Look Ahead Deal: Free Aveeno at CVS or Rite Aid

There are some great deals on Aveeno products.  There is currently a $10.00 rebate when you buy $25.00 in Aveeno products. Starting 06/27,  there will be a $10 ECB wyb $25 worth of Aveeno products.

Buy (2) Aveeno Shampoo or Conditioner $6.49 ea.
Buy (1) Aveeno Styler $6.49 ea.
Buy (1) Aveeno Body Wash $5.99 ea.

Total $25.46
Use (2) $1.50/1 Aveeno Shampoo or Conditioner Printable
Use (1) $1.50/1 Aveeno Styler Printable
Use (1) $1.00/1 Aveeno Product in 06/20 SS
Total $19.96 OOP
Get $10. ECB
Submit $10 Rebate
Free after Rebate

Starting 06/27 there will be a $2.00 in ad coupon for Aveeno for Rite Aid. If you have not done the skincare SCR -

Buy (2) Aveeno Lotion $7.49
Buy (1) Aveeno Suncare $11.99

Total: 26.97
use $2.00/2 Aveeno Lotion Printable
use $2.00/1 Aveeno Suncare Printable or $5.00/1 printable here (neither of these coupons have reset – they have been around for 3 months – so they may not be available to you)
use (2) $2.00/1 in ad coupon
use $5.00/$25.00 Video Values Coupon
Total $13.97
Get $10.00 Skincare Rebate SCR
Submit $10 Rebate
Free + Overage

If you don’t feel like doing the rebate, you can just pick up body wash at Target for $1.25.

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  • Lauren Manzer

    I was able to use 4 in ads on my last shopping trip (for veet and clearsil – same coupon though). so i think you should have no trouble using more then one!

    • Shannon

      @Lauren Manzer,


      It is total YMMV, some stores will allow it and others wont. Some stores even suggest it.

  • Dee

    Hey again

    Above in the Rite Aid scenario you say to use 2 of the in ad coupons but I looked on them last night and it says one per customer. So is it one or does the system let you do two?

  • the in ad coupon excludes sun care in So. Cal Ad

  • Katie

    Are you sure there is a $1 off Aveeno product coupon in the 6/20 Smart Source? I cannot find it!


    • Shannon


      Yes .. for sure, I have already clipped it. Your area may not have received it.

  • Hi Shannon;

    The wellness card and it’s discount is still a bit confusing for me. If I use my card would it deduct a discount? throwing off our totals so the $5/$25 wouldn’t work or do you recommend for this scenario passing on using your card? Or I could throw in a filler I guess. It’s all a bit confusing this program of theirs.

    • Shannon


      No dont pass on the wellness card because there is an extra $5 rebate. It will deduct a discount because the items aren’t on sale.

  • Dee

    As long as I don’t get the dragon I got the other week! Although, to be fair, she was a lot nicer when I went back so I guess she did get a talking too! And I got a mail from corporate saying they were sending me a $10 gift card so if I get that in time it’ll be a super money maker!

  • Dee

    I’m fairly new to this so excuse me if my question seems dumb.

    Could you do the following in Rite Aid?

    4 Moisturizers @ 6.79 (I think that’s the price)
    Total $27.16
    $5/$25 Rite Aid
    $2 in ad (4 of them?)

    I also have $1 off $10 skin care that they keep emailing me.
    2 x $2/2 Moisturizer

    $18 off in coupons
    Or would that be over doing it on the coupon front?


    regarding the Rite Aid rebate, it says bonus $5 if you use your wellness card

    Then ad the $10 Aveeno rebate

    Or do I have the complete wrong end of the stick???

    • Shannon


      Hey Dee, they are $7.49 I believe. But if you can get them to take 4 in ad.. you are on it!

  • Michelle

    I agree with Lauren, I even emailed my friend to have him try and print them for me and he got the same message “sorry you’ve already printed this coupon the number of times allowed” and he had never printed the coupons before. Maybe its reached the limit.

  • Penny

    I was able to print this from the last post — it doesn’t seem to have reset.

  • Lauren Manzer

    no i agree with them….it doesn’t print. i’ve been trying for days with your link. i think it may have been a one use coupon or something cause i honestly have tried from multiple computers on many different days

  • I agree with Stella. The coupon doesn’t seem to be there anymore. The link is active, but no matter what PC I use, it says I’ve printed already….and I haven’t on any of them.

  • Stella

    It looks like the $2/1 suncare product is gone :-(

    • Shannon


      I just followed the link and its there.

  • Cindy

    That happened today to me at Walgreens on the $25 Gillette items deal. It was $25 BEFORE coupons :(

  • Rhoda

    Just an FYI so noone is disappointed: Rite Aid’s skincare rebate says the total must be $25.00 after any and all coupons. I called to check, and the lady said that even the $5/$25 coupon is deducted. It’s still a very good deal, but they get you on that one. If anyone has found out anything different, please let me know.

    • Shannon


      It says this, but the rebate has been going through since it started BEFORE coupons, I already submitted mine and requested it weeks ago.

  • Lauren Manzer

    thanks i was just going to do my rite aid aveeno deals today but will definately wait till next week now!