Rite Aid Ad Preview Week of 5/1/11


Preliminary Rite Aid Deals Week of 5/1/11

Here are your preliminary Rite Aid Deals and Coupon Matchups for 5/1/11. You can see the list of May Video Values here.

If you are checking in after Saturday, be sure to visit here for all the up to date deals.  If you are new to Rite Aid, check out the Rite Aid 101 here.

Items marked with a  are items I consider to be at or close to my buy price.

*You can read up on the latest info on the Weekend Warrior UPR here.

*This week there is a $12 Allure Rebate available when you buy $25 worth of P&G Products.

*There is a double dip on Benadryl and Zyrtec.

Get all of this week’s Rite Aid Coupon Matchups 5/1/11

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  • Stephan

    The amount that I pay with coupons always counts, plus the amount of cash counts as well. Everything I pay with UPR does NOT count.

    With the actual trip from today I definitely hit the 1000 points! And I made 10$ today, so I spent less than 10$ total to get my 1000 points!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!

  • Chrizzy

    I have tried to show the clerks that the coupon is more than the product and they need to adjust it down. The cashiers were told in my store not to manually enter any coupons..period. If it goes threw it goes threw. So I will pick up another item to make up the difference. The shift manager really gave me the attitude that I don’t know more than them….so I use the overage on other things. I no longer say anything.

  • Kathy

    I don’t point it out either. I’m afraid of opening a can of worms. I did point it out one time for them to mark the coupon down .01 cent, and got a lecture that it was fraud and that I should buy something worth more than the coupon etc. It really wasn’t worth it to me. :(

    I was very offended by the coupon fraud thing too.

  • Stephan

    Yes Jess, technically you are right. If they adjust the coupon down they will still get the full amount from the manufacturer, so they make money with it.
    That is why I sometimes don’t even bother telling them. I consider that sharing the wealth ;) The only time I always tell them is when there is a max value for a bogo mfc for example.

  • Jess

    Thanks, Yes, it helped but I have a question. Then doesn’t it become a money maker in a way for Rite Aid because they are getting reimbursed for the entire coupon amount? I will from now on inform my cashier that they should adjust the coupon down though just to be sure I”m doing it right.

    • Shannon


      It is just their policy to not give overage as it is most stores.

  • Stephan

    Not really relating to this weeks sale, but I received my L’Oreal Youth code 10$ MIR today from the awesome 8$ MM 2 month ago! Was thrilled when I found it in the mailbox! So good they also valued the 29.99 instead of 30.00. Thanks L’Oreal!
    (965-ish points and now down to 19.52 total OOP) WOOHOO

    Sorry, just had to share! :)

    • Marissa

      I am at my Rite Aid at least once or twice a week and check out with tons of manufacturers coupons and I have the 20% status from last year but somehow my total is only at $350 or so toward my discount and i KNOW I have “purchased” much more worth of products than that. Is my counter messed up? Are they counting before or after coupons/UPR? aparently not if you have almost 1000 points and only under $20 oop! hmm

  • Jess

    I have a question. Rite Aid’s coupon policy says there is no coupon overage, but last week I saw clearance Clairol Hair Color for $1.74 each. I had a Clairol coupon for $5 off 2 Clairol Hair Colors. I bought the 2 Clairols and Milk. My receipt shows that the entire $5 off coupon was applied. Is this just something weird my Rite Aid does that is against their policy? I usually checkout the clearance section to see if there is anything on it that I have a coupon for that is higher than the price to get better deals. Or when they say coupon overage do they just mean they don’t give you money back. Is this just a YMMV for my area?

    • Stephan

      The overage you mentioned is against their policy, but often the cashiers don’t realize this or don’t care. If you buy an item for 1$ but you have a 2$ coupon, the coupon should be marked down to 1$ to avoid overage. Happens to me all the time when I get stuff from the clearance section.
      It is different for UPR or SCR deals. If your item costs 5$, and you have a 5$ coupon, plus you get lets say 3$ UPR or SCR you are fine. The coupon value just mustn’t exceed the value of the item as it appears in the register.
      Hope that helped you a little ;)

    • angelia

      I had the same thing happen with my Physicians Formula deal this week…
      I guess it depends on who’s ringing you up :/
      I dont want to do things the wrong way though so do you think i should say something to them?