Rite Aid: $3.00/$15.00 Survey Coupon Issue

If you are using a $3.00/$15.00 Survey Coupon, several of you have let me know that the coupon is causing issues.  Once the cashier scans the coupon, the register is not allowing the +UP Reward  to be scanned.  I am going to Rite Aid in a few minutes to try it myself.

I am not sure that this is happening everywhere, but just a heads up. If any of you use a $3.00/$15.00 coupon, let us know how you make out.

Thanks, Lisa and Megan

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  • Teena

    The girls at the Folkston Ga rite aid are all helpful.
    Smiles all the time!

  • melissah

    So when I went shopping today the cashier asked me BEFORE I started in I had a $3 off survey coupon (they know me really well and how I shop). She told me they are having alot of problems and are aware. She also told me that if you do the surveys online, they are NOT PRINTING. She advised me that if this happens, you should call RA. She said this happened to a previous customer- who was told by RA to bring in his ORIGNAL RECEIPT that had the survey on it, bring it to the store, and the store is to give you $3 off (just by showing the survey). Hope that helps some people who are having issues. Im thinking they are not printing right now because they are trying to fix some sort of glith/problem they had earlier this week- the one that was requiring ppl to spend more when they used the Q (even though you met the $15 criteria)

  • Tracey

    Hi Shannon. Just an FYI to you and your readers: I have two receipts with survey numbers that I needed to take, so I took the first survey and got to the end and all it did was thank me for my time…no coupon. I haven’t taken one in months, so I knew I wasn’t over the three per month limit. Anyway, I called customer service and they informed me that the site is having technical difficulties and that they don’t see the site working for at least another week or so, so they are mailing out $3 gift cards to customers instead of issuing coupons. So, if you have any survey codes, call customer service, give them the info and they will mail you $3 for each survey code you have…up to 3. Hope that helps. Thanks for all you do!

  • Deb

    Today I completed the survey online and it did not give me a coupon to print out. I chatted with a customer service person and she said they are working on the survey problem and she would send me a $3 gift card. You may want to hold off completing your surveys.

  • Ruth

    From one of the comments here, they are enforcing the fact that the $3.00 off 15.00 has to be after coupons. So that is another change but we can adjust to it.

  • Ruth

    I had the same problem and the manager put it through. It is probably another change that will drive away more customers. The coupon has be used when one reaches 15.00 after coupons. I will try it again today and have the 3.00 coupon scanned last. Rite Aid used to be my best store to get good deals, now it is the worst. I’m basically done coupon shopping there and I will go there only when there is a good deal. Last week, I was told that I could only do 4 transactions a day and I told them that wouldn’t affect me since I’m hardly there. This was at my favorite Rite Aid where I used to shop without any issues at all. The cashier actually took pleasure in telling me that the district manager made the changes. I also told her that those changes wouldn’t affect me because I do most of my shopping at CVS and Walgreens.

  • Dizzy Mommy

    I had this issue yesterday at my Rite Aid, although my manager said he believes it just has to do with Rite Aid coupons. In other words UP rewards are considered Rite Aid coupons just like the Video Value and Survey. He thinks the survey might be after all UP rewards have been used. Im not sure I agree with him but who knows at this point. Lately where I am outside Detroit my CVS seems to be alot eaiser to deal with then Rite Aid and it used to be Rite Aid who always was the better store.

  • Lily

    You know… we (including myself) complain so much where there is a little problem. But we never sit down and think how much good deals we have gotten out of RA. A little patience may be necessary and be grateful. Sorry for the lecture, but sometimes we take things for granted. Enjoy your week everyone!

  • Jason p.

    Since last week, my local rite aid has beeps every single Internet coupon I have given them, luckily on both trips I had a nice cashier who pushed them through… Waiting for an answer from rite aid regarding that though…

  • Melissa

    Twice in a row now I tried to use my story survey coupon and both times I was told that they have to scan it LAST, so the total AFTER coupons and +Up Rewards has to equal or exceed $15. The 2nd time I had the printed (most recently updated) coupon policy with my on which I had hi-lited where it clearly states that it needs to equal or exceed $15 BEFORE any coupons are applied. She read it and said that’s not what she was told so she wasn’t going to do it.

    I agree with the person above who said it’s understandable to require the stated amount AFTER coupons, but until or unless their store coupon policy states that, the cashiers need to honor what the policy says NOW.

  • Jenna

    Thank you Shannon, for posting about this.

