My Rite Aid Trip = Free

I headed out to Rite Aid with a plan. However, I ended up going to a different store with different prices, so I had to do an audible.(football reference).  Yes, I literally stand in the store talking to myself. I asked if I could use two in ad coupons – they said yes, just had to do two transactions.  I also have a 20% discount that applies to the Bengay and Visine.

So here is what I did:

(2) Bengay $5.19 (with discount)
(2) Visine $4.39 (with discount)
(1) Thermacare $3.00
(2) Stayfree $5.00
(4) Reach Floss $6.86
Total $34.02
used  (2) $2.00/1 Printable BenGay Coupons
used (2) $2.00/1 Printable Visine Coupons
used (2) $1.00/1 Printable Stayfree Coupons
used (4) $1.00/1 Printable Reach Floss Coupons

used (2) in ad Visine $2.00/1
used (2) in ad Ben Gay $2.00/1
used (1) in ad Stayfree $1.00/2
Total after coupons $11.02
Got Back $10.00 J&J UPR
Got Back $3.00 Thermacare

So this ended up being free!

I also added another $30 to Resolution Rewards - which I didn’t get last week due to the Vanilla Visa issue.

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  • there’s a $1/1 M&M coupon in the new All You – if your rite aid still has christmas candy that = free!

  • Melissa

    I had a GREAT trip today!

    J&J promo: (I did this in 2 transactions to take advantage of in-ad coupons)
    (2) Bengay – $4.79ea w/ 20% disc.
    (2) Visine – $4.23ea w/ 20% disc.
    (2) Stayfree – 2/$5
    (2) o.b. tampons – 2/$5
    (2) Reach floss – 1.99 bogo50% = 2.98
    Subtotal: $31.01 (33.97w/ tax)(yeah, we have 9.5% sales tax!)
    -(2) $2/1 Bengay in-ad
    -(2) $2/1 Bengay SS 1/8
    -(2) $2/1 Visine in-ad
    -(2) $2/1 Visine SS 1/8
    -(1) BOGO Stayfree SS 1/8
    -(1) 0.50/1 Stayfree peelie (score! since i didn’t print the $1/1 in time)
    -(1) $1/2 Stayfree in-ad
    -(2) $2/1 o.b. printable
    -(1) $1/2 o.b. in-ad
    -(2) $1/1 Reach floss printable
    Paid after coupons: $6.97
    Get: $10 UPR!
    $3.03 moneymaker AFTER tax!
    I also got the Thermacare for 0.29 tax after UPR
    And I had to purchase Abreva (I was an idiot and didn’t get it a couple weeks back when it was REALLY on sale) but it wasn’t too bad:
    Abreva – 17.99reg – $14.39 after 20% disc.
    -$2/1 printable from
    Get $2 SCR
    Final Price: 10.39! (42% savings!)

    In the end, for everything, I will pay: $7.65

  • Heather

    I confused a bit…and new to shopping at Rite Aid.
    How did you use (2) in ad coupons when the coupons have printed on them “Limit one per customer”?

    • deb

      Multiple transactions. Some stores don’t care about using two in one transaction, but I think a manager has to override it…?

      • Heather

        Thank you so much! I thought they may track it on your card sInce it says per customer, not per transaction.

  • Maria

    I got a $3 upr when I purchased my visine… Was unexpected.

    • deb

      was that all you bought? What kind of visine? I have like $2 ups at RA and am trying to maximize on this weeks deals!!! Thanks.

      • Maria

        The one for soft contacts

      • Heather

        It’s a coupon for $3.00 off Centrim Vision. Its not an upr. I got the same thing and thought it was as well.

  • Maria

    I got a $3 upr when I purchased my visine… Was unexpected

  • Shelley

    Your comment about standing in the store talking to yourself cracks me up. I do that all the time too when I have to do some on the spot deal adjustments :)

  • Lydia

    Do you need to purchase all of the J&J products in one purchase to get the $10 UPR? Or can it be split between several purchases? Thanks!

  • Adam

    Is any of the Rite Aids More than 50% Off on Christmas yet?

    • Shannon

      yeah mine was at 75%

    • Grace

      Mine was 75% off everything except the gift sets

  • rachel

    I am kind of confused o nthe 20 up for resolution rewards. It is keeping track on any of my reciets. Today I bought 4 ob 2 stayfree 2 bengay 2 visine clearance candy jandj vapor bath thermacare no total for the resolution rewards also last week I bought two toothbrushes on it? Do I need to enter my info online or something? I got my 10 up today rolled a previous ten paid 2.45 which was tax pleased started with 10 in up now i am at 13

    • deb

      have them scan your card before ringing items?

  • ashley

    what i got today:

    1 J&J babywash 3.99
    1 bengay 5.99
    1 visine 5.29
    4 ob tampons 4×2.50 = 10
    2 stayfree pads 2×2.50 = 5
    1 thermacare 3.00

    -$2 bengay manf Q printable
    -$2 benagy riteaid Q in ad
    -$2 visine manf Q printable
    -$2 visine riteaid Q in ad
    -$2 x 4 ob manf Q printable
    -$1/2 ob riteaid Q in ad
    -$1 J&J baby wash 1/8ss
    -$2.50 Stayfree B1G1 manf Q 1/8ss

    got $10 j&j UPR
    got $3 thermacare UPR

    $33.27 – $20.50 Q – $13UPR = free

  • rite aid

  • thanks for the info planning my rite trip for monday

  • Elda Mendoza-Mirabella via Facebook

    ;( no rite aid here in lv….

  • Megan

    The Aveeno Baby is NOT working with this UP rewards. I got so annoyed at the store, I just left with my stuff because the mgr was not helping. I finally figured it out when I got home. I am headed to the store now to return these and get something else.

    • Rajani

      I bought $30.29 value of aveeno products before coupons and after coupons it is showing $21.29, but still I did not get $10 up reward. Is that before coupon or after coupons should be $30? Also at the end of the receipt my total resolution points show as $30 but the other $30 visine/viactive $10+up total is $8 only :(
      Not sure what is happening. I called customer service and they are mentioning that $30 should be after coupons.

      I bought 2 Aveeno lotion
      3 aveeno baby wash & shampoo
      1 Aveeno cleanser

      Please let me know if any one have suggestions on this.

      Thanks in advance.

      • Megan

        It is the Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo. It is not included in the sale. That is the exact same problem I had. Once I returned those items and bought something else, my $10 printed.

  • Grace

    I also had a great trip at my Rite Aid today. I got to my $20 UP. I ended up spending around $10 OOP this whole month so far. I started with $6 in UPS and now I have $31 in UPS. And that included 6 newspapers. I just kept rolling my ups. Now hoping for some good sales next few weeks to keep rolling my UPS.

  • Thank you so much; I will head out to Rite Aid after church.