$1.00 off Nivea Lotion – Free at Rite Aid

You can print this $1.00/1 Nivea Body Lotion to score free lotion at Rite Aid next week starting 10/24.

Nivea Happy Sensation Lotion $5.99
Get $5.00 UPR
use $1.00/1 printable coupon
or use $1/1 Nivea Body Lotion, exp. 10-31-10 (RP 08/29/10)
Free after coupon


  1. Joan

    There are no Nivea coupons at the coupons.com website.

  2. Susan

    Great timing Shannon. I was planning to buy Nivea this week but now I can get it for free next week. Thanks

  3. Michelle

    What zip code do I use to be able to print?

  4. Michelle

    What zip code do I use to be able to find this coupon? THX

  5. This is an awesome deal. Thanks for the heads up! Just wanted to let you know that you can also print a $1.00 off coupon on the Nivea site when you sign up for their newsletter. Here is the link – http://ext6.nivea.us/regforms/reg_body.html

  6. Kele

    Is there a limit to how many I can get as far as UPR’s go? Meaning do 1 trans get the $5 UPR and turn around to use it on Trans #2 get another $5 UPR and so on?

    • Shannon


      I dont know — we will have to wait til next week – there shouldn’t be but they are not putting the limits in.

  7. Is anyone having success in printing this coupon? I’ve tried several times and it says my coupon printed and is waiting at my printer but nothing prints? I know everything is working okay on my end because I just printed some coupons this morning on coupons.com.

    • carol

      @Michelle, i can’t get it to work either. tried different zip codes. i dunno….

      • Shannon


        07039 the coupon is there as of 638

      • Susan


        Worked for me. Use zip code 07039. It was on the 6th page for me.

    • michele

      I couldnt get it to print using Google Chrome, went to IE and it printed. Not sure if that is what you are using, but I finally got them.

  8. Susan

    Thanks, Shannon! It’s great to know what’s coming up-the Rite Aid deals and freebies just keep coming!

  9. Melissa

    Do you know what the freebates will be for next week? Thanks

  10. Grace

    Thanks for the heads up! I got a bunch of coupons from getting samples. I think I will steal Karen’s idea and also do gift baskets. Thanks! for all you do Shannon.

  11. rhonda

    If you do this weeks Nivea deal spend $15.00 get $5.00 + UPR , You could then use the $5.+ up and $1.00 Q and get it this week. The Nivea lotion is on sale now $5.99 get $1.00 + upr. Or am I missing something, I am very new to this.

    • Shannon


      this deal I posted is for next week.

  12. Karen

    Just thought I would share this gift idea:
    I am going to use the Nivea body wash, the lip stuff we got a while back, the tins of Nivea Creme, and this lotion to make small gift baskets for teachers, bus drivers, etc.
    I saw some nice blue and white snowflake baskets, tags, tissue at Dollar Tree yesterday that will match the Nivea bottles.

    Thanks for all you do for us, Shannon! You make a HUGE difference in our lives!

    • Shannon


      You know that is an awesome idea.. Would you mind if I stole this idea for a post?

  13. Rachel

    Does this also qualify for the ‘buy $15 get $5 UPR’? Would you get another $5 UPR if you bought 3?

    • Shannon


      This does not start until 10/24

      • Rachel

        Sorry, I didn’t read the post well enough! :(

        You have a great blog! I love how you give us heads up on upcoming deals. :)

        • Shannon


          LOL I know what happens.. we see free and we get to excited to read the details. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.. one to many times. Sometimes I type a post up and go back and am like DUH I missed the fine print.

  14. Thanks for the heads up Shannon!

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