  • Jenna

    Hallelujah! I have been so frustrated trying to figure all of this out! It has taken forever to check out and driving me nuts! So I’m relieved to see it isn’t just me- I was beginning to think it was attached to my card or something, lol. And since corp has been so strict on cashiers lately, my store yesterday wouldn’t push any of my ups through… even when my balance was way over the UPR I was trying to use. For a $1.50 UPR it told me I need to purchase $8.54 more in merchandise! Crazy! My video values coupons are also having issues. Yesterday, the mgr remedied the situation by adding a $10 toy from the toy aisle, scanned all my UPR, then at the end before paying, took the toy off my transaction… worked fine that way…my store today just entered them in manually (thankfully) because they have been hesitant to do that lately, but because they know me (and it made no sense) they did, and I had the strict cashier! I am calling customer service tomorrow, hope they can clear this up soon- or I may be quitting RA altogether with their lack of deals, problems with coupons and customer service, it isn’t seeming worth my time anymore :( And RA used to be my favorite store to shop at… now I’m at CVS and Wags more… (And I never thought I’d say that!!)

  • Karen

    I had problems after using a $3/$15 Saturday evening — the cashier and the manager couldn’t figure it out and had heard nothing about any policy changes. But I did read on one of the coupon boards that Rite Aid had done a computer upgrade on Friday — so this might be a glitch from that. The amount that the register said I owed would have made my total more than $17 so I’m not sure how the amount needed was decided. I’m holding off on shopping at Rite Aid until I hear more about the problem, even though the staff at my Rite Aid are great and pushed the coupons through manually.

  • tefa

    even without the $3/$15 some of the UPS do not scan they just manually put tyoe the numbers in….

  • Mary

    Yesterday I used my $3.00/$15.00 coup and it would not let the cashier scan my $1.00 Video Value Pharmacy discount. I had a great cashier who had put it through manually even though he had a difficult time trying to do so. Wow, still get great deals when I go to my Rite Aid in NY.

  • amy

    I haven’t gotten any 3 off 15 in a month or two, i thought they were done. is it regional??

  • sandra

    I have been having the same problem with the $3/$15 coup.also. It happened today with the sunglasses deal. Cashier said i had to purchase another item for 1.03. So I bought gum. Then it wouldnt take my up reward so the manager had to force it through.

  • Christie

    Rite Aid is “supposedly” in huge financial trouble….and I sadly can see why when the customer service is as bad as it is….at least in the SE. I was told by a cashier today that she had heard walmart may buy rite-aid….that will be interesting to see…if that happens there will probably be no good deals! :(

  • Brooke

    Used mine 5 days ago with several UPs and had no problem. The only thing they disallowed was my10% coupon that I had received on a previous receipt for reaching a Wellness member milestone, but I didn’t care because I was in MM territory at this point and was told I had the entire month to use the 10% coupon.

  • Janet

    My understanding is that only 3 surveys a month and supposedly that’s not a calendar month. So it sounds like I shouldn’t waste time doing those surveys if I’m going to get screwed at the register because of all my UP rewards…I guess that I could just buy bottled water. At $2.39 a case its ok…

  • Apryl Barnes

    This very thing just happened to me at my Rite Aid!! The cashier and I were so puzzled. She just entered them manually. Hope it gets fixed soon!

  • christine

    I have been having alot of trouble here w/ the survey site even letting me fill out a survey. It seems after I have done 2 for the month it won’t let me do anymore the rest of the month, I have reached my monthly limit. I remember in past months I have been able to fill out 5-6, one from every visit I made. Is anyone having a similar problem? Any ideas?

    • Tedi

      I had the same problem as Christine. I used two survey coupons earlier in the month. When I entered the code for another one two days ago the website told me that I had reached my limit for the month and didn’t let me complete the survey.

  • genie

    Same problem in Georgia. Cashier had to enter manually.

  • kellyp

    I had success at Rite Aid, however I always have problems at CVS when I go there so I usually do better at Rite Aid. I guess it’s just different everywhere.

  • I just noticed that my $3 off $15 convert to 0 on my receipt. I will need to go back to the store to have them correct the error. Yesterday, when my total was down to $3 it would not accept any more UP.

  • Jen

    Thank you for posting this. I went to Rite Aid yesterday because I had $19 in UPR that were going to expire yesterday and the same thing happened. I gave my survey coupon first, my manufacturer coupons and then all of my UPS. My subtotal was 12.40 and with tax my total was 15.60. My last $5 UP did not scan and the cashier said the register said I needed 2.60 to reach my goal and use the UP. This cashier is my FAVORITE because he always knows the sale, matching UPS to the product and has no problem with my coupons. Since I trusted him, I figure the new policy with the survey is that your subtotal need snack size Goldfish crackers. He scanned 3 of those, scanned my UP and it came off with no problem. Rite Aid has been generous with the survey coupons so I can’t complain.

    • Jen

      Some of my comments must have deleted but I meant to say that the subtotal needs to be $15 in order for the survey to be redeemed. I brought snack size Goldfish crackers so I can use my survey coupon and UP reward.

      • Shannon


        Thanks for the update — comments sometimes take a little to show up.

  • Amber

    Yup- same problem here. I tried to use my 3/15 survey coupon yesterday and it said I needed to purchase $4 in items. I ran back and got milk and water. I plan on calling customer service on Monday to complain as my total was over $10 and shouldn’t have beeped. Annoyed!!!!!

