Hot: $20 UPR wyb $100 at Select Rite Aid

I woke up to this email and literally squealed.

Select Rite Aids are offering a $20 UPR wyb $100 worth of merchandise in the month of October. You can check here to see if the Rite Aid you shop at is included.


I couldn’t find any restrictions and my Rite Aid is included! I have already spent $45.12, think I can make it by 10/31 ? he he.

Is your Rite Aid included?

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  • Natasha

    After some research, I found the link to the offer!

    It is not linked to any specific Wellness card and gives a list of the specific stores that are participating above.

    It also states in the disclaimer that the qualifying purchase amount is determined before sales tax and after any promotional codes, instant coupons or wellness+ discounts. But it does not mention any specifics about manufacturer’s coupons.

    So when someone starts tallying up their purchases, let us know! :)

    • Jessica G

      thanks…. I just drove 20 mins to the rite aid that is included. Now I can check my points (in 48 hours). So I bought about 50$ so I need to spend $50 more in the next few weeks. Sure, I can eek that out hahahah

      • Natasha

        Did you check to see if it’s before all the coupons?

        Or does it only tallying your OOP (so after all UP rewards, Wellness discounts, Video Value coupons, manufacturer’s coupons)?

        • Jessica G

          I just shopped this am so Im waiting to see – its not showing it yet!

  • Natasha

    Please let us know if you have to receive an email for this offer to be valid for you. I have a store in my area listed, but it is not one that I ever shop at. So I did not get an email…


  • Anne

    Does anyone know if your card has to be linked to one of those stores? I just drove to a store 10 miles away from my regular stores. I didn’t get an email, so I don’t know where to look if it will work. The cashier had no idea about it, but that store was listed on the link.

  • Jennifer

    Mine WAS included!!!! When I went through the list, it seemed as if everything was CA and WA, but my little old store was included – yeah!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vanessa

      A store near us was on the list and I went there today, purchased, then there was nothing on the receipt showing how much spent toward the $100????

  • Aileen

    My regular store is not included, but there is one about 15 minutes away that is. I think I know where I will be shopping for the next few weeks!!

  • anthony

    Also something to point out there are deals at these stores that listed that arenot good at other riteaids. I live near the one on wertzville and there ad they sent out is not the same as others in my area.

    • Anonymous

      anthony, I think I know which store on Wertzville you mean. Do you know if I have to spend my $100 in that store in order to use my $20 UPR there?–Joanna

  • Becca

    Hi Shannon,

    Do you know if the $100 includes the “before coupon” price and if you use your +Up rewards? Remember the Gift of Savings issue last year that they only included your “after coupon” price at first. Then after all the complaints, they finally included the actual price of each item you bought, not the total on the receipt.


    • Shannon


      There is a 48 hour delay on the $$ posting, so I am not sure. I will check it out when my dollars hit.

  • coralie

    they forgot about the whole state of maine!

    • 3gakids1521

      They also didn’t include any of the stores in GA. Bummer!

  • Sally

    Nothing in Alabama :(. Great deal for those who are included!

  • anthony b

    whats the site to check your point for this promo?

    • Shannon

      Anthony, there was a link in my email that was direct log in for my card, so I am not sure how to share it.

  • Shannon O

    When I asked about why my stores are never included on this I was told they weren’t considered full size stores. So if your store is in a strip mall type area they aren’t full size stores and aren’t part of these deals. When I asked at another near by store (it is a stand alone building) they said that they are a full size store but sq footage wise they are a small full size store and again aren’t included in it, but now we aren’t aren’t high volume because a CVS is just down the street from them…

    So now I am wondering if I want to drive to morgantown lol…

    • Shannon

      Shannon, come visit me! :)

      • Shannon O.

        it says that it is only a 25 min drive there… just hate taking that one road down that way because of the off/on again construction… and it should be dry in the morning tomorrow… I might do that after I get Lorelei on the bus… Annabelle likes to go shopping with me but she also likes to eat my coupons lol…

        • Shannon

          176 ? No construction on 176 :)

          • Shannon O.

            whoop! That made my day! now to make my list tonight lol

          • Debbie R.

            I think we should have a girls day out and party it up at the Morgantown Rite Aid! hehe ;) I hate 176…long story.

            • Shannon

              Debbie, I rolled my car on 176 back in 2005. I used to live in Muhlenberg and work in Morgantown. I hated driving it everyday.

          • Debbie R.

            Yea, I can relate to that. Had an accident in Spring Township and still hate going near that intersection, years later. As for 176, I used to drive it alot at night, and came across some problem drivers on more than on night. So I try to avoid it! Luckily, the TP is just as close to me, if not closer than 176.

    • Shannon

      Actually on this one, I talked to the manager here and she says this is strictly based on store volume — they are trying to help these stores.

      • Shannon O.

        the managers are the stores by me are very creepy/strange lol… one store wouldn’t give me a rain check for an item so I had to drive to the other one (like 2 miles away lol) and they were out of rain checks) so went to the one in Douglassville and finally got my rain checks… and that manager was fine with it but he wasn’t too happy when I needed 10 rain checks for 10 different items lol… oh well lol…

        • Shannon

          LOL I dont like the RA on Perkiomen. The one up in Antietam is not that bad. Douglassville is my least favorite. To Morgantown RA from Exeter is 18 minutes :)

  • Deepa

    Mine is included ..The promotion started on sep 25th at my store and it lasts till Oct 31st…I did the prevacid and oral care deal last week am almost upto $60 and paid only $2 OOP till now . :)

  • Mary

    Another BOO! Mine either. Hey, hopefully I can still look forward to the Winter $20.00 savings program that usually starts around late Oct. early November.Thinking it’s gift of savings. Well, for those who can get this one, shop away 8 )

  • Holly G

    Waa! Not at my Rite Aid!

  • Shawnda

    Boo, no stores in NY north of the city!

  • Jamee

    arrrgghh gonna have to go to the mall area to shop at RiteAid this month. I blame the TP promotion…lol

    • Jamee

      Wow, it totally took no time to hit that $100 mark, and with rolling all of my rewards from week to week, I don’t think I spent even $10 cash. I panicked when the $20 didnt print out for me, but then I came back and read the fine print, it will print out a week after you hit it. Totally going back to my normal RiteAid now!

      • Jamee

        forgot to add, it was the Covergirl deal that did it for me..last week’s makeup run almost disentigrated that $100 by itself

  • Michelle

    My Rite Aid(s) aren’t included. I may contact the company and ask why, since there are approximately 3 in a 10 mile radius.

    • Shannon

      There are very few actually listed here – so I am having a feeling it has to do with sales volume!

  • Brenda

    none of the stores in Vancouver, WA are included on the list. Lucky you, Shannon!

  • Corlien

    Neither are any in Wilmington, DE :(

  • Kristyn S

    boo. my rite aid isn’t included :(