Rite Aid: Free L’Oreal Ever Hair Care Products

There is an amazing deal at Rite Aid on L’Oreal Ever Products.

First, there is a weekly UPR for $10.00 wyb $25.00.  In addition, there is a Rite Buy aka Monthly Deal for $10 wyb $25.00.  These are both printing. On top of that they are on sale this week for $5.99. Plus, the bonus packs are counting towards the UPR.  Woohoo!

Here is a deal idea:

Buy (5) L’Oreal Ever Products $29.95
use (4) $2/1 L’Oreal EverCreme, EverSleek, EverPure, EverStrong Treatment, exp. 11/4/12 (RP 09/09/12)
and use (1)$1/1 L’Oreal Paris EverCreme, EverSleek, EverPure, EverStrong or EverStyle Hair Product (RA Video Values, Oct)
and use (1) $1/1 Printable L’Oreal Paris Ever Product
Pay $19.95
Get $20.00 Back in UPR
Free affter UPR

Since the limit is 2 on the monthly, you can then do another transaction to meet $50. Remember, Rite Aid has a limit of FOUR like coupons per transaction. Your would have $4.95 in credit towards your next transaction, so you would only need to buy 4.

I didn’t have any of the inserts, so I used the printables – it was still a fantastic deal!

PS. I think I typed everything up here, but I am so excited I can hardly contain myself long enough to sit in the chair. Yes, I am that pathetic.

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  • E

    I was only able to find 2 of the $2/1 Loreal Ever Coupons in my paper. Is there any other way to get 2 more of these coupons. I have looked everywhere online? I would really like to take advantage of this deal but still need two more of those coupons.

  • Gabrielle

    Thanks for sharing this fantastic deal! I bought 5 and got the 20 UPRs. If i get another 4, do i still get the 10 monthly UPRs together with the weekly 10 UPRs?

    • Janice K.

      I was wondering the same thing. I may have to go back today to see if it works.

      • Gabrielle

        I did get another 4 today and got 20 UPRs. I only had 2 of the printable $1/1 any loreal product, used the 20 UPRs from the first set of deal and paid a little over $2 oop. It was another great deal!

  • Gabrielle

    Thanks for sharing this fantastic deal! I got 5 ever products and got the 20 UPRs. If I get another 4 this week would I get another 10 UPRs (that counts for the monthly) in addition to the 10 weekly UPR?

  • Saki

    This was a great deal that worked perfectly!! I have a lot of inserts that I dumpster dived for, so I am heading back to Rite Aid tomorrow to do this deal again!

  • Pam

    This is the first I have heard about this monthly deals… Is this regional?

  • Colleen Y

    worked great for me! Thank you.

  • Janice K

    Our circulars have a coupon for a $25 UP reward when you transfer a prescription (Limit 2). This deal works perfectly with the nail polish deal. What a great way to roll my rewards! Thank you so much!!!!!!

  • Cece


    I actually have a dilemma with Rite Aid and on the product. So basically, I was trying to do this deal. So, I bought 4 of the L’oreal Ever Style and 1 of the L’oreal Everstong treatment, so I hand them 4 $2 off of the L’oreal Ever Style MQ and 1 $2 off of the L’oreal Everstrong MQ. 4 MQ went through fine with except for 1. The odd thing was that one MQ was for the L’oreal Ever Style didn’t go through. I told them, I brought 4 L’oreal Ever Style and 1 L’oreal Everstrong Treatment. I told them I am aware that they accept 4 like coupons and that the fifth one is not the same coupon. I did this shopping trip during my lunch break from work. So, I didn’t get to see the receipt until I got back to work. I was very pissed that I didn’t get the 2 $10 +up rewards. So, I logged my receipt onto a spreadsheet (yes..item by item just to keep track of my +Up rewards) and realized that they did not charge me for one. My dilemma here is whether or not I should bring the item back and pay for it. The last thing I want to happen is for the cashier to get in trouble and I do not want to be accuse of shoplifting. What would you do? I need guidance.

    • Anonymous

      Cece the deal tracks on your receipt. Keep the one they didn’t charge you for and go buy one more to get the up reward to print. That’s what I would do! Plus then you should have no problem using another q. A freebie is a freebie is a freebie! LOL!

    • Anonymous

      Cece, I would go back. I’m another couponer just like you. Not only keeping ethical on your end, but then you’ll quality for the 2 $10 UPR’s. I don’t think the cashier will get into trouble. Everyone makes mistakes. Not only will you feel better for doing so, getting $20 UPR’s but they’ll remember you the next time you come in, and you are an honest coupon user! God will honor you for doing the right thing!! I can’t imagine they would accuse you of shoplifting. You came back after all to tell them!!