  • Liza

    Out of curiosity, I just looked at the “fine print” on the survey coupon I printed out today, and there is nothing on it indicating the rules of use have been changed. Maybe this is just a temporary setback?

  • J

    I used a survey q today, then scanned a bunch of mq’s & RAq’s and ended up not having a enough balance remaining to use my high value UP anyway, so it didn’t really apply to this situation. But I did ask the cashier if she had noticed any issues and she said that she had not….take that for what it’s worth.

    Sounds like their policy changed again and they put the cart before the horse updating the registers before the managers, employees and customers. It isn’t a bad thing to require the $15 net q & discount, but, Hello? Rite Aid, we’d like to know this stuff before being stuck at the register holding up the line.

  • Katy

    Yesterday, the register told the clerk that $1.52 more was needed in order to proccess the $4 +Up. My total was still going to be $10 after the UP. The clerk had the manager put it through.

  • Laeyoung

    It happened to me too. It looks like starting today, Survey coupon $15 will be after coupons.(not sure just store or both store/mf coupons) or maybe it’s just the register issue?? At first, she scanned the other coupons and my total was about $9 when she scanned the survey coupon and it beeped saying it requires $6 or more. My cashier was so nice and voided the transaction and scanned the survey coupon first and then all other coupons, it worked but when my total was down to $5.46 before tax when she scanned my $5 up, it said it requires $11 something more again so it looks like the survey coupon issue but not sure. My store was so nice and took my up anyways but they didn’t know if there was a change.

    • Liza

      This is what it looks like to me, after reading all of these replies. Looks like they are in the process of making it $3 off $15 after all coupons and UPs. Bummer! Yeah, we had a good thing going there. :(

      • Stephan

        Hi, it is not an “after coupon” issue. I got stuff for 16$, did not use any coupons and the 3/15 would scan, but then I couldn’t use UPR. I don’t consider UPR “coupons”…

  • Amy

    I didn’t have this issue last night but I did have an issue with the 3 off 15. I was at 16 and the cashier told me I had to spend 2 more dollars. I don’t know why.

    • Deb Withee

      I had the same problem. Used a 3 off 15 on a $15 order. Used two .50 coupons and then the $2 UP wouldn’t scan. The cashier said the register was asking for $3 more in merchandise to be purchased and he was concerned that if we didn’t use the UP he had scanned that it would not work for me in the future. I had to purchase $3 worth of items in order to get it resolved.

  • Julie2

    I had this happen to me too last night. My wonderful cashier was so upset for me, she wanted to throw the scanner gun.

  • Nicole R

    I was at Rite Aid earlier in the week, no problems. I stopped in on Friday and the register had a fit. I had 2 transactions, I use $3/$15 on both orders plus +up coupons. It wouldn’t take the up coupons, and when she tried to run them through on the 2nd order it said coupon was already used, so I had them call a manager and they manually put in all of my up coupons.

  • Millie

    I have used my $3 off $15 purchase in combination with the UP rewards and have had no problem.

    • Shannon

      Millie, normally its not a problem, right now the registers are having some issues.

  • jennifer

    I had an issue today with using the $3/$15 coupon and the sunglasses deal. The cashier first scanned my $3 off 415 coupon then tried the $5 Foster Grant sunglasses coupon and it said need to purchase $4 additional then tried to scan the $5 Style Science sunglasses coupon and that one said same thing. So we voided the transaction and only ended up getting the two sunglasses and the Manager forced both $5 coupons through and a $1 Wellness Video Values through. So only paid .80 cents for two kids sunglasses and got back 2 $2 UP rewards for the Sunglasses. Moneymaker! If the survey coupon would have worked would have also gotten a free gallon of milk.

  • Tabatha

    Ya know its unfortunate that Rite Aid is forever pushing their loyal customers away! They are making it harder and harder while CVS and Walgreens are just flourishing with new customers who are tired of Rite Aid. So sad and I liked Rite Aid! lol

  • Ana

    Last night my survey coupon scanned fine, but after she scanned my up rewards, the value of the survey coupon went down to 0! The manager had to enter it manually.

  • Sakin Amber

    Yes. It happened to me yesterday. I used $3 coupons and UP reward. Up reward did not scan. Thank God It was only 1 $2 up. They did not do manually so that I had to pay. Everyday we experience different thing at Rite-Aid in a negative way. Hope it will end soon.

  • Cheryl

    I wonder if that’s what happened to me yesterday. The cashier manually entered all my ups.

  • LP

    Last week I used mine without any problems. I did 3 transactions using up rewards and had 2 survey coupons for the first two transactions. The cashier did scan the survey coupon first and then my coupons and then the up rewards. Hope it works for you today!

  • jenny

    good customer service

  • James

    I used a $3.00 off $15.00 yesterday and my $5.00 UP+ did not scan; the cashier had to enter it in mannually and then get approval.