Rite Aid: $.99 Sharpie Markers {No Coupons}

Rite Aid: $.99 Sharpie Markers

Here is another monthly deal at Rite Aid! There is a $4.00 UPR wyb select Sharpies. In addition, Sharpies are Buy One, Get One Free this week. There are also bonus packs that include 8 free markers.


Buy (2) Sharpie Markers $9.99  (BOGO)
Get (2) $4.00 UPR
$1.99 after UPR

Note: This is a January Monthly UPR and may overlap with the Pentel Deal posted here.  My store did not have a limit posted. I have done 4 of these deals MTD. UPC 07164130217.

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  • Dan

    I did this deal once
    How many other times can I do this?
    And do they have to be in different transaction ?

  • Joella

    Thanks! I got several sets of the 8packs of sharpies & 4 2 packs. I got the $4 UPR for all the Sharpie sets and all 4 $2 UPR for the 2packs! I just wish my RA had the bonus packs on the 8packs! :)

    • We Coupon

      How many were you able to buy? I’m trying to find out if there’s a limit for the 8 packs…no one seems to know. lol TIA

      • Joella

        I bought 6 total… 2 in my first transaction and when it worked I went back and got 4 more. I remembered Monique’s comment below that she was able to buy 8. I bought 1 pack of the ultra fine (only 1 was left and it was actually marked with the $4 rebate tag) and 5 packs of the regular fine (these were not marked, but I wanted to try it). They were the 8 count rainbow packs and they were not the bonus packs I’ve heard mentioned. My store did not have any of the bonus packs.

  • Ashley

    I just bought two of the fat sharpies (2 packs) for $3.19. Wasted $2 UPR I already had and did not get a single up reward. I wish the details had been more specific on what was included. I assumed since these were BOGO and were $3.19 and that’s the scenario you described, they would give me the UPR.

    • For the Mommas

      Ashley, I included the UPC code – did you buy that UPC? I don’t know how much more specific I can be than UPC code ?

    • For the Mommas

      Ashley the deal is listed as this. This specifically said Fine Point and a UPC. Perhaps you can return them.

      Buy (2) Sharpie Markers Fine Point 2pk.$3.19 each
      Buy one, get one free
      Pay $3.19
      Get (2) $2.00 UPR
      Free after UPR
      Note: Look for Sharpie Fine Print with UPC Code 071641301627

      • Anonymous

        The picture of the deal for the two pack actually shows the ULTRA fine point. Maybe that’s the problem???

        • Anonymous

          We should all know at this point that pictures are just an example. Just like we have to explain to cashiers about some coupons. She listed the UPC which means that product has been tested and works. It helps to read the whole post before you react… It cannot be made any simpler than how it is laid out in blog format.

  • Monique

    I bought 8 packages of these today and received $32 in +Ups – $4 each. My store did not list a limit for this reward. I also did the Artskills +Up reward in the same transaction for other Sharpie markers (and received it), so that does not affect this one. Good for putting aside for school next year or donating to your teachers!

  • Ann Horner

    I went and bought 2 packs of these and only recieved 1 +up reward. Was it stated somewhere that you are to recieve 2?

    • For the Mommas

      Ann, did you do any of the Pentel/Pens UPR this month? I have done a total combined FOUR and received the UPR.

  • Mindy

    I also read this on another website and is comletely confused …lol

    There is an unadvertised monthly +Up Reward at Rite Aid with the purchase of select Art Skills or Sanford products. Certain Sharpie markers are included, and they happen to be buy one get one free this week! Buy two and pay $3.19, and receive two $2.00 +Up Rewards! This is the same monthly +Up Reward promotion as the better-than-free Art Skills marker, so remember that the limit for both of these offers together is four. Also, these Sharpie markers are tagged as part of the bonus $50.00 +Up Reward promotion going on this month at Rite Aid!

    Buy 2 Sharpie Fine Black Markers, 2 ct $3.19, regular price
    Buy One Get One Free through 1/12
    Buy 1, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward through 1/26, Limit 4
    Pay $3.19, Receive two $2.00 +Up Rewards
    Final Price: $0.81 Moneymaker, when you buy 2

    • Mindy

      they seem to thing the artskills is linked to shaprie deal and it is a 2 u rewards.

    • For the Mommas

      different UPR.

  • Mindy

    where do you find the monthly up reward info at?

    • For the Mommas

      In store :) There is no official list on Rite Aid’s website or instores. I post them each month as they come up.