CVS: Huggies $2.00 Coupon & $2.50 Wipe Deal

Please read this update on the Huggies Deal here

Update: There was a message left in the comments that these did not ring up at the store register as $2.50. I went to check this out for myself and they did in fact ring up at $2.50 at the register at my store.    You may need to check your price checker at the store before you go to the register.

Ashley emailed me to let me know about this great deal she found at CVS.

Great deal!  Scan your CVS card at the coupon machine – get a $2.00 off Huggies wipes and $4.00 off Huggies diapers coupons. Note: The lady behind me had to scan her’s twice to get the coupon

Huggies wipes are 2/$5.00 this week!  INCLUDING the 216 count Huggies Naturals refill pack!  Note – my CVS did NOT have the sale sign on these, only the smaller tubs, but the manager confirmed the price.

Final price – $0.50 for 216 count Huggies Natural Wipes!

Not everyone might be able to get the coupon, but even if you can’t get this coupon , it is a great deal!

Thanks, Ashley

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  • James Carter

    I got two packs last night and then got an UNLIMITED amount raincheck as they ran out!

  • Christy

    I am in TN….just tried this deal this morning and they were all ringing up full price =( Sounds like I might have gotten the deal if I had gone yesterday. Oh well!

  • Bree

    I’ve been having crappy luck lately! The only wipes at my store that were 2/$5 were the tubs; I had the manager scan the Natural Care with my CVS card and they came up $7.99. The coupon didn’t print for me either. :o( I have a few CVS stores within a 3 or 4 mile radius of my home so I’ll try another one later today. Awesome deal for those that got it!

  • Noelle

    well ladies it looks like our run is over :( I went today with more coupons and hopes of getting 1.50 3 pack refils… well it looks like they have fixed the “problem” because they scanned at 6.99.

  • Andrea J.

    I also rocked this deal…got the $5 on $15, $2 Huggies and used up a bunch of MQs I never thought I’d use. got 10 packs for 9.25 (5.25 + 4 ECB) and paid with a gift card from a prescription (which I will later transfer to Rite Aid for another gift card and WAY cheaper meds).

  • Dan

    This is not the huggies deal, but I was just at CVS and got one of those “$1 off two Gold Emblem Candies” CRT from the machine. So I got two bags of the valentines candy which was $.25 each and I got the $.50 overage….Finally

  • sam

    omg I stocked up too on that target wipes sale in november. that’s how you save otherwise regular prices for baby items are so expensive.

  • erica hernandez

    i just got 6 pack of huggies wipes…. great for my new niece that just turn 2weeks old, thanks for the alert eventhough i did not get the coupon i had the coupon that was 5off of 15 and a 1.50 off huggies coupon…yay

  • I popped into the Horsham, PA CVS this afternoon. The deal is working there. They have Natural Care and Sensitive, several left. This is a small store to begin with, not much stock. I got the 2.00/1 huggies wipes CRT! Woot! I’m so mad at myself. I left my coupon book at home (for once!) and I have the 1.00/1 mfr coupon from the safeway booklet. Darn, I hate when I miss free, but still a super deal.

    • Shannon

      Woohoo. I love that you guys are getting the CRT!

  • Dizzy Mommy

    I just got this deal… no Huggies coupons for me… I got $1 off 2 CVS haircare products, and $1 2 CVS skincare products. I extremely rarely ever get a none CVS product coupon. Oh well… grab 3 packages and plan to go get 3 more for my sisters baby shower next month in Michigan City since she is on bedrest and cant get out.

  • Diana

    I went to CVS and was able to get 4 packs of huggies wipes, 6 nestle crunch candy bars and one bottle of excedrin for $1.96. Thanks so much for posting the deal!!!

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  • Julita

    Worked in Tulsa. No awesome $5 cpn for me, just the candy. But still a great deal at $2.50!

  • Katherine

    I ran out first thing this morning to a store in New Hampshire and it worked! I tried the coupon machine and got a $5 off $15 coupon and used to Huggies Home Mailer wipes coupons so I got 6 packs (1296 wipes) for $8.75!! That is 6 packs for a little over the price of 1 pack!! AMAZING! Thank you for posting this!

  • Maine reporting in. I also got candy coupons at the coupon machine, but when I scanned the 216 pack of wipes the scanner said “$7.99 each, 2/$5.00 with card”. I only bought two (all they had on the shelf in the 216 count unscented) and when I checked out (I bought a number of other things, including the .49 tuna and the 1.99 Cheerios) I got an extracare coupon for $2.00 off any Huggies Baby Wipe tub or Refill, so I suspect I’ll stop at a different CVS here in Portland on the way home to see if they have unscented as well. (My husband will yell at me for bringing home a ton of wipes. We’re still going through all the .88 cent packs of wipes I got at Target last fall.)

  • Laura M

    If anyone has the January 2010 booklet from Safeway there is a $1 off any Huggies wipes in there. It would then make them $1.50. I did not get the CVS Huggies wipes coupon from the magic scanner so I did the deal with the Safeway manufacturer coupon.

  • Is this coupon that comes out of the coupon machine a CVS coupon that can be combined with a Manufacture’s coupon? If so, with the $.75 manufactures you get in the mail, these would be FREE.

  • susan

    I live in California and the refill pack of wipes did scan at the checkout for $2.50 per pack. I tried to get the Huggies coupon, but I received 2 coupons for candy. I tried to scan my card again, but it said all my coupons have been issued and that I should try again tomorrow. I’ll try tomorrow and see if I can get the Huggies coupon. Great price for 216 wipes in any case!

  • Cyndi M

    I found the coupon machine, yay! Unfortunately I did not get a Huggies wipes coupon. The wipes rang up the right price so even without the coupon $2.50 for the refill pack is awesome. Maybe I’ll try for the coupon again tomorrow :)

  • Kim

    I called three CVS stores. Only one confirmed the price. I went to the store and scanned my card upon entry. I was able to score the $5 off of $15 purchase. I picked up 6 packs for $10! One thing I want to make clear here: When you scan the product at the price scanner on the floor it will say Huggies Rfl 216 Ct 2/5.00 *sale* BUT when you bring it to the register it scans $7.99 regular price. If the scanner reads the sale price they have to honor the price. If it does not and also does not scan at the register they do not honor the price. 2 out of 3 stores could not honor this price but I found one that could. My advice… before you head out.

  • Debra

    I just ran out to CVS for this deal. I did not get the coupons when I scanned my card. I even tried to scan my card twice and on the second scanning attempt, I got a message that said I had already scanned my card. Do you know how the coupon machines work? Are they based on your previous purchases?


  • Cyndi M

    Is the CVS coupon machine at the register or is it in the store somewhere? I don’t ever remember seeing a coupon machine at my CVS.

    • Shannon


      They are usually throughout the store.

      They are little red boxes.