CVS My Weekly Ad Instructions

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Many of you have been commenting on the new CVS weekly ad. I  would love to hear your feedback on the ad. One of the things I love the most – the ability to see all the items on sale.  This is a HUGE improvement – we never have to wonder what might be included.

So if you are bit confused by the whole thing, here are some instructions to follow:

1. Go here

2. You will see a screen where you can sign up for myWeekly Ad as shown below. Please fill in all of the required information, including your ExtraCare card number, first and last name, address, etc.

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Please note:

• If you sign into an account without an ExtraCare card tied to it, you will be brought to a screen to enter your card information, then the “Select a Store” screen and then to the Browse myWeekly Ad experience.

• If you do not have a account, you will be prompted to create one, then you will be brought to the “Select a Store” screen and then to Browse myWeekly Ad.

3. Once you enter all of your information, you will be brought to the “Select a Store” screen.Browse and select your local CVS/pharmacy.

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Once you have selected your local CVS/pharmacy, you will be directed to Browse myWeekly Ad

4. At this point, you will be able to browse all the deals available that week – but unlike a traditional sales circular, where everyone sees the same front page and contents, you will see all the deals most relevant for you! Buy vitamins often? Those are the deals that will be highlighted upfront. Buy mostly beauty products at CVS/pharmacy? All the beauty items on sale this weekwill appear first. Have you been shopping for your new baby a lot lately? Bingo – any productslikely to appeal to new parents will be among the first ones you see. Welcome to the NEW way to browse your sales circular – myWeekly Ad!

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  • Debbie w

    Each week, I see a red box that tells me to get additional 1.50 coupons for diapers. ….I search and search and can never find any! Any suggestions?

  • ashley

    I hate the cvs new ad format. I would rather see the full ad. Recently they aren’t even putting the circulars in my sunday paper anymore either. What can we do to have them change this.

  • Kate Chopin

    I agree the new weekly ad format is terrible. First, I hate the idea that CVS will be tracking my searches, and I find it really annoying that they are trying to track people by having us type in so much information to create a “personalized” webpage (ie so they can track purchasing and likely cater sales). (2) It’s impossible to easily skim upcoming ads. Like others, I plan to shop elsewhere.

  • Namsy

    I hate it, takes alot of time to load

    • Novagirl

      I am a longtime CVS shopper. I hate the My Weekly Ad because it recommends things I don’t use! It takes forever to load up. This is just another poor marketing ploy. Bring back the 30% coupons and the 50% off CVS brand items. The Christmas sales this season are so skimpy and cheap. Makes me not want to go to CVS. There are better deals elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get ads in the mail so I like to go online and relax and browse the ad. I do not like the new format, so I have not stepped in a CVS store since the change. They keep sending me coupons for $5 and 25% off but I don’t use them. They have lost a long time customer.

  • Gloria

    I don’t know if I lke it our not because I couldn’t get the website to come up at all. Tried for almost half an hour before giving up. To heck with it.

  • steve

    I HATE it!!!!!!! I used to go online on Thursdays and look and the upcoming flyer. I now wait and just pick it up on Sunday at the store.
    Corporate needs to remember the saying “IF IT’S NOT BROKE, DON’T FIX IT!”

    • Anonymous

      agree with Steve,I hate this

  • Anonymous

    I hate this

  • Danielle

    So far, I am not a fan. I agree with Leslie, they should offer both options to view. I don’t like not being given all the options in the ad, it’s like I am being placed in a box as a shopper…they only show me items based on my past purchases…what if I am interested in trying something new and now I won’t know about the deal that would have convinced me to give it a try?

  • Olivia

    Really dislike it. I just started with the CVS card and my selection is REALLY small.

  • Marci C.

    This looks great.

  • leslie

    I really don’t like this, I want the old ad view back. I don’t understand why they couldn’t give both options.

  • Shanta

    I’m still on the fence with this!

    • Shawna

      Hate it as well….I’d much rather just view the ad.

      • Stacy

        I am not to sure about this. I tried to view next weeks ad and tried to put items in my view list and they wouldnt come up. I like to get my coupons and items in order for the next week and I cant with this. I hope they change this.