Rite Aid: Free No Nonsense Socks

For some reason, I find buying socks at Rite Aid to be funny, but this is the second week in a row that I did. You can pick up free or moneymaker socks, here is how:

Buy (2) No Nonsense Socks Buy One, Get One 50% off $4.03
Get $5.00 UPR wyb 2
Free + Overage after UPR

Did you find any other great buys at Rite Aid this week?

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  • Karen

    While I know that FREE good and an overage is better, for those of you that said you really need socks, I got 14 pairs for $5.50….and when you recycle your previous UPR’s, it’s not an out of pocket this week cost. It would be ideal to get the free ones if there was no limit of 2 offers.

    I bought 2 six packs (each one had a free pair included), so 14 pair total and paid $5.50. Breakdown is: $6.99 for the first 7 pack and then $3.50 for the second (B1G1 50% off)….so that is $10.50 and then you get back a $5 upr.

    • For the Mommas

      I would have done the same, but the week before I found clearance socks for $5.49 and the $3.00 coupon made them only $2.49.

  • Sandy

    I bought 2 pack of knee highs

    1st @ $ 2.69
    2nd @ 1.34

    Rcvd $5 back

  • Qpon Jenn

    I was lucky to find 2 socks for 1.99 and receive $5 UPRs. What is the limit on doing this deal? Can I do it one more time?

  • MN

    I’m a guy so not sure if I can pull this one off, but my store has a Susan G. Komen Clothing collection bin outside of it, so if I can do it, they are going right into that for a good cause!

  • Shannon H

    I went today and got two pairs of the organic socks $1.99 and the second $.99 and got $5 up+ but then I saw in the seasonal isle they had multicolor nononsense 3pk no show socks for 50% off so they were $2.49 each, I bought two packs for $4.98 and received another $5 up+…it is great because I really needed new socks :)

    • For the Mommas

      I love getting stuff that I NEED For free!

  • ozzie

    this will be my first time going to rite aid to do a deal in over a yr. i literally have my whole house filled with cvs and walgreens receipt. im doing the dove and lysol deal. oh wait last week was my first with the nivea deal.

    • For the Mommas

      welcome back Ozzie.

  • anna

    They didn’t have this deal at my local Rite-Aid.

    • Jen

      Your store tags may not have been hung yet but every RiteAid should have this deal. The cheaper pack of socks is 1.99 but it only comes with one pair. The 3 pack is 5.49 so its still not a bad deal. The tags on my store were not on the 1.99 pair but it worked when I went to the register. I have my UP rewards printing on my receipt (used online chat to opt out) and saw the deal worked and got my UP rewards.

  • Our Rite Aid only had the packs for $5.49 left (the cheaper ones were already gone). I bought them anyways because I needed to roll ups and I needed new socks for work.

  • Holly

    My store only had $5.49 packs part of the deal.

    • For the Mommas

      Bummer! Did they not have the cheaper ones in stock or were they not marked?

      • Holly

        I’m not actually sure. There weren’t any others marked. I think there were men’s sock in one or 2 packs.

  • Jen

    I ran to RiteAid to do this deal along with the free power ProGlide Razor (my husband’s favorite brand) and Mach3 razor. The limit on the socks was 2 per household, so I brought 2 organic socks and 2- 3 pack black no show socks. I used $14 in previous UP Rewards, only paid tax and got back $18 in UP’s. (2- $5 for the socks and 2- $4 for the razors) Woo hoo! Now if only RiteAid sold cute bra and underwears and we would probably have all our intimates for free too! :)

    • Jen

      Oh and thank you! I always check your website before shopping at RiteAid. Soooo glad I did today!

      • For the Mommas

        Nice Glad you were able to get in on the deal!

    • Lauren

      Crack me up! I seriously almost bought my bras at Rite Aid with overage this summer….the genie bras I think they are called. But then I decided to be normal! Haha! Just kidding! I am wishing I was there buying socks right now!

  • Erica

    There is a limit of 2 ups

  • Michelle

    Is there a limit on the UPR?

  • Jamee

    GOOD JOB…in November, it would have been a full year since I stepped into a RiteAid…I just purchased 2 of the organic white ankle socks $1.99 for the first pair and .99 for the second pair and had $5 load directly to my card ( I didn’t opt out)…so bravo bravo bravo…nobody’s going to believe it…lol

    • For the Mommas