Look Ahead: Free Veet At Rite Aid

Ok, my hairy friends, Rite Aid is giving us more free Veet.

Starting next week, 6/26, here is your deal:

Veet PSA $4.99 (wax strips)
use $2.00/1 printable Veet Coupon
use $2.00/1 in ad coupon
Get $1.00 UPR
Free after coupons & UPR

*If you have a discount, your deal will be even better.

See this week’s Rite Aid Deals here.

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  • I for one, LOVE free/cheap Veet! We are a very “hair free” house hold (BF is a body builder, so for competitions hair is a no-no).

    Here in NY the smaller tubes are $7.99, and the pump is $9.99, so the combined coupons makes them about 1/2 off. Still good in my book though!

    (though Im jealous of anyone who gets it for free, to be honest. I do have coupon envy on things we use a lot of, I can’t help it!)

    Thanks for the great deals, as always, Shannon!

    • Shannon

      he he hair is a no-go. Funny.

  • Grace

    Did you see some of the UP deals for next week? Nivea $40UP when you buy $100 worth of stuff. $20UP you you buy $100 Sally Hansen …. LOL what is going on with Rite Aid? I don’t think my store even has $100 worth of Sally stuff to begin with. I can’t imagine a few people doing the same deal for that at one store. And what a tease with all the BOGO sales next week with the coupon policy changed.

    I’m not really complaining, but just making note of some changes. I hope they still come up with other good deals.

    • Shannon

      Who needs $100 worth of Nivea and my question is what rite aid has $100 worth in stock at a time. Dont kid yourself rite aid.

  • Stephan

    FYI, I just bought the Frappucchino 4-pack at RA for 4.99 and was supposed to get 1 UP, but I got 2 UP instead (must be messed up, the UPR said 12pack pepsi coke)! Making it 2.99 only without rebate (I have 20% so I got it for 4.79 and 2 UP)

  • Nadya

    I’ve used the face strips in the nether-regions, and the adhesive is just not strong enough :-P . I think they’re really only suitable for upper lip usage, as the strips don’t allow for much shaping of the eyebrows. This is unfortunate, since we probably have so many of these things now. If I can’t find another use, they will go in the donate pile.

  • Melissa S

    lol @ hairy friends….you crack me up!

  • Michelle

    My Rite Aid store still hasn’t restocked the wax strips since the last time it was on sale! So annoying!! I wish they’d get with it!

  • melissa

    Well, we’re certainly not hairy anymore! Not with all the free Veet they’ve been giving us!

  • Grace

    OMG Seriously more Veet?

    • Shannon

      I . KNOW. RIGHT.

    • Janice

      At least it’s not KY :-)

      • Nadya

        I could use the KY though- for it’s stated usage, or in places where I would normally use WD40. Wax strips- maybe we could use these to catch flies? IDK

      • Shannon


  • Um..wax strips? I’m to rip my own hair out by the roots? Sounds…free. I’ll give it a shot.

    • Shannon

      LOL they work ok. I wouldn’t use it on your head though :P They are for like eyebrows or lips.

  • wags

    also a $2 coupon (MFR) on adperk.com !!