Rite Aid: $.25 Trouser Socks

This is the third week in a row I am writing about socks at Rite Aid. Weird.

So here is another deal this week on socks. There is a $5.00 UPR when you buy 2 of Legg’s or Hanes Socks, Tights & Hose.  They are also Buy One, Get One 50% off.

Here is your deal:

Buy (2) Microfiber Trouser Socks $5.54
Pay $5.54
Get $5.00 UPR
$.27 each after UPR

Limit 3 Offers.

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  • Jen

    I emailed customer service about changing my prefrences and they were actually VERY helpful and fast.

  • diana c.

    i finally went to get sock today and paid 5.76 on 2 packs of socks then got bck the 5.00 upr so .76 cnts is awesome for 4 pairs :) (i pk came with 1 pr the other pack came with 3)

  • Kathy

    Is this the same UPR from last week? So if I did it once last week I can do 2 more times? Thanks!

    • Kathy

      ok, just did it 3 x’s. It’s different than last week. JIC anyone else was interested.

  • Diana

    I went to rite Aid today and when I was done with my purchase I noticed they used my UPR without asking me so I ask them to put them back they said it takes it out automatically but I can chose for next time to either have a printout or Load 2 card they then scanned my card and changed the preferences so now I get the print out again but couldn’t get it back on my card cause I my transaction was done but now I don’t have load 2 card So now I can go back to stacking my UPR’s