Rite Aid Coupon Matchups Preview for 7/3

Here are the  best Rite Aid coupon matchup deals for the week of 7/3 /11. Check back Saturday for all the matchups and deal scenarios.

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  • Juli

    Is there a limit for the John F Deal??

    • Nikki

      yes the limit for john frieda is 3

  • nesreen


    • Ashlie

      0701 1203 6100 2619 :)

      • nesreen

        thank u very much, i just got it . hope its still valid.

  • Sara

    Rite Aid’s SCR program is super easy. All you do is go online and sign up, then when you purchase something that qualifies you enter your recipt information online and it automatically knows what you purchased that qualifies. The only downside is you can only request ONE check per rebate period (monthly) so I usually wait until a few days after the end of the rebate period to make sure I have entered all my recipts with qualifiying products and then when you are ready all you do is go online and request your check. It says it takes 4-6 weeks but I have always received my checks within 2 weeks.

    Hope that helps!

    • carol

      Ty Sara, I live in Southern Cali so my ad sales start today & have some good Q’s for thecrest pro health products that are $4.99 -$4.50 scr, so i assume the final cost would be .49, but i have 3 $2/1 oral b tooth brush, making each a $1.51 MM. Cant i use all 3 Q’s & submit 3 SCR’S…… This rebate thing drives me nuts, just print out the RR’s !!!! Thx again

      • Sara

        Watch for limits on the SCR’s most of them only allow ONE. Make sure you pick up a rebate flyer and double check. I believe the Crest SCR is a limit of one.

  • carol

    Good Morning ladies, Could someone please tell me how rite aid’s SCR works? Im not a fan of mail in rebates, these companys take your money up front & then take for ever to get it back to you! Hopefully this isnt the case, sometimes i just wont buy a product, even if it is a MM, due to the M-I-R thing! Thx & love your site. :)

  • I just wanted to say that the VV starts with the same two numbers as the in ad coupons now, both are 49 and can’t be stacked. Not happy about that!

    also, there is a new Weis opening up by me in PA- holy sales, batman! so excited!

    • Erica

      But in the ad they had a scenario using the in ad coupon AND a video value so I don’t know what to think.

  • Michelle

    Maybe I’m dense but I don’t get the math on the venus razor.

  • jill

    i have a $2 off oral b pulsar manual toothbrush exp:7.31. i wonder if it was regional.

  • Diana B

    Thank you Shannon and Stephan! I’m going to do the Aveeno this week for the double dip, too!

  • Stephan

    The Proglide MANUAL razor will be a 0.03 MM if you have the 20% discount. It will be 8.97, 5 UPR and 4/1 mfc ! lol

    It is a good week to buy suncare/lotion since there is 5 UPR wyb 15 instead of BOGO or BOGO50%, so this way BOTH suncare items will count full price towards the 15 UPR wyb 50 suncare special! (I am missing 14.50, so I will take the double dip)
    Aveeno is “cheap” with the 1 VV, the 1.50/1 mfc and the 5 UPR, plus the 20% discount I get.

    NUTELLA is reasonably priced at 2.50, it is more expensive at the grocery store. Wish there was a mfc now! The VV page has a photo of Nutella on it, so hopefully they ad the VV later this week!
    For those of you who never tried Nutella…. DO IT! :) Soooo good!

    Charcoal is 25% off plus 1$ SCR, so it is cheaper than at home depot or most other stores!

    • Grace

      Nutella is like crack! LOL :) I also hope they put up a VV for it as my jar is starting to get low.

      • Stephan

        Just received the weekend ads, CHARCOAL is 7.69 at Home Depot for 2 PACKS, so 20 pounds for 7.69! Will now buy it there!

        Haha, yes Grace, NUTELLA is awesome. Very famous in Europe, not so much here…yet… If you wanna save, try the Nutella knockoff from ALDI, they had it 2 weeks ago for 99 cents. Tastes good as well. But they only have it from time to time I think.
        I could write so much about delicious cheap food and produce from ALDI… Best discounter ever! (and of course German) :)

  • Chris

    Wouldn’t the venus be 2.99? What am I missing?

  • jis

    since the ads don’t start until July, the coupons you mention that expire in June likely won’t be accepted.

    • Shannon


      some areas of the countrys ad actually start on Friday, so this is for their benefit.