CVS “Magic” Red Coupon Machine | Get Great CVS Store Coupons

CVS Red Coupon MachineThe CVS Red Coupon Machine can be found instores. When you go into CVS scan your card each time. You will receive coupons that can be used in store.

Be sure to scan your card until the screen reads – no more coupons available.  If you are not sure where your machine is, be sure to ask at the register.

Don’t miss out on this savings and the Green Bag Tag Savings.

Photo Credit: Coupon Cents

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  • Jessica

    I always get the same coupons all week.

  • Lindsay in PA

    Thanks for the quick reply! :-)

  • Lindsay-PA

    Do you know if I scan my card today and then tomorrow and then the next day (all in the same week), will I receive the same in-store coupon? Does it spit out the same in-store coupon all week long to the individual’s card? Or should I stop in several times in 1 week to see if I receive different coupons?

    • Shannon

      no you only get the coupon once.

      • Karen

        Ive gotten the same coupon several times and my CVS will honor the terms of each coupon.
        Occassionally, a decent printout comes out & B on sale, Then with the mfg. coupon, the CVS sale, and hopefully RBs…the item becomes a ‘freebie’…or even a money maker. Thats what keeps me going back to CVS.

        • r.p.

          same here, i have gotten some several times before and they honored each of them.