Rite Aid: Free Bengay + Possible MM

Earlier this week, I said that Rite Aid was a total bust and not worth my time this week. Why do I do that? Every time I do, I eat crow.

Soo.. Ms. R left a comment with a deal on Bengay that I totally missed. I wanted to make sure it would work and am happy to report it did!

Heres the deal:

The Bengay 2 oz is included in the Weekend Warrior UPR. It is $5.99 Shelf Price. You need to buy $25.00 to qualify for the Weekend Warrior UPR.

If you have a 20% discount, you can pick up Bengay for free:

Bengay $4.79
use $2.00 in ad coupon
use $3.00/1 in 5/22 RP
Free after coupons
* coupons will be adjusted

If your store allows multiple in ad coupons, you can buy $25 worth , pay nothing and get the $10 UPR.
Since it is tracking, it does not have to be in one transaction.

With the 10% discount, it looks like this:

Bengay $5.39
use $2.00 in ad coupon
use $3.00/1 in 5/22 RP
$.39 after coupon

You will pay $1.95 and get a $10.00 UPR.

Full price:

Bengay $5.99
use $2.00 in ad coupon
use $3.00/1 in 5/22 RP
$.99 after coupon

You will pay $4.98 and get a $10.00 UPR.

Reminder – the Weekend Warrior limit is 2 per household. If you already did the WW deal, you will not be able to do it again.  Also, you can choose the Bengay patches instead of the cream.

Thanks for the heads up Ms. R.

See more Rite Aid Deals here.  Don’t forget to check out the deal on Suave and Degree as well.

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  • britney

    can someone explain what the weekend warrior is? how do i know if ive already done it 2 times or not?

  • Amber

    I’m not seeing the in-ad coupon. I’m in Ann Arbor and got my circular in the mail yesterday. I see an Aleve coupon but no Bengay. Huh???

    • Shannon

      Some areas of Michigan and California did not get the coupon.

  • Bernadette


    Okay, I’m lost. I can’t find the $2 in-ad coupon in the Rite Aid flyer. I have the $3 mfg coupon for the Bengay but, where is the $2 coupon? Could you help me, please? Thanks.

    • Shannon


      Do you happen to live in Michigan or California?

      • Bernadette

        Yes, I live in Michigan. I guess that’s not a good thing in this case. Hey, we Michiganders like Bengay. Thanks for your response.

        • Shannon

          LOL Bernadette, there is something about Michigan and California, they get jipped on some of the really good in ad coupons. I cannot figure out why!

  • Bernadette

    Okay, I’m lost. I cannot find the $2 in-ad coupon in the Rite Aid flyer? Am I missing something here? Now I have my husband searching for it in this week’s flyer…maybe he will see something I don’t. What page is this $2 in-ad coupon on? I got the $3 mfg coupon. Thanks.

  • jainey

    anyone here from michigan? i cant see any in ad coupon, help please

  • Grace

    How many WW rewards did you receive? I did 2 and its showing to be tracking for another one. I was just wondering what everyone else is getting/ Thanks.

  • Bonnie

    When you purchase items for the WW reward, do you have to buy all $25 at one time to get the $10 reward? I have a couple of coupons for Bengay & would like to get the $2/on1 coupons for Aleve that was posted previously (need more info). Between them, I would have enough for a WW reward. I already got one for the Tylenol Precise, (still have 5 coupons but only got 1 raincheck). The clerk was being a jerk.

    • Shannon


  • Kristine

    I just saw this…I’m guessing I have to wait until Saturday now since it is the weekend warrior promo?

    • Shannon


      No. You can do it any day of the week – weekend warrior is the name of the promotion. :)

      • Kristine

        Awesome!!! Thanks for the heads up!

  • jill

    I can’t remember where I read it, but I’m pretty sure I heard that its a limit of 4 rewards on the WW. I did it twice with the Thermacare, and today used my Precise raincheck and did it a third time.

