Rite Aid: Free Peeps & Reese’s Cups

There is a new Peeps Coupon available to print on Facebook.    Just click on the “Christmas Treats” tab to see the offer.  You can use the coupon to pick up free Peeps Coupon this week at Rite Aid.

Buy (2) Marshmallow Peeps $.50
Use $1/2 Peeps Coupon
Free after coupon

You can also pick up free Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Buy (2) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups $.50
Use $1/2 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups RA Printable
Free after coupon

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  • Bridge

    Does RiteAid keep a track of your purchases?

    For example,

    I purchased $15 worth of A&H products on Sunday and I got only 1 $5 UP+ rewards. If I purchase another $15 worth of A&H products today, will i get 2 $5 UP+ rewards?

  • Kara

    The UPR are $3.00 for lysol and $1.00 each for orbit gum

  • Kara

    Went to Rite Aid today and got:

    (2) Peeps 3 packs 2/ $1.00
    (2) Reese’s PB Trees 2/ $1.00
    (3) Packs Orbit Gum 3.00
    (2) Bottles Fiji Water 1.76
    (1) Lysol Hand Soap Dispenser 7.99

    Total: $14.75
    Use $1.00/ 2 Peeps
    Use $1.00/ 2 Reeses Holiday Candy Dec. RA
    Use $1.00/2 Fiji Water Dec RA
    Use $5.00/ 1 Lysol soap dispenser Dec RA
    Use $0.75/1 Lysol printable

    Pay $6.11 OOP (I had $3 UPR to roll over so mine was $3.11)
    Get $6.00 UPR

  • where’s the reeses coupon?

  • Ann-Marie

    Had trouble printing, however, there was a post on their wall, when the security page pops up, hit no, it’ll then allow you to print the coupon. I was able to print 2.

  • Melissa Arroyo-Salick via Facebook

    great, thanks ! Do you know how to get the peanutbutter cups too?

  • Marisol

    how do you print out the reese’s peanut butter cup coupons?

    • Megan

      it’s a Rite Aid Video Value coupon. you have to go to rite aid’s website and watch the video. hth

    • Jen

      The reese’s peanut butter cup coupon was from the November video values. If you watched the video for it during November you can still go back and print it if you have not already. If you did not watch the video for it during November then you can not get it. There is however a video for December for reese’s holiday candy. You can watch that video now and print out at $1 off 2 reese’s holiday candy coupon. You can use this coupon at Riteaid this week on the peanut butter trees that are on sale for 2 for $1 to get two free peanut butter trees. Hope this helps.

  • Patrice Morton Durham via Facebook

    @Melissa, I went to marshmallowpeeps.com to print it.

  • Melissa Arroyo-Salick via Facebook

    How do you print the coupon? I click the link to it and it just goes to a page to give me a list of all their deals… no option to print a coupon

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  • Got’em today!! Santa is an awesome shopper!!