Rite Aid Scenario = Free


If you are heading out to Rite Aid, check out this scenario.

So, if you like Pringles and Combos – here is a deal idea for you!

Buy (4) Pringles $1.49
Buy (1) TGIF Snack $1.00
Buy (10) Combo’s $1.00
Buy (3) Pro Nutrients Omega $9.99
Buy (1)Triaminic Fever Reducer $4.99
Total: $51.92
use (5) $1/2 Combos Baked Snacks, exp. 3/4/12 (SS 01/22/12 R)
use (1) $1/4 Pringles in 1/29 RP
3- $5.00 off Pro Nutrients Printable
1- Rite Aid Coupon $3.00 off Pro Nutrients (printed at the end of receipt last week)
(or you could use the $4.00 VV from Jan)
1-$3.00 Triaminic Fever Reducer in 12/14 SS
1- $2.00 Triaminic Video Values
Paid: $22.92
Got back:
$5.00 for buying $15 of the Pringles, TGIF, and Combo’s
$10.00 for the Pro Nutrients
and will submit for the Pfizer Rebate for $10.00


Do you have any great deal ideas for Rite Aid this week?

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  • dara

    Im planning a similar deal but using the chex mix coupons with the chex mix couple instead of the pringles.

  • Ashley

    A facebook page called Clippin to Save has your exact photo as above of rite aid plastered on there page and they are claiming its there photo and there trip. To me its just seems like a crappy thing to do, taking someone elses photo and using it

    • Kristin

      LOL, this is actually Amanda’s picture (who runs clippin to save)! Shannon used her picture (with permission, of course)! Shannon and Amanda are good friends and pat each other’s backs!

    • Shannon

      Hi Ashley,

      Thanks for posting – this scenario is actually from a reader who asked that I not use her name when I posted this. So, sorry for the confusion, but she was aware that I posted it here and she must have decided to share it with another site as well. :)

  • Ashley

    What is your opinion on a site using you picture (above) of your rite aid trip and claiming its theres?

    • Shannon

      Ashley, I am surry, could you explain?

  • I spent $12 at Rite Aid this week.
    I got so much stuff. Seriously. SO MUCH STUFF.
    Six deodorants, two body washes, two boxes of qtips, two bags of pampers, a tinted moisturizer, and I need to spend $5 more in pampers to get my next reward, plus I’ll be submitting for the $10 rebate….
    I’ll probably go back when my cash envelope gets refilled and do the combos deal.

  • Mel

    Is there any zip code for the Pronutrients coupon that still has prints left on coupons.com? I can only find the one for probiotics.

  • I also got $10 Up Rewards if you spend more than $25, I got 3 Centrums using 3 $5 coupons. I did not have adverk coupons from Rite Aid so I spent $15 got $10 UPR and I am going to mail the rebate today, which would give me another $10. I hope it works