Rite Aid – Free Dial Halloween Hand Soap


 So Amanda and I had a 20 minute conversation trying to figure out what in the world was going on with this deal.  So here it is, stick to the Pumpkin or Haunted House Scene for this deal. The black cat ones are not producing Halloween Soap UPR. 

You can pick up free Dial Halloween Hand Soap this week at Rite Aid. Purchase two Dial Halloween Hand Soap and get $2.00 UPR, plus an additional $2.00 UPR is printing.

Here is the deal:

Buy (2) Dial Soap Halloween Scene or Pumpkin $2.00  each
Pay $4.00
Get  (4) $1.00/1 UPR
Free after both UPR

You can do this deal twice.  Some areas got a regional $.35/1 Dial Coupon as well.  

Thanks, Stevie

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  • Melissa

    I purchased 3 white tea foaming hand soap and one black cat Halloween and I got $8 ups back! I am in Maryland. Great deal!

  • Mary

    I bought 4 of the White tea foaming and got (8) 1.00 UPS back. I shopped at the Southampton, Pa store.

  • christine

    Also does anyone know if this is a one time up reward per card? Usually there is a limit on up rewards per item

    • I live in South Central PA and today I went to 3 Rite Aid stores near me and ALL of them were sold out :( Do you know if they will get more in the stores this week and if so , when are their deliveries typically??? Or will they give me a “rain check” for all of the UPS and discounts? My family really likes these, I paid for them last year, but this year it would be nice to have them and save the money too. I am pretty new to couponing ( I took a class) and I absolutely LOVE your website and the community with it…very helpful!!! :) Keep up the great work please! Also, where can I find the whtite tea dial foams that are also on sale, located in the stores? Thank you so much!!

      • For the Mommas

        Kelly, I was able Dial White Tea Hand Soap in the body wash aisle. Of course, your store may be set up differently., but hopefully in the same area.

        Have a great day,

    • Mary

      There is a limit of 4 Up rewards.

  • christine

    After reading all comments I decided to go with the pumpkin and Haunted House soap and it worked here in Southern California :)

  • Sandy

    White tea in NJ did not work for monthy UPR

    • Barb

      The white tea foaming handsoap should work, but not the regular white tea handsoap. I bought two of the foaming kind yesterday and got four +ups.

      • Sandy

        Thanks Barb. Finally bought the foaming soap and it worked !

    • Ashley

      The White Tea foaming handsoap worked for me today in the Pittsburgh area.

      • Mary

        white tea foaming worked for me in Pa too :)

  • Beth

    The “White Tea” scent was also included in this deal at my Rite Aid in Ohio. The monthly UPR sign was hanging on that one only.

  • Shay

    Do you get them for free the first time around? or do you have to pay for them and then get money back? I am just trying to figure out how this works, thanks!

    • megan

      usually you pay for them and then get the +uprs back if you are just starting out. a lot of the people on here have upr’s on hand so it doesnt cost anything out of pocket. once you start couponing a lot at rite aid you will always have at least some of these on hand. :)

  • shay

    okay so i am new to couponing so please please do not think im stupid but what is UPR. Meaning do I have to mail it in to get the coupon or does it print up on the receipt. If the latter is true, do i then return it all then buy the pumpkin soaps again and apply the UPR?


    • For the Mommas

      Hi Shay,

      So here is how it works:

      You pay for the items – then you get “coupons” you will use in the store at a later date.
      Consider it a store credit :)

  • harry martin

    Confirming — Halloween house and pumpkin shoot out $4 in Ups. Also, ask a manager where they are located — not in soap land, not in seasonal land, but on the wing of an end cap away from both.

  • Stevie

    I received coupons for $1 off of 3 Dial handsoaps. I am in south central PA.

  • Ana

    Just did this deal and it worked. I almost walked out with nothing but finally found them in the seasonal aisle. Thanks FTM!!

  • Can we use a VV and an in ad coupon on one item?

    • For the Mommas

      no they are both coded 49.

      • Dana

        That was my understanding also but today I purchased the playtex tampons. They were 3.99 a box. I was able to use (1) $1.oo off any one playtex, (1) $1.oo in-ad and the $2.oo off VV coupin. Maybe it was a fluke but it was a great deal.

  • Liza

    Do the labels peel off of these? I wouldn’t mind having free soap, but I don’t care for the halloween theme. :)

    • For the Mommas

      ha ha, Liza, I put everything in my old bath and body works pumps for my guest bathroom downstairs. No one is ever the wiser, even when it is cheaper soap.

  • Becky

    Can I just buy 4 in one transaction and get 4 $2UPs or do I need to buy 2 at a time?

    • For the Mommas

      yep! you can do all 4. Headed back to rite aid to test another deal!

  • Lorri

    I bought two Dial Halloween Hand Soaps today and only got $2 UPR back. My zip is 16803.

    • For the Mommas


      It is only working on select ones – the pumpkin and house worked

      • Lorri

        Unfortunately, I bought the cat ones! Will try select ones tomorrow. Thanks for posting this!

        • For the Mommas


          I would return the cat ones for the pumpkins. You won’t get the weekly, but you should get the monthly :)

  • Linda

    I bought the Dial white tea hand soap and only one +UP printed per bottle. I went back and bought the Dial white tea complete foaming hand sanitizer and 2 +UPs printed per bottle, one from Dial soap and one from Dial Halloween soap, even though this isn’t a Halloween item. Also-on one of the other coupon blog sites it was mentioned that only the Halloween soap with the Halloween scene is working, not the cat or the pumpkin.

    • For the Mommas

      The pumpkin worked for me. I just did ever possible scenario to test this and the cat is not working, but the pumpkin did.

    • Heather

      I used the 35cent off coupon and bought the white tea foaming soap. I bought four and received eight ups. :)