CVS Ad Preview – Best Deals Starting 2/23/14

cvs ad preview

CVS Ad Preview 2/23/14

Here is the CVS Ad Preview for the week of 2/23/14.   This is an early look a next week’s best deals.  Check back later for a complete list of CVS Deals and Coupon Matchups.

Remember to check your local CVS ad to be sure you have the same deals.

This List Has Expired
ECB Deals
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  • Jen

    If you share the Huggies q on their website the q becomes a 2.50q and their is a cvs huggies q on cvs’ website, you must use internet explorer to get the q on

    • schweet.

      • Jen

        The cvs one is for 1.50.

        • Jen, where on the Huggies site is the shareable $2.50 coupon?

          • Jen

            You will see the 1.50 off coupon it will give you an option to share it after you click on it. Sharing it increases it to 2.50.

        • Heidi

          Where is the $1.50 cvs coupon? I only see $2 off diapers and wipes.

          • Jen

            I had to go through internet explorer to print it. What browser are you using?

          • Jen

            It looks like it may be gone. It is not even showing up as limit reached on mine.

            • chilidogs

              That’s what they all say.

            • Colleen

              Thanks for the heads up Jen!! Now I don’t have to go searching for it lol always so helpful!!

        • rachel h.

          Anyway, back to coupons: where do I find the CVS mq’s? I never can seem to find them without a link.

          • chilidogs

            I try to stick with the coupon links that Shannon posts here instead of downloading them from any other site.

          • chilidogs

            I have found it’s really easy to search for any item I am looking for in the box at the top of FTM and then print it out right from there. It’s a lot faster than going through all the posts. :)