Rite Aid : Heidi Klum Shine $2.00

If you got the 10/9 Walmart Beauty Insert, you can try this deal at Rite Aid and get Heidi Klum’s new fragrance “Shine” for just $2.00

Heidi Klum Shine $12.00 (sale price with wellness card)
Use $5/1 Heidi Klum Shine (Walmart Insert 10/9)
and use $5/1 Heidi Klum Shine September Rite Aid Video Value Coupon
$2.00 after coupons

Thanks, Nancy

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This would make a nice stocking stuffer!

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  • kathy watson

    I did this deal yesterday and it worked. got the perfume for $2.00!!

    • Corlien

      Just bought this perfume for my almost 16 year old daughter, and she loves it!! Thanks for the deal!!

  • I did not watch this last month but I have a $5.00 UPR that’s abt to expire anyway so I guess I can use that, :)

  • sarah

    I was in the store with a friend of mine on Sunday, she wanted that perfume so i told her to hold off on it since I thought I had a coupon at home, turns out I didnt watch that one! UGH!!! :( maybe the deal will come again… I wanted to surprise her with it.

  • Nancy

    Hi Kelly,
    If you watched the video last month, and have it available to print, it is still good until the 22nd of October. HTH.

    • Kelly

      OK. Thanks

  • Kelly

    isnt the rite aid video value coupon NLA? it says that this is a September video and it is October.