Rite Aid: Cheap Revlon Lipstick & Updates

There is a new $5.00/1 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Wellness Coupon.

You also get a $4.00 UPR wyb $10 in Revlon Cosmetics.  They are Buy One, Get One 50% off.

Note: The UPR limit says ONE in the ad, so I would not try this twice if you don’t want to be out the four UPR.

The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick is $7.99

Buy (2) Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick $11.98
use $5.00/1 Revlon Coupon
Pay $6.98
Get $4.00 UPR
$2.98 after coupon & UPR

or you can do this:

Buy (1) Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick $7.99
Buy (1) Revlon Illuminace $3.25 (50% off price)

Total: $11.24
use $5.00/1 Rite Aid Coupon
Get $4.00 UPR
Get $1.00 SCR for buying eye product
$1.24 after coupon & UPR & SCR

Here are a couple quick notes from my trip:

1. For the Thanksgiving Pantry UPR, the Chicken Broth is ringing up with UPR discounts, because it is regularly priced at $1.00. So, if you have a 20% off, it is coming up at $.80 – making them 10 for $4.00.

2. My store had very little in stock for the 10 for $10.  I was disappointed with the selection.  They only had 2 Boxes of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate, totally messed up my plans!

3. Some areas got a $1.00/1 Aussie or Herbal Essence coupon.

4. My printable Colgate Toothbrush coupons beeped – she had to try them again.

5. The Blistex is printing 2 UPR instead of 1.

Otherwise, everything went as planned – no missing UPRs. If you have any updates, let us know.

You can see all this week’s deals here.

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  • Amber

    My Clairol Family Coupon beeped and wouldn’t be pushed through. Also, my blistex only printed one UPR. Still didn’t have to pay anything OOP but it stinks when the deals don’t work out the way I want them to!!

  • Kelly

    I did the Huggies deal five different times and all the UPs rolled. Wahoo! Blistex only generated 1 up for me when I bought two. boo!

  • Michele C

    Blistex is back to $1/2 not $1 for each.

  • Sheila

    I did NOT get (2) $1 +Ups on the Blistex, only 1 :(

  • Gwen

    I just made my trip today. Looks like the Blistex is fixed. Bought 2 and got $1 UPR as advertised.
    My cashier today (the same one as every day, she’s usually pleasant) gave me attitude about my Right Guard BOGO coupon today. She told me I couldn’t use it because the value was only up to $4.49 and the price was $4.69. I told her that was OK and just to credit me for $4.49 and I’d pay the .20. She said “that’s not how it works” and I just stood there trying to think. And in the end she threw her hands up and said “Fine. We don’t care here. They don’t teach us how to do it right, so I’m just going to take it.” She put it in for the full amount.
    I wasn’t intentionally mis-using the coupon; I just didn’t look at the price. It was weird. This cashier is always hesistant about my coupons, but this is the first time she’s said something. Weird.

    • sherrie

      When a coupon reads that way, they simply give you the highest amount allowed, in this instance it should have been $4.49. She would type in $4.49 and then write that on the coupon. I have used bogo coupons several times (esp at expensive stores like RA) where the value is higher than the coupon and that is what is done.

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  • Anna

    Just thought I would mention that the $1.50/1 Charmin coupon in the Rite Aid Flu Booklet also worked for the Charmin Basic TP that is on sale this week! The scanner accepted it without problems! Makes for an even better deal on TP!

  • Annie

    Just an idea on the Revlon make-up deal, when buying 2 items at BOGO50%…I think it would be legal to use the $5 wellness coupon on a super lustrous lipstick AND one of the $2VV coupons on the second item, as long as it meets the description on the coupon (one coupon per item). I don’t know the prices of these items, so not sure if it’s a great deal, but the 3 VV coupons I found from Oct & Nov are for $2 off Revlon PhotoReady makeup, Revlon Colorstay ultimate liquid lipcolor, and one for either. So, a good deal might be one Super Lustrous Lipstick (-$5 wellness) and a ColorStay lipcolor (-$2VV), and still get the $4 UPR. Does anyone know the prices on the liquid lipcolor?

