Rite Aid Single Check Rebates Ending 12/31/12


It is a sad day. The Single Check Rebate Program at Rite Aid will end on 12/31/12.  This is confirmed in December SCR book.


So long old friend!

Thanks, Sandy


  1. Sheila Fukawa

    I am sad to see the Single Check Rebate go away. I wish they had some good deals they could give to us. So long, Rite Aid!

  2. I stop shopping there when they changed there coupon policy awhile back, Rite Aid is a bummer now. It is slim pickings and hardly worth the gas money to get there. So long.. don’t let the door hit ya in the rear, I will spend my money somewhere else.

  3. Kyle

    And another reason why I will shop more ! CVS!

  4. adam

    I have done SCR for more than 10 years , Rite Aid you should rethink this.

  5. Jillian


  6. Grace

    Very Very SAD DAY! The deals at Rite Aid have been slim picking lately so no wonder they are cutting the SCR program as well. I HOPE they bring back some good deals with UPS instead in the New Year.

  7. genie

    Will miss getting the monthly rebate.

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