CVS: Possible Tide Detergent $1.49

Update: The wording on this coupon is kinda iffy. I am not sure how this is meant to be used, so please use your best judgement.   You could use it for the Tide that works with the Gas Card deals this week. 

While at CVS, be sure to scan your ECB card at the Red Coupon Machine.  Some of you are reporting a $4.00 of any Liquid Tide Coupon,  with the purchase of $8.00 or more.

If you get the coupon, you may use it Tide Liquid Detergent priced at $5.49.

Deal Idea

Buy Tide Liquid Detergent $5.49
Buy Venus Refillable Razor – $6.89
use $4/1 Venus Refillable Razor, exp. 9/30/12 (RP 08/12/12)
use $4/1 Tide Detergent Coupon
Pay $4.98
Get $5.00 ECB for Venus Razor

Thanks, Kelly

What coupons did you get at the Red Coupon Machine?  Check here for more CVS Deals and Matchups.


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  • Lisa

    I bought 2 Tide, 4 Dawn, 4 Pantene and 1 Puffs. I used this $4 off, $2/2 Tide, 2 – $3/2 Pantene and 2 – $1/2 Dawn. I got the $10 gas card and will submit the $5 P&G rebate. After that, I will have spent $1.27 + tax for all of this. I thought that was pretty good.

    • SherrieB

      tried a simple search for the p&g rebate – where did you find it? tia…

      • For the Mommas

        Hey Sherrie, working on putting a scenario post together..

  • Trish

    I used the coupon and it went thru with no problems. I bought a bunch of different things to do the gas deal including a $5.99 bottle of tide and used that coupon along with a $1 off tide.

  • Andrea

    The coupopn reads “4.00 off any liquid Tide when you spend 8.00 or more”

    • Ruth

      Coupons like this one usually says which products you need to spend it on. If it doesn’t, it means it doesn’t have to be on Tide and if it didn’t beep, it means you used it correctly. A lot of cashiers try to interpret the coupon. From my experience, a CVS coupon won’t work if you use it incorrectly.

      • Ruth

        I meant to say that Tide purchase doesn’t have to be 8.00.

  • Andrea

    I just did this deal. The cashier originally said that I couldn’t use the coupon because I needed to spend $8.00 on Tide products. I told her I was under the impression I just had to spend 8.00, not specifically on Tide. She looked at again and said that it could be read both ways and put it through.

    • Sara

      LOL she made sure she was right too, huh! I don’t know where they find their cashiers lately, but GEEZ!!!

  • Samantha

    My boyfriend got the Tide coupon, and I took it to mean (based on the wording) and $8 purchase including (but not exclusively) Tide. I might try this deal today (with the new $.40/1 tide coupon from P&G as well) so we’ll see!

  • Darna!

    I’d rather get the 32 loads tide this week for 5.99 using Tide CRT and Q plus it’s included in the gas card deal.

  • Jason A

    I scanned & received that coupon. (last week?). I presumed it meant “off Tide purchase of $8 or more”. Is it working on any purchase over $8 that includes Tide? Possible to combine with a 20% off coupon? Or is the Tide a Sale price this week?

    • For the Mommas

      Hmm Jason, good question. Do you still have the coupon, I can’t read the exact details from the photo, but it could mean Tide. Don’t want to post a deal that doensn’t work. Oops.

    • san

      you may be right because all my previous cvs q’s have been like that

    • Lisa

      I got that coupon and was not allowed to use it with my $4 off $20 purchase coupon. I was told that it is for any purchase of $8 or more that includes the Tide. So the Tide can be less than $8 and it will work. I just don’t know about the 20% off.

  • san

    we might have some tide Q’s too

    • For the Mommas

      San, umm yeah good point right ! Duh Shannon!

  • Sounds good. Thanks!