HOT: Moneymaker Schick Razor Deals

This is a sweet deal on the Hydro razor. First, go here and print the mail in rebate form.  (Thanks, Mike)

Do this now while the form is available.  This rebate is good for purchase price up to $10.99.  The rebate is good through 08/18/10. Note purchases must be from 06/14 on.

Here is where you can use it this week:

Rite Aid

Schick Hydro $6.99
use $5.00/1 in 06/13 SS
use $1.00/1 Video Values
$.99 after coupon
Submit $6.99 rebate
$6.00 Moneymaker


Schick Hydro Razor $8.97
Get $4.00 ECB
use $5.00/1 in 06/13 SS
$9.00 Moneymaker

Thanks, Mike


Schick Hydro $7.99
use $5/1 or $4/1 Shick Hydro Razor 06-13 SS
get $4 RR
Submit $7.99 rebate
$9.00 Moneymaker or $8.00 Moneymaker depending on your coupon
Thanks, Amanda & Missy
Where else you can score a good deal this week with this rebate?  Leave it in the comments!

Remember, you can download the rebate tracker right here.

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  • Brianna

    Two friends and I each submitted for this rebate during June and only one of us actually received it. So just in case anyone else didn’t get it, the number to call is 1-888-284-8073. Took me quite a while to track that down as it isn’t listed on the rebate form. Schick said they never received the other two submissions. Only getting one out of these three seems awfully odd.

  • Dee

    So are the rebates done based on the price you paid before or after manufacturers coupons?

    The reason I ask is I used RR to pay for it which goes on the receipt as a Manufacturer coupon (even though it isn’t really) so does that mean they will refund the the actual cost to me??

  • Amy

    NEVER throw away receipts. I keep mine for the whole year and then go through them for taxes. I’m a teacher, so any school supplies are deductible. Also, some stuff can be applied if you have extra money in a Flexible Savings Account at the end of the year. It just pays to keep them around.

  • Terri

    Totally agree – and Cardinal Rule #2 is NEVER throw away an unexpired coupon! I have trash-picked for coupons before, as well. :)

  • Anna

    i’m sick- just looked through my coupon inserts and didn’t get the $5/1 coupon- bummer!!!

  • Brittany

    ok so I am new to this, I printed out the rebate but Im not sure what all the coupon abreveations are. How do I make 9 bucks at cvs? where do I get the coupons to make this possible? Sorry for the ignorance :)

  • Dee

    BUT I bought mine yesterday and it says dates are from today :-(

    • Shannon


      well crud.

  • Lauren Manzer

    aren’t I glad I waited till today to do my rite aid shopping! rebate already in the mail! :)

  • Dee

    Hang on. They were in the trash! He just dug them out and it’s drying right now!

    • Shannon

      Dee I am laughing and soda just came out my nose. I have soooo been there done that.. Poor hubby.

      Rule #1. NEVER throw away receipts. Seriously I have a huge bin of receipts in the basement and then dump it once a quarter or so. I cannot tell you how much I have made/saved doing this… LOLLL

  • Missyt

    Walgreens in San Diego

    Shick Hydro Razor $7.99
    Use $5/1 in 6/13 SS
    Get $4 in RR
    $1.01 moneymaker before rebate.

  • Cherie

    I just spoke with customer service and the rep informed me that the month of august is causing issues. they are working on fixing it now and hope to have it corrected by the end of the day. hope this helps.

  • Amanda

    WOW! This is exciting. These are on sale at Walgreens this week for $7.99
    Schick Hydro $7.99
    use 1 -$5/1 or $4/1 Shick Hydro Razor 06-13 SS (people got different coupons)
    get $4 RR
    $1.01 Moneymaker or $.01 Moneymaker after RR and depending on your coupon
    Submit $7.99 rebate
    $9.00 Moneymaker or $8.00 Moneymaker depending on your coupon

  • thank you! :) Worked for me!

  • jami

    WOOOHOOO! And I thought getting it for free was good!

  • Dee

    It would be AWESOME if my hubby hadn’t have thrown the receipts out :-(

  • Dee

    But I just put in 01 instead of 09 and now it’s working. Printing as I type!

  • Emily

    Yes, I had the same problem! Frustrating!!!!

    • Shannon


      try using 01 or 31 for your birtdate. seems to be working for people that way.

  • Dee

    Same for me :-(

  • Denise C

    Same for me, I put 09 for bday month and it tells me it has to be between 1 and 12 so put just 9 and then it says it has to be 2 digits!

  • Kelly

    Hi. Shoprite will have this on 4-day sale wed-sat for $4.99 so free after coupon but will they give the full 10.99 rebate or just the sale price? If just the sale price then this isn’t the best deal.

    • Shannon


      It looks like it will be purchase price, but if you don’t do CVS or Rite Aid… worth it!

  • Laura

    The form will not go through for me…keeps telling me i’m doing the birthday wrong. anyone else have issues with it?