    • Shannon


      The ad says twice and it appears they reset it after they had all those issues with the tracking.

  • Nicole

    I was able to get 20 of the tylenol precise 2 weelks ago and i unded up with 4 of the WW $10 rewards. . ..if there is a limit it wasnt working then!

  • Brittany

    How many are you purchasing in your full price scenario?

    • Shannon

      Brittany, you need to get over $25.

  • Scott

    RC coupon? Haven’t come across that acronym before.

    • Shannon

      Its in the Rite Aid Coupon policy RC49 and RC48.

  • Lissa

    How long does the WW promo go for? I have 12.98 tracking (would have got the 1st $10UPs but Advil didn’t track a few weeks ago, remember?) and would love to get some of the Bengay to tip it over, but I didn’t get the coupons in my RP and redplum isn’t printing for me. When I tried a 3rd time to print it it said error print limit reached so I think whenever they fix the issue it will still not print for me because it thinks I already reached my limit of 2. I’m so bummed and hope this won’t be my last chance at the WW promo money!

  • Jess

    when does this Weekend Warriors deal end & is it a regional or a national thing?

    • Shannon

      national .. if you do a search on the blog, there are lots of posts covering it.

      • Jess

        oh ok…thank you!

  • iris

    the redplum’s bengay coupon is not printing…

  • Scott

    Didn’t anyone notice that the in-add coupon for the $2/1 Bengay was also a MFG coupon?

    • Shannon

      Its an RC coupon, can be combined.

      • Tammy Reed

        What does “RC” stand for? I only ask because the cashier at my local RIte Aid, is not one of my biggest fans and she always gives me a hard time, so I want to be prepared. Thanks

        • Shannon

          its what Rite Aid coupons start with.. RC48 and RC49

  • Darreena

    You can do the weekend warrier 2 times correct?

    • Shannon


  • melissah

    I know the WW promo was supposed to be a limit of 2, but either they increased it, or because of the issue they had with items tracking during the start of of the promo im working on my THIRD(the tylenol precise i bought for my first WW $UPR didnt track and I had to call rite aid aid and have them mail it to me). It showed my on my receipt today after my aleve purchase that I have a 2.98 balance towards a third WW promo.

    Today I bought 2 aleve 100ct (130 actually as they were bonus bottles) @ 8.99 each (10%disc), used $2 off one x2.
    got my second $10 upr from WW (had a $10 credit towards it already), PLUS $4 from this weeks promo- making them FREE!

    • Shannon


      Its a tracking issue I believe.

  • k

    Trish….your 10% plus up reward will only work on non sale items….I work for Rite Aid and when something is on sale, I don’t get my discount either.

    • Shannon

      This is not on sale.

  • Trish

    When I try to use my 10% off on sale items they never let me?

    • Shannon

      Trish, its not on sale.

    • Kathy

      I work for Rite Aid and it is the same as my discount…if something is on sale, no discount so your 10% up reward is the same.

      • Shannon


        Thats not entirely true. If an item is on sale for say 5% , the 10% discount prevails.

        This scenario there is no item on sale.

  • Tina Seymour

    my RP inserts are really starting to make me angry!! No Bengay q for me. And I havent done the WW deal yeat either because I keep missing out on all the good qs

    • Shannon

      Our “good” newspaper also has craptastic q’s as well. I buy the smaller paper for good redplum coupons.

      • Tina Seymour

        at least you have another option!! :) I could spend $2 and check out the NOLA paper, but I am too cheap lol … last time I did that they had worse qs than our local paper haha

  • darreena

    Im not understanding the 20% and 10% discounts can you help

    • Shannon


      with the wellness program, you earn discounts. Your card will have the discount on it when you reach those levels.

  • Sal

    I was hoping bengay was part of the WW! Only need to spend $5 more to complete my second WW! Thanks for sharing.

    • Shannon

      Nice Sal! This should get you there.