Rite Aid: Pampers Diapers $3.49 each

I just wanted to confirm that the diapers deal at Rite Aid worked. It printed on the $29.97 total.  I am not sure if this will happen for everyone, but if it doesn’t you can always add an item in a new transaction and get the UPR.

Here is the transaction:

Buy (3) Pampers Diapers $29.97
get (3) $1.50/1 printable coupon
$25.47 after coupons
Get $10.00 UPR – $10 back for buying $30 P&G
Get $5.00 UPR – $5.00 for buying $25 Pampers monthly deal(only valid thru the 6th)
$10.47 after UPRs
$3.49 each

Remember, this only works thru the 6th. Make sure you pick up your free Softlips too!   Did you get in on this deal?



  1. Katy

    Thank you for helping me bless our local crisis pregnancy center. I used my $20 Winter Reward and spent $5 oop on diapers and Softlips! Got the $15 in UPR back, too. Love your RA updates. I save so much money thanks to you!

  2. Lauren

    Just got back from Rite Aid … I bought 2 packs of diapers and 2 packs of wipes for $32 and only got the $10 UPR, not the $5. Does anyone know why both didn’t print for me?

    • Tara

      The same thing happened to me. Was it a save-a-lot?

    • Tara

      Ok I just went to this page of the site http://www.riteaid.com/contact_us/ and used the online “chat” gave them my card # and receipt info. They are sending me a $5 reward by mail!

  3. melissa

    Where do u find the $5 extra ups for pampers advertised on top of the $10 up

  4. melissa

    Where is the $5.00 ups advertised at for pampers?

  5. my RA didn’t have the single packs…so i bought the double pack…with the coupon and my discount i only paid 19 cents. not bad.

  6. aleta

    I tried to do this deal, got the 5.00 but not the 10.00. It must not have rounded at my store…..are you sure this isn’t one of those buy in one transaction deals, because I can always go back and buy enough to get past 30.00. Alas, there is no tracking of this UP at the bottom of my receipt. Any suggestions?

  7. Is anyone else having a hard time finding the single SoftLips packs in their store? I can’t find them in mine, and the RA cashier didn’t know where they were either (so she said she doesn’t think they carry them).

    • My store was out – they are/were on an endcap near the front of the store. I ended up getting a twin-pack for .99 (after the coupon)

  8. Traci, I just did this deal (NE Ohio) at my Rite Aid an hour ago… I bought 3 packs of diapers for 29.97 (then used 3 $1.50/1 coupons) and it did print out both the $10 UPR and $5 UPR, even though I was a few cents short of the $30. Since you have the 10% discount, I would also buy the wipes for $5.99 and use the printable $.75/1 pampers wipes coupons available on coupons.com to bring your total before coupons over $30. Or you could grab a two toothbrushes as your fillers iif you have coupons for those…

  9. I need HELP with the diaper deal at Rite Aid. I was heading out the door to rite aid but I noticed something and I don’t understand.. My people at my rite aid are terrible when I try to coupon so I like to have my ducks in a row and be confident when I go there!
    Okay my Q to you is:
    It says you’ll get a $10 UPR for buying $30 P&G but isn’t the grand total only $29.97? Also, I am a silver member and get 10% off on all purchases, I’d like to use my card to lessen my OOP cost at the end. How can I make this work? I printed out 3 $1.50 off coupons and I’m ready to go but I wanted to see how you’d do this with it not being quite $30 for P&G and then with my 10% off it’ll be $26.97. Should I add a box of wipes or something to it, not use my card of what.. What can I do? Please let me know when you can bc I’d like to get over there ASAP! :) Also, I was going to do the softlips deal first so that I could in turn use my $3 UPR on the diapers. Ahhh!! SO much!

    • I bought a travel-pack of wipes for $1.99 just to be sure I would meet the minimum. I had my baby with me and didn’t want to have to haul everything (meaning her and my pg self!) back to the diaper row if it didn’t come to the right amount!

  10. Rachel via Facebook

    Thank you for this deal, it allowed me to get a bunch of diapers to help out a friend.

  11. If you got the coupon book from the P&G BrandSampler, then there is a $2 off coupon in there! My mom gave me her coupon, as well, so I’ll save an additional dollar over the deal you have listed! Thanks! :)

  12. I’ve got family members buying diapers for me! One RA told me they were having trouble with the online coupons but she somehow was able to scan them after my sale and gave me cash back.

  13. i’m looking for confirmation that someone did the $5 UP for baby products twice and it worked. it’s tracking at the bottom of my receipt, so i’m assuming i can do it one more time. i have $15 and if i buy one more pack, i could get the $5 UP again…so i figure…might as well…i have two in diapers!

  14. Melissa via Facebook

    Worked for me too

  15. Katherine via Facebook

    I cant remember which is which but one is limit zz6 and the one in the ad, said one per household.

  16. Katherine via Facebook

    Worked for us.

  17. Dana

    Does “through March 6″ mean at the end of day of March 6th, or March 5th? Here’s hoping! :)

    • For The Mommas

      Dana, March 6th means end of day March 6th.