    • Shannon


      The lipstick is $9.99 and you lose the $1.00 SCR — so it isnt as good of a deal, but if you need it, rather than eye makeup, then its still an ok deal.

  • I purchased the Tena pads, the Serenity Ultra Thins 42 ct to be exact – and 2 $3 UPR’s printed! I was so excited about that one!

  • I only got $.55 off and $.25 off coupons for the Blistex! Bummer. My Rite Aid was completely out of the pumpkin, so I’m going to see if Target or Wal-Mart will price match. The NyQuil +UP is at least 2, though….just an fyi.

  • carol

    I used a $1.00/2 blistex coupon and got 2 up rewards. On one package there was a .55 coupon. Is there a limit on the blistex?

  • Kandy

    Just FYI, I’m in Ohio, my mom bought the Duracell batteries and no UPR printed. They kindly fixed it after she went back.

    • Shannon


      thanks for the update Kandy.

  • Mary Taylor

    So why do the colgate coupons beep?

  • Diana

    My Colgate Video Values coupon beeped too and she said there was some bar code issue. I was thankful she pushed it though anyway.

  • jessica

    Anyone know the Huggies limit?

    • Angela

      I bought four today with no problem, I’m thinkin you can stock your changing table really really well if you want ;)

  • Melissa

    Could you please explain, why we can’t use 2 coupons of $5?

    • Shannon


      Coupon says one per customer, — this is why the $5/$25 got pulled because of people using tons of copies.

  • aurora sek

    I got 3 ups for the huggies, 2 little movers and 1 pull-up, and 2 ups for the aussies so far….anyone know the limit yet the shampoo?

    • Shannon

      @aurora sek,

      Highest I have heard is 11

    • jessica

      @aurora sek, Read on another site that someone purchased 16 shampoos! Looks unlimited.

      • aurora sek

        thanks guys guess I’ll be heading back there tomorrow to get some more :)

  • Jean

    My $4 did not print on the 10 for 10 I bought 3 Carnation milk, 2 GG corn, 1 GG green bean and 4 of the RA cream of chicken soup. The only thing I could figure was that the soup rang up at .80 not making it $10? Guess I will be calling on Monday. Also, back in September when they had the 10 UPR off of the airwick which I did not receive I called and still have not received it. How long does it take?

    • Shannon


      Mine printed with the $.80 Stock , so its not that. The only thing you purchased different than me is the soup – maybe that was the problem.

    • Rose

      Jean, my $10 UPs for Air Wick didn’t print either. I called the CS but still haven’t got mine in the mail too. What a bummer.

  • Ann

    My Colgate coupon also beeped! The manager told the cashier to just put it through. For those who have issues at Rite Aid, I shop on Sundays in Danville, PA with my favorite manager, Nate. He is awesome about the coupons, quick to fix any issues, and not bad to look at either!

    • Shannon


      Good to know Ann. Every summer we head up to Danville – we go to the drive ins and Knoebels. We stay at the Pine Barn — so next summer I will be able to get my rite aid fix !

      • Ann

        @Shannon, I love the drive-in. Can’t beat the price and they have some good food!

  • Thanks! Heading out tomorrow morning!

  • yulean

    Can I use 2 coupons of $5 lipstick? that would make the deal even better!

  • The Herbal Essence is printing multiple +UPs. I purchased 4 and got (4) $2 +UP Rewards. I used the $2/1 Any Clairol family Coupon from the 10/31 PG(Herbal Essence should be included in this) for each making each one a $1.01 money-maker. My coupon did beep but the cashier pushed it thru so it depends on your cashier whether they take it or not. If the cashier doesn’t take this $2/1 coupon, you could always use the $1/1 or $.50/1 Herbal Essence coupon from today.