Rite Aid: Update on Bengay Cold Therapy

The Bengay cold therapy deal at Rite Aid does not work. The Bengay Cold Therapy is a gel, rather than a cream, so the UPR is not printing.  I did this deal yesterday and didn’t even notice that the Bengay didn’t print.

So here is what the deal looks like without the $1.00 UPR.

Bengay Cold Therapy  $8.99 (shelf price)
use $2.00/1 in ad coupon
$5.00/1 Printable Bengay Coupon
$1.99 after coupon

If you have a 20% discount:

Bengay Cold Therapy  $7.19 (after 20% discount)
use $2.00/1 in ad coupon
$5.00/1 Printable Bengay Coupon
$.19 after coupon

Another thing to note, some shelf prices were lower and higher than my $8.99 price, so you may still be able to pick it up free with the discount.

Thanks, Ueen

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  • Corlien

    I bought one Bengay Cold Therapy and used the video value coupon and the $5 coupon. My ad had no $2 coupon, and I did not get an UP. So weird that Rite Aid has “long” and “short” ads. Does anyone know what that is about? The only good thing was that I do have 20%, so I paid $1.19 for it. Shannon, have you called Rite Aid to ask what is up with “long” and “short” ads for different areas? I am in North Wilmington, DE. Only “short” ads here :( Oh well, I didn’t bother with the Gold Bond, either. Thanks again, Shannon, for all you do for us! You are great!!

  • Becky

    I bought 2 of the cold therapy today and both ups printed that is so weird

  • tefa

    but the other products say gel too and they print…idk but i hate when that happens…thats y i didnt bother picking up the cold therapy -it didnt have the yellow tag below the itme so i didnt bother.

  • David Wood

    Where do you get the 20% discount?

  • Anne

    That’s so bizarre – I purchased the cold therapy yesterday, and 2 UPs printed without any problem.

  • tina seymour

    $0.19 is worth it!! Too bad it wasnt part of my ad this week!

    • Janice K.

      Check in the in store ad. It wasn’t in my paper either, but when I went in Rite Aid and picked up their ad, it was there! I didn’t get the deal though. I wasn’t sure if the in ad coupon would work since it wasn’t a cream/gel. There was only 1 left anyway, so I doubt it’s still there by now.