  18. Andrea via Facebook

    amazing deals!

  19. melissa

    I dont see the coupon for pampers on that link. Where is it at

  20. Brittany via Facebook

    What is the limit on this? Did yesterday wondering if I can do it again

  21. Wish I had a Rite Aid, great deal!!!!!

  22. Melissa via Facebook

    is the pg limit 1?

  23. It worked for me also, yesterday. Thanks!!

  24. I’ve been waiting for a good Rite Aid diaper deal! I was so happy to grab these on Sunday :) Thank you!!!

  25. i was able to get it yesterday also

  26. Tara

    Huh, I got the $10 UPR but not the $5? Any ideas why that would happen? Has anyone not received upr on something before and had any success when contacting riteaid?

  27. Holly

    Thanks! This deal worked for me!! Got 3 packs (last 3 in that size) for $9.99 and used $4 manf qs and $5 entertainment q (although I’ve spent them all for the year already!). With the $15 UPR I paid $6 for 3 packs!!

  28. Terri Deitrich

    I did the Pampers deal without any problems. Thanks FTM for sharing this deal!

  29. Nicole

    Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into the deals you share with all of us! I was able to get this deal today for a friend! Everyone is always impressed with the deals I get and I always tell them about your site so they can learn to do the same! Thank you again!

  30. shannon

    Just a heads up. There is also a rebate form out there (I found one at Weis today) where you get a $10 prepaid GC wyb $30 P&G products. So I did the 3 diapers and threw in a dawn dish soap (to go over the $30). It has to be all on one receipt. After rewards, coupons and GC it all comes out pretty much free :-)

    • Melissa

      Where in Weis did you find this?

    • but you can’t use this with the rite-aid deal, right? The ones I’ve seen advertised online (there is a similar Sam’s Club one), you must buy them from the store where you got the rebate form?

  31. Mandy via Facebook

    Thanks FTM I bought 4 pack of pampers and payed $18.96 out of pocket and recieved the $15 UPR! I love telling my husband that I basically got 4 packs of diapers for about a dollar each! (I did have UPR from a previous purchase)

  32. Pauline greer

    Thank You so much Shannon for posting the 29.97 deal working I would have never guessed that and spent more than I needed and then not gotten as good a deal, we could never save without you. I just did the deal and am so happy to ge diapers for 3.49, there have not been the diaper deals lately so happy for this one. My store was out of soflips but just read they might be on endcaps, will look again before week is out. THANK YOU AGAIN

    • Shannon


      you are more than welcome! I am glad you were able to get in on the deal!

  33. Can you get the $5 baby care product rewards more than once? I thought about returning tomorrow and getting 3 more packs using my upr from today then if I got $15 back I would be getting those 3 packs for free!

  34. Can you get the $5 baby care product rewards more than once? I thought about returning tomorrow and getting 3 more packs using my upr from today then if I got $15 back I would be getting those 3 packs for free!

    • Jenna

      You can do the Baby Care Products twice, I did one this morning and did it a couple weeks ago to stock up on J&J.

  35. Jodi via Facebook

    I did the deal but with 2 diapers and 2 of the 5.99 wipes, didn’t want to chance not getting the 10 for spending the $30…but my recpt says I had 32 for the 10 UP, but 20 toward the 25 needed for the 5 UP. I can’t find any info on the 5 UP anywhere so thought I’d check here….should I have gotten it? The computer was being funny bc it accepted my card number but then throughout transaction booted it out and had to reenter my card

  36. Jodi via Facebook

    I did the deal but with 2 diapers and 2 of the 5.99 wipes, didn’t want to chance not getting the 10 for spending the $30…but my recpt says I had 32 for the 10 UP, but 20 toward the 25 needed for the 5 UP. I can’t find any info on the 5 UP anywhere so thought I’d check here….should I have gotten it? The computer was being funny bc it accepted my card number but then throughout transaction booted it out and had to reenter my card

  37. Kate via Facebook

    Up rewards are like Walgreens Register Rewards. They are coupons that print out on your receipt to use on your next purchase.

  38. Kate via Facebook

    Up rewards are like Walgreens Register Rewards. They are coupons that print out on your receipt to use on your next purchase.

  39. becca

    i can’t wait to get this deal tonight after work. I have a $5 off of $25. which will make it a even sweeter deal.

  40. melissa

    Will the pampers deal work more than once? or is the UP limit one per card?

    • Nancy

      I asked the same question and it does say it in the ad…… …..One per household. But if you have a another Rite Aid card, you could do it.

  41. LeAnne Davis – If you click thru to the post and read the comments, you can get more details.

  42. Christi

    Does anyone know if it works with Easy Ups as well?

  43. Laura

    I never subtract CVS extrabucks or Up Rewards from my final total because it is not what I’m actually paying out of pocket. My out of pocket cost is what I pay after coupons. The extrabucks and up rewards are towards your NEXT purchase.

