UPDATE: Rite Aid – NYC Lipstick or Eyeliner $.49 {EXPIRED}

So this is an interesting development – Rite Aid customer service says this UPR is CANCELLED. Oh Rite Aid, oh Rite Aid. I am not sure what to say. If you have signs in your store, you should honor it.   GRRRRR! 


Details - There is a monthly UPR printing on New York Color Cosmetics.   NYC  Lipstick, Eyeliner and Nail Polish are included in the deal. Purchase two and get a $1.00 UPR.

Deal Idea:

Buy (2) NYC Lipstick or Eyeliner $1.98
Get $1.00 UPR (Limit 2)
$.49 each

This is a monthly UPR Deal, printing through 4/27/13.

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  1. Brandi

    Would it be cheaper with a 20% discount?

    • Sandy

      Yes. .30 each

    • Sandy

      I bought two. .99 eyeliners and did not get UPR

      • For the Mommas

        Hi Sandy it’s Amy from FTM. Did you notice any signs for this at your store? Although this is a monthly deal, it could also be a regional deal meaning its only in some areas and not others. Hope that helps :)

        • Sandy

          Plenty of signs – problem is you have no idea what products they are for as there are 20 different products put in a one foot space and the signs are large. I’m just going to return liners.

        • Sandy

          Went back to return eyeliners and signs have already been taken down! Yet another Rite Aid error – this must be regional.

          • For the Mommas

            Thanks Sandy,, so annoying!

            • Sandy

              Per RA c.s. this is cancelled.

              • For the Mommas

                Sandy, I had issues the other week with a different brand of mascara that was on clearance for 75% off, but wasnt ringing up..and the tags had different colors on then what they had on the shelf, I had to argue with the guy since the SKU #’s were the same and he walked back with me and checked and was speechless after that.

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