Rite Aid: Check your Wellness Account for $5.00/$25.00

I just checked my Rite Aid Wellness Account and found a Rite Aid $5.00/$25.00 Coupon – it is valid only once, but I am very pleased to see it!

Let us know if you find one waiting for you!

P.S. Rite Aid deals are coming right up — running behind due to an unexpected nap today.. he he

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  • Jenny B

    I had an expired one under “My Messages” on the left.

  • brendandkev

    Does anyone know what level you have to be to get the $5/$25 coupons or any similar coupon? I get the feeling that you have to have spent x amount of money to get these offers.

    • Shannon


      I don’t think that is the case, I think it is a cycle of who gets what. If it were the $$, I would get every coupon. :)

  • nothing for me either… old expired coupons ??? come on Rite Aid.

  • Katie K

    Not yet, but I’ll keep checking :)

  • Donna Mc.

    I haven’t gotten any offers for weeks and only see this: “Thanks for visiting your wellness+ Dashboard! You’ve used all available offers at this time, please check back next week for new offers. Don’t forget to get your Flu Shot at Rite Aid, learn more at Riteaid.com/flu. For additional wellness+ member savings check out our weekly circular.”

  • yup, I only have the old coupons too. I will check again in the morning :)

  • Robyn Steen

    I got one! I am so excited! Loving Rite Aid :)

  • melissa

    I have a wellness account but cannot find where the coupon would even be. Where do I find them under my account? Thank you

    • Susie

      I am wondering the same thing.

  • Melissa

    Nothing, but will keep positive and check back!

  • cassie

    old ones still here :( Hope I get one, I have never had one in my wellness account that I have ever seen

  • Ann

    I had one in my account that I used this week. It rang up as .01 off but the cashier put it through for me!

  • Frieda

    Nothing for me but I just registered my wellness card which I had for a while! Did not know I had to do that! Not sure why can’t they consolidate their programs. You have to have a username and password for each one of them… or am I doing this wrong?! Video Values, Rebates and now Wellness Card…phew!

  • Kristen

    No $5/$25 for me yet, but I’ll keep checking…

  • Mel

    Mine says good through Dec 26. Guess mine haven’t been updated lately!

  • Katie

    I got one!

  • Lana Unger

    I only have the Natures Made vitamins and Childrens Advil. No $5/$25 for me :-(

  • Krissy

    I didn’t get one either :( I am newer to rite aid..maybe that’s why?

  • I still have the old offers nature bounty and thermacare. Hopefully everyone gets a $5/$25!!!!