      • Saki

        Funny that you mention shoplifting–I was at the register doing this deal when a lady passes by us leaving the store. The security guard and the cashier immediately rush after her to bring her back inside. Apparently the Rite Aid has so many shoplifters that they hire plainsclothesmen to keep an eye on folks in the store!

        • SHAY


    • For the Mommas


      I would take it back and let them know they didn’t charge you, but that is just me :)

    • Cece

      Thank you all for your response. I actually brought it back and tell them to charge me. The cashier thanked me again and again. That felt good! I actually didn’t bring my receipt with me so that they can’t track which cashier was it, so that was great! I have already save a lot of money since I began couponing a little over a year ago, there is no need for me to take from Rite Aid what is free from the first place (based on following this deal). Plus, I am getting these products to create a “hair care” basket to be auctioned off at our annual charity campaign at our work…so I think it beats the purpose by taking that item to donate for charity.

      • For the Mommas


        I am so happy to hear this. :) You made someones day – AND whenever you come in, they will know you are the lady that brought back an item she wasn’t charged for. That goes a LONG way.

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the deals:)..on the loreal do you have to buy 5 products but you can only use 4 coupons? thanks still trying to learn this!!

    • Amy

      You can only use 4 identical coupons, that’s why you print the other two to pay less (As far as I understood and as I did it) :P

      • For the Mommas

        Amy, you are correct , so you are using the $1.00 instead of another $2.00.

  • Mel

    I think this is a better deal with gold the $7.39 price drops to $5.91. With gold you get the better price and gold is better than the sale price.
    5 @ $5.91
    Use (5) $2 Q and 1 VV
    Pay $18.55
    Get $20.00 ups
    $1.45 MM

    • For the Mommas

      Only problem is you can’t use the (5) $2.00 coupons – only 4 per transaction per their policy.

      • Mel

        I have 5 different loreal coupons, well 3 are the same and the other two are $2 off ANY Loreal Everstyle product I plan on getting some root lifter and straightening spray. The other three are the ones you listed that state the shampoo line.
        Will I get the 20% gold rather than the $5.99 price?

        If I did this in two transactions I could use 4 of the same :)

  • Amy

    Can I use some of my UP+ to pay the transaction or should I just do everything OOP?

    • For the Mommas

      you can totally use UPS I did!

      • Amy

        I just came back from there, it was awesome! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  • Krista

    Got mine! Thanks :)

  • Paulina

    Thanks for sharing all these great Rite Aid deals! CVS is a little boring this week but RA makes up for it! love your blog and looking forward to more great deal ideas ( and its not pathetic- its the little things that make us happy- like getting an expensive mop for about $3 that I gave to someone who really needed a mop)- many thanks to you!

    • For the Mommas

      Paulina, you made my day. I am a bit grumpy right now and knowing that you were able to help someone in need = awesome!


  • Tammy

    Do you have to buy all five in the same transaction?

    • For the Mommas

      they should track over purchases.

  • Judy

    Is there anywhere that Rite Aid posts a list of the monthly deals? The weekly circular only has the UP rewards for the week.


    • For the Mommas

      No, I try to do a post of them each month. Working on that (they started this week, they don’t run on actual month cycle)

      • Tammy

        Did these deal end? I only received 1 $10 up instead of 2.

  • Maria

    I thought I was done printing for today, I guess not. Lol

    I just got back from rite aid, so excited that I finally found the libman mop & broom. My son looked at me like I was crazy. Because I was smiling from ear to ear

    • For the Mommas

      My husband said.. umm why are you so excited to get a mop.. do you plan on mopping..hmm good question?

      • Jen

        You guys are too funny. My kids gave me weird looks when I raced out of the house and they saw I was rushing to get a mop and broom. Shannon, I have a question unrelated to this deal regarding the monthly rewards. I printed a September and October video reward for the Sensational Nail kit. Is there a monthly reward for this nail kit? I am hoping to purchase this kit for a gift and since there is a $10 coupon, I’m hoping even more that RiteAid will have a good deal on this.

        • For the Mommas


          I don’t see that in my pictures, but it is worth looking in the store.

        • Mel

          Hey Jen

          Their Facebook page for sensationail has a $5 and a $3 coupon you can combine. I wan this product so I have been waiting for a sale w the two video coupons. They are normally $59.99

  • dawn

    you are to funny!!

  • awesome thanks!

  • Jessica G

    I think most of us on here – are on here cause we get THAT excited too!!!! hahah THANKS!

  • Amy

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    I’ll try to get the deal later on… And maybe I am pathetic too, I get the same feeling everytime I get out of a store with free stuff!