Rite Aid: Free UTZ Chips

Details: This month at Rite Aid you can pick up select UTZ chips for Free! This is a monthly Rite Buy offer and has a limit of 2. Note: Rite Buys are not advertised anywhere but in store – check your store for this deal.

Buy: 1 Utz Chip $.99 (No Wellness Discount)
Pay: $.99
Get back $1.00 UPR
Free after UPR

Gold Wellness Discount 20%

Buy 1 Utz Chip $.79
Pay $.79
Get back $1.00 UPR
Free + Overage after UPR

Thanks, Amanda

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  • Apryl Barnes

    does each store have their own RiteBuys or are they the same at every store?

    • For the Mommas

      No they the same – however, this product is not sold everywhere.

  • Kate

    I found this deal on Sunday and the UPR’s did not print out for me. The store made it right and apologized.

    • jen

      yeah just saw on my eceipt that it didnt print out either. im going back tonight.

      • e

        you actually need to spend .99 in order to have the UPR, back.

        for example, I just purchased two UTZ at .79 (.99 with a 20% discount). I received $1 in UPR. Because my total was less than $1.98. ): In this case, I needed to purchase three UTZ potato chips.

        Hope this helps!

        • Jen

          I asked about it and someone had the upr tag in the wrong spot. Ended up getting right ones then. I paid 89€ after discount and still got both upr