    • Shannon


      Well for the purpose of this blog and many others, I cannot tell you when you are going to spend it, but everyone EARNS it at the same time, so that is the only way it makes sense. you Cannot count them twice, but how could i possibly post deals based on when you use them?

      • ozi

        it would be simpler if blogs say total 26.00 and get back 15.00 for future purchases, for example than have the head line say diapers 3.99 per pack for example because there are cash strapped readers that get excited only to be disappointed. it is different if pple have previous upr and/or are going to use this upr for previous purchases.

      • Laura

        Everyone might EARN it at the same time but you should not subtract it from the total of the transaction that you just received it because you can’t use it in that same transaction. Make sense?

        • Shannon


          Actually no it does not. I am not going to argue with you, but the only way for me or a retail store to consistently count it is when you EARN it. There is a reason that CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens ALL show the ad prices after UPR, RR and ECB – even the grocery stores do it that way when they list coupons and catalinas. That is the industry standard and thats how I will continue to do it on FTM.

          • Tara

            The way I see it is- UPRs are less money out of my pocket I count them as money in my wallet- as I do coupons too!

        • Heather C

          It does make sense from a budget stand point, but not from a blogging standpoint. I actually do it the same way you do, Laura, I count my actual cash out of pocket at the time of purchase, because I can’t send in drugstore credit to pay my electric bill.

          However, I also don’t count things like rebates, etc, just what I pay out of pocket. Then everything that comes in is a bonus, every check, every store credit slip, etc… Also, this way, I don’t “overspend” if I forget and let a reward slip expire…

          However, It is a coupon industry standard that the offered credit is deducted from the finalized price of an item (you can see this in every drug store circular out there). It would be IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to work deal examples based on a hypothetical amount of store credit that each person may have earned, thus, the way this (and every other couponing blog out there) is set up.

          A good point that you make, though, is that you do need to understand you are spending that money when you are doing your deals, so that you don’t go over budget and wind up with $60 in register rewards that you needed to pay the water bill.

          I see both sides of this…however, the only way to consistently break things down to their final price is the way it’s done now.

  44. What are upr/ups??????

    • Kate

      See Melissa’s post at the top. :)

  45. aly

    i tried the deal this morning and was told the coupons were good only for the boxes. i don’t agree, and will likely go back and talk to a manager. has anyone else had this issue?

    • Tiffany

      These are good on any pampers. Everyone had been saying on other message boards last week that they were beeping for them when the cashier tried to scan them. When I did this deal early this AM, mine beeped also… The cashier put them through with no questions. If you have one of those picky cashiers, I always tell them that you cannot go by the picture only as these are examples of products, not the only products you can purchase. Tell them they need to read the small print just like in a contact, It’s my guess that they would even beep on the boxes of diapers. Plus it only excludes trial size, which they do not make a trial size box of diapers. They probably beep due to an error with proctor and gamble, because I cannot recall ever seeing IP’s for proctor and gamble products during the 7 years I have been couponing. Rite Aid cashiers were supposed to have been notified on their intranet about these new coupons (letting cashiers know that they are legit coupons), I was confirmed by this when my cashier this morning told me he had to sign off that he had read this email. If I were you I would try another Rite Aid or contact the manager, and if they don’t take the coupons, I would call corp.

      • aly

        thank you tiffany. i will contact the manager and if they are not willing to help, try another location. i appreciate the feedback!

  46. Cara

    Sure did! Great deal. I love Pampers.

  47. Melissa S

    I picked up the Softlips but had to go to two stores because the single packs are only found on end caps all the others are the two packs. I’m happy because I can never get enough chapstick or lip balm. I plan to use my UPR towards the upcoming toothbrush deal. I haven’t said it in awhile but thank you Shannon for all you do. I can’t imagine not have For The Mommas as a resource and I tell everyone who will listen to check out your website.

    • Shannon


      no Thank you for all your contributions here – it is readers like yourself and many others that make FTM possible.

  48. Alyssa via Facebook

    Anyone who wants to do this, go there by 3/6, although the 10 ups will print all week, the 5 ups will only print until Tuesday.

  49. I’m so glad you posted this.I was getting ready to head to Rite Aid without getting the pampers.Guess I’ll be getting them now.

  50. Stevie via Facebook

    If you got your P&G sampler, there was a $2 off coupon ( and I had two other $2 off coupons) so it sweetened the deal a bit:) LOVE FTM!!!

  51. i wish this would have been posted a few minutes earlier! i got back from doing the diaper deal with the wipes…oh well…i have a one month old, i can always use diapers…and can stop back later on in the week!

  52. Doni via Facebook

    What is UPR?

    • Melissa S

      A UPR is a reward for buying a certain product that prints on the end of your reciept. So, for instance if you buy Dunkin Donuts coffee at Rite Aid this week you will get a $1 UPR on the end of your receipt that can be used at Rite Aid only to take $1 off your next purchase.

  53. Rebecca G.

    I wonder if I waited they will still have diapers in the store on the 6th or if I should drive a half hour up there today.

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