Rite Aid Holiday Promo +UP Reward

Remember the UPR that I mentioned was tracking this week?

Well, be sure to check your mailbox for your personal offer. The offers vary by card – so please be sure to check your receipt (like shown here) or via a holiday card like shown above.

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  • Kathy

    I didn’t know about this and accidentally earned my $5 UPR wyb $50 on Sunday just buying what I was going to buy anyway! Made me happy :)

  • Kathy T.

    I got a $5.00 UPR when you spend $50.00

  • Portlandia

    I don’t know about anyone else but I am just about done shopping at Rite Aid. Their customer service is terrible. They charged me full price for clearance marked merchandise and would not give me credit because my Load2Card coupons covered it. I asked for a gift card and they laughed at me and said I only paid $3 for $20 worth of stuff so No! Then they didn’t scan my card on another order even though I handed it to them and I had to return everything. It took nearly 20 minutes as he went through and returned each item and needed manager approval for each thing!! Keep in mind these where chapsticks!! Not expensive items! Then, I asked him to opt me out of Load2Card and he told me it was too late, he had already started my order. In fact, he already had opted me out so my UPR already on my account where not credited to my order and they expired that night (the WHOLE reason I was in the store anyway!!!). They will give me a raincheck for the sale price but not the UPR. Won’t take a coupon if it doesn’t scan. I’m not a huge couponer- maybe going to Rite Aid once a week if I have a few UPR to spend. I’m getting out of there and taking my time and money to CVS. I don’t know how you all do it but my Rite Aids STINK!!!!!

    • kim

      I’m in Delaware and have several Rite Aids. I LOVE RITE AID. I’m so sorry yours are managed poorly. The customer service here is awesome. Rite Aid (corporate) should really take the time to read this blog….they could learn alot!

    • jenab01

      I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your rite aid. Do you have another that you could try visiting? I have 3 within my errands travels and all of them have outstanding customer service, cheery and very helpful. I use a LOT of coupons and they are always very helpful and never any grumbles. I opted out of the load to card because I couldn’t see my rewards, too much room for mistakes and missing rewards. Now they print like they previously did. Good Luck.

    • MLRow

      I would strongly suggest contacting corporate and letting them know. I shop at 4 Rite Aids that are close to me, and I have never had any issues. There have even been times that I have forgotten a coupon..or two, and they allow me to bring in the coupon with the receipt the next day, and give me the cash for the coupon that I didn’t get to use…they call it their “Missed coupon policy”. The customer service at the 4 I go to are second to none, and the few times I have had to call corporate, (when Up Rewards didn’t print, and once when a $15 Up Reward wouldn’t scan), they have also been wonderful to work with and mailed me the Up Rewards I was missing. Please let corporate know, I don’t think they would allow it to continue.

  • mary

    Off topic here but don’t know where else to post: I only started shopping at rite aid for the past month or so. I am at bronze. Now does this “tier” thing go by calendar year or by when you joined? And when you do get to $1000 and you get 10% of the store for the entire year, how do you “requalify” for the tier? Just by spending another $1000 in that year? Thanks!!

    • jenab01

      The tiers are 1 year from the date that you reached that tier.

    • MLRow

      I reached gold mid year last year, and I was told I would get the 20% discount for the rest of the year and all of this year. So I am not sure if Jenny is right or what I was told was right, I would check with corporate if your local Rite Aid can not confirm it for you. The points reset at the beginning of the year for you to start building again, even though the discount does not reset. For example, when the points reset at the beginning of 2012, I still got my 20% discount, even though my points started over at zero. :)

      • For the Mommas

        I believe you are correct.

  • Jenny

    I’m a gold member and my deal is spend $140 get $15ups. So not sure how they determine who gets what amount.

    • Karen

      I am a gold member and my deal was spend $165 get $20 UPRs. AND WOW, that was not hard to spend at all….I almost spent the whole $165 in one shot….after getting back $58 in UPR, I got credit for spending $150.18…so that’s like spending $45.67 and getting credit for $150.18…WOOHOOO…so I just need to spend $15 more and I will get $20 UPR, so, “IMAGINE” that I didn’t use a coupon to spend the additional $15, after getting the $20 UPR, it would have cost me a total of $50.67 for $165 worth of items….but notice I used the word imagine I didn’t use any coupons….HOW THAT WOULD HAPPEN IS BEYOND ME. Off the check my coupons for a trip tomorrow to finish shopping. Now, with $58 UPR, and probably even more after tomorrow’s trip, Rite Aid had better have some GOOD sales these next few weeks… Now, I do know that had I broken up my purchase and gone back tomorrow I could have gotten less UPRs back and used the towards the purchase for tomorrow and that would have brought my out of pocket cost lower….but in anticipation of Christmas, I am planning to use the UPRs in the next few weeks sales and since my mortgage payment comes out of my next check, I will not have the extra cash to spend then so the UPRs just work better there for me.

  • jackie

    mine was $10 back when i spend $100

  • Kristin

    I was wrong. Mine is actually $5 off (no minimum purchase). I’m at gold. I got something similar from cvs which is $5 off $25.

  • Kristin

    Mine is a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase

  • erika

    I received $10 ups for spending $70.

    • I got this too…am a Silver member. Looks like they really have no rhyme or reason as to who got what!

  • kabby

    Mine reads Spend $170 get $20 up….I am a Silver Member…curious if this is before or after coupons and ups.

    • Grace

      This is so weird but I got a $5 voucher to spend on anything in the store. Works for me :) It came in the same card as you have shown above. I almost threw it out too without even looking. lol

    • Grace

      I’m at Gold if that helps

    • janet

      I beleive that it is BEFORE coupons & +UP rewards. Hence after a few days I’m at $114

      • kabby

        Janet you are correct…I purchased items worth over $16 after coupons and redeeming UPS…paid .99 cents. Yet my tally towards my holiday savings was over $16.