CVS Summer 90% Clearance


Sue L. was so kind to email me that a friendly cashier told her at CVS this morning that the summer items were ringing up at 90% instead of the 75% as marked.

I would suggest having a price check done if you are waiting for the 90% off, because it probably already is there! Sue was able to score a big beach tote for just $1.40. I really love the summer sale,

last year I bought a bunch of  toys, goggles and sunglasses dirt cheap. I guess I know where I am headed this week!

Thanks, Sue!

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  • Denise

    Just went to both of the CVS stores in Fairfield, California (Northern California) and there weren’t any items on a “summer clearance” sale. Wanted to give those in our area a heads up.

    • Shannon


      Sorry to hear that your store didn’t have anything. Thanks for reporting back for other readers.


  • angie

    I managed to grab- beach towels for 1.29, cute game beach towels for .99 and my daughter a couple pair of flip flops for .79 awesome deals.

  • Rachel

    i went here in Ft Worth yesterday and it was all marked at 90% off. i got a TON of stuff at awesome prices. the best deal were Speedo goggles for $1.09 (normally $10.99). I got a ton of chalk and other things for birthday gifts – 30 items for less than $15!

    • Shannon

      Isn’t that sale great! I love it! I am glad you were able to score so many deals.!

  • Kristy

    I am a cashier at CVS and yes, the stuff went 90% off yesterday. But be sure and watch the prices, as some things aren’t ringing up at 90 off, the Americana stuff and the tote bags and red crocs were some things that weren’t ringing up at our store.