of the Register Rewards. CVS is where we get our RX so I do these sometimes.But Rite Aid got most of my business.I love the blogs that give you all the deals, but when I figure MY deals, I don’t include the RR because I have to lay the money out and after I figure my OOP (not counting the RR) I figure these as “store credit” because they can only be used at these stores. I will be very unhappy indeed if they discontinue the SCRs!

  • Janine

    RiteAid is my favorite place to shop. I agree with Michele & Lisa & will be totally disappointed if they discontinue their SCR program in lieu of something like RRs or ECBs. Before couponing, I never made purchases at Walgreens, CVS, or RiteAid. I have been couponing for 2 mos. & have shopped at all the stores (Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Target). By far, RiteAid & Target work the best for me. I know people get great deals at CVS & Walgreens too, but I hate being on the hook to return to the store to use the RRs & ECBs. I want to get great deals without being committed to return to the store within a certain time frame. For my small, busy household, RRs & ECBs do not work as well as shopping with their competitors! Part of my new frugal lifestyle is simplifying my life instead of complicating it more. I place an extremely high value on my time as well as my money, & if pursuing great deal gets too complicated, then it’s time for me to minimize my purchasing…

    • Shannon


      Very well said Janine.

    • Barb

      I only started couponing 2 weeks ago and so far have only tackled Walgreens and Price Chopper, but what I LOVE is that Price Chopper takes competitor coupons, including Walgreens RRs. So, I go get my deals and RRs at Walgreens and then use them towards my produce and meat at Price Chopper!

  • Bonnie

    I think the Up Rewards are great and will be happy to say goodbye to SCR’s if that is the case. I like to have my money in hand and I can’t stand having to wait until the end of the month to send in for the monthly rebate. My stores were part of the test market for the Up program and the Huggies Up reward was awesome. I have gotten 15 packs of diapers for free this week by having my friends and family without babies printing those $3 coupons out for me. Who can beat that!! And they roll without any coupon/item ration problems. I am thinking that Riteaid might be my new favorite place to shop!

    • Shannon


      I am afraid that Up rewards will be like the Wellness was, great coupons at first and then once rolled out.. not so much.

  • Lisa

    Thanks. I have a feeling that this may be the end of single check rebates. I really hope I’m wrong. I’ve stopped shopping at CVS because I’m tired of playing the ECB game. I haven’t even stepped foot in the new Walgreens in my town because I’ve heard the RR have even shorter expirations than ECB. I really like Rite Aid since I don’t have to worry about rolling and can take a break at any time. I will be sad if they discontinue SCR in favor of an ECB-type coupon.

    • Shannon


      I have that same feeling…

  • Michele

    I hope this doesn’t work like Walgreens RR’s. I don’t like how you need filler items and coupons per item rules. RA was more straight forward. Thanks for the sneak peak!

    • Shannon


      Michele, From what I understand they will be able to roll and not like Wags.