Get a $10.00 CVS Gift Card for $4.00

Note this offer is coming and going, so give it a try!

I am clueless about this particular site, so purchase at your own discretion..

Get a $10.00 CVS Giftcard for $4.00. Just go here to and use code FRIEND20ZT5KXDEC when you check out  to bring the price to $4.00.

Thanks, Katie for the code!


  1. Holly

    I’m still waiting my e-mail with my certificate. Anyone else still waiting? I even e-mailed them back and haven’t heard anythign.

  2. jmartcougar

    got mine so excited for next weeks cvs deals. Don’t forget that if you sign up for cvs emails and register your extracare card you can get $4 off a $20 dollar purchase pair it with the $10 dollar gift card chaching!

  3. Karen

    Just wanted to let you know I recieved my email today with the instructions to print my certificate. So hopefully everyone has gotten one by now or will soon.

    Thanks again for a great deal!

  4. Marion

    They took the $4 out of my account BUT i still have not recieved my CONFIRMATION!!!! what should I do now :( Help

  5. Karen

    I got a confirmation that I got one…but….nothing else. It says that they will email you and then you can print a certificate to use instore. Has anyone gotten it yet — it says it can take 1-2 business day, but “usually immediately”. So I was just curious if anyone got it yet. If so, can you post here when you do so we know it worked, in case we don’t get one.



  6. Diana

    It’s sold out but it says there is a wait list so I might try that…

  7. Katie

    I have a question related to CVS. I want to fill a prescription at CVS and I know they always have gift card offers for new/transferred prescriptions. Do you know where I might find out about those kinds of offers? I’ve been looking for one from several stores for about 2 months now and I haven’t found anything! Thanks for your help!

    • Melissa

      If you can find one of the prescription coupons for Walgreens or Rite Aid you can use it at CVS. While they don’t honor competitor coupons for non-pharmacy items, they do honor the prescription offers as long as you are bringing a new/transfer script. HTH

    • @Katie,
      You can also sometimes find RX coupons in Kmart or Target fliers. These are often only about $10 and Kmart’s stipulates that it can’t be more than what you actually paid. (Not a problem unless it’s a low cost script or your co-pay is low.)

      Haven’t seen any in a while though for anyone.

  8. AMY

    I just bought one around 3:30 pm est and got my confirmation email

  9. Dana

    I tired at 2:45 ET and it is working.

  10. Karla

    It’s working again. I just got one at 2:35 pm est

  11. Danielle

    I just bought one so it seems like the deal is still active…

  12. Heather

    I just purchased this without any problem…2pm EST. Used the code and got a confirmation email.

  13. Melissa B.

    Believe it or not I saw it on Mamacheaps so I tried again and it worked!

  14. Stephanie

    I just purchased one and it said there were “Limited” quanities.

  15. Karla

    It’s working again! I just bought 2!

  16. Angela

    Not sure either but I will give it a go for $4….still waiting on the email verification.

  17. Shawnda

    Looks like it’s already sold out!

  18. Melissa B.

    Sold Out

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