CVS: Moneymaker Aveeno Deal {No Coupons Necessary}

There is a really sweet deal this week on Aveeno. I mentioned yesterday that we could see a big moneymaker if the small tubes are included.  We just tested this deal and it is working as of this morning.  Aveeno 2.5 oz lotion is triggering the ECB.

Deal: Buy (4) Aveeno items, receive $15.00 ECB

Buy (4) Aveeno $3.69 each. $14.76 
Use  $3/2 Aveeno Product, exp. 12/31/12 (SS 10/28/12)
and use $1/1 Aveeno Product 10/28 SS
Get $15.00 ECB
Free + Moneymaker!

If you didn’t get the coupons:

Buy (4) Aveeno $3.69 each. $14.76 
Get $15.00 ECB
Free + Moneymaker!

Don’t forget about the Free Revlon Tools too! 

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  • Janell

    Is this deal still working? TIA

    • Amanda

      no, I tried it today.

  • Diana

    Hi, between my sister and I, we checked 5 stores since Sunday and they were sold out of the small size except for the 1 tube I found. So, I don’t really find it hard to believe that they cannot be found in the stores. It is a really good deal!!!! But I did earn 17 ecb for the revlon and pg purchases I made this week so I am a happy girl! I love this blog btw :-)

  • Stacia

    I bought 2 aveeno bar soaps and they are tracking towards the $15 ECB!!

  • Tracy Jones

    I really don’t like when people clear shelves. I went to 4 different cvs’s to try and do this deal and everyone single on had the shelf tag for the aveeno 2.5 ounce but none were to be found. Anytime I do a deal I never clear a shelve.

  • renee in pa

    As someone asked are the smaller sizes found with the larger ones or in a secret hiding place lol!

  • Sunder

    can anyone provide the $3/2 aveeno coupons.. i searched online,but could not find..I cant find 2.5 OZ in CVS,want to try in Target..Thanks

  • Eve

    where do theyusually put the 2.5 oz Aveeno?

  • amanda

    So if u got to one CVS and they only have one in stock, could u buy that, then go to another CVS and buy the other 3 and would the eb still print even though the purchase was done between two diff stores? Um new to this and didn’t know if the card tracks your purchases like that?

    • Anonymous

      yes, you can do that. also the 2.5 size lotions are right with other lotions.

  • Lauren

    I just stumbled upon this site last week and just started my couponing venture. I don’t have much experience. I went to CVS last night and all of the other Aveeno products mentioned the 15 ecb, except the $3.79 one. Would the $15.00 ECB still print even though its not advertised as such? Thanks for your help!

    • For the Mommas

      Hi Lauren,

      Welcome to FTM and welcome to couponing. Many times items aren’t tagged in stores. As of yesterday, the ECB is printing on the small tubes. Sometime things can change mid week, but rarely.

      Don’t be afraid to try a deal and return it if it doesn’t work. I will often tell a cashier, I believe there is supposed to be an ECB on this item. Can we try it?

      This way if it doesn’t print, they are normally more than happy to help with the return. Again, sometimes you get a grumpy person, but most likely, they will be helpful. Good luck!

  • Victoria

    Thanks for the info! Managed to snag one tube at the cvs I frequent and since was heading near another location checked out that store and yep, grabbed another three. No coupons in my area but indeed a great deal regardless. People are going to be happy with their baskets this Christmas :)

    • For the Mommas


      We didn’t get the coupons in the Daily Local here either, but still FREE :)

  • Nicole Lim

    Couldn’t we use 2 $3/2 coupons instead of the $1/1? Thank you for your posts!! Love your site! :)

    • For the Mommas


      No, I don’t know if you saw Shanta’s comment, but the coupon say limit one per person.

      • nicki

        Thank you for your help :)

  • Sara

    What exactly is ECB? How does it work

  • Sara

    What exactly is ECB?? How does it work

  • Deal Hunter

    CVS today ruined my 25% off coupon sent to card. I had stop early in the morning in the store to check if the items were in stock (only 1 CVS store in town) hardly anything was in stock to use my 25% off coupon, so I got only 2 nail clippers for $2.87 ea but i never said to apply my coupon, checked out and everything then when i was reading my receit in the car I noticed the coupon had been used. T_T ..saved .19 cents.

    • bummer! That’s why I still don’t trust the send to card feature…but I do hate wasting paper… what are you gonna do, right?

    • For the Mommas

      ugh that is the only problem with load to card! Bummer.

      • diane

        IS that 25% coupon transferable?

  • Maria

    I didn’t have the coupons but I was able to get the small ones – had to go to 2 different stores but I got them. Lol

  • Suzi

    Another good scenario is use the $3/2 Aveeno at Target combine with $1/1 Aveeno Target coupon, 12 oz Aveeno is on sale for $5.99 plus the 2.5 oz tube at Target is $2.99. So that’s $4.99 for the 12 oz bottle plus free 2.5 oz bottle. :-)

  • Deepthi

    I checked the 2 oz in my store, they were not selling those..can I buy them online.

  • Anonymous

    Please do not go, you will not see any 2.5 oz

    • For the Mommas

      Now it is just silly that no one will find these in store. They are available at many stores – if your store is sold out or doesn’t sell them doesn’t mean that no one will .

    • Anonymous

      fyi, 2 of my local cvs carried the 2.5 oz sized lotions. the deal worked and I used the coupons! thanks for the tip :)

  • Anonymous

    Can I use the ecb at that time itself.?..

    • For the Mommas

      No, you can’t use the ECB then, it is on a future purchase.

  • Shanta

    Hey Shannon, the Aveeno coupon has the same wording as the Stayfree(limit one coupon per person). I went to CVS only had 1 of the 3.5oz Aveeno, tomorrow I will check a different CVS but I will use (1) $3/2 & (1) $1/1 & its still a great deal, thanks Shannon. Everyone Stay safe as we are getting ready for Sandy!!!!!

    • For the Mommas

      Hey Shanta,

      We didn’t get the coupons in the Chester County paper – so thanks for the heads up.

    • Renea

      Since it is tracking these purchases. You could purchase 2 Aveeno & use the $3/2 & then do a separate transaction to buy the other 2 Aveeno. It should still print your $15.00 ECB when you complete your second transaction. Or bring along another person so you have to people.

  • Sue

    Thank you.

  • Marcie

    Thanks! I got this deal without coupons. They’re going to make great stocking stutters for family!

    • Marcie

      *stuffers :)

      • For the Mommas


  • Ana

    Are the 2.5 oz aveenos on sale or are they regular priced? Curious if I could use my 25% off on this deal, thats if it hasnt expired yet.

    • Lindsay

      They were not on sale at my store. regular price was $3.79.

      • Ana

        Sounds like an awesome deal!!! Thx..

      • Jennifer

        They were not on sale at any store, didn’t need to be.

    • Heather M.

      You can use your 25% off coupon, I did! They only had 3 of the 2.5oz, so I bought those and then got a regular size ($7.79) bottle. But with the 25% and the $3/2, it was still a nice moneymaker!

      • Ana

        Good to know. Thx!!

        • Anonymous

          I just did the deal..ty..

          • Jennifer

            Worked great!

            • Michelle

              My CVS only had 3 Aveeno in stock, so they let me buy 1 CVS brand as a substitute, then they manually printed out the ECB’s for me. If your CVS is short on the small Aveeno lotions, it is worth a try asking if they will allow you to buy the generic brand instead. :)