CVS: FREE Neutrogena Cleansing Bars + FREE Tote


There is a HOT deal at CVS this week!  You will receive a $10.00 ECB when you purchase 3 Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bars priced at $3.29 each (price may vary by store). In addition, when you purchase 3 Neutrogena Facial Items, you get a free tote.  As of now, the Neutrogena Bars are included in this deal. As we know, this could change at any time as CVS.  Also, your shelf price could vary. But here is what Katie was able to do this morning…

Here is your deal:

Buy 3 Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bars 3.5oz  $9.87
Pay $9.87 at register
Get $10.00 ECB
Plus get FREE Tote
Free after ECB

Thanks, Katie

Please let us know if you have tried this deal..

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  • stephanie

    Went to my local cvs got the 3 bars used a red b9x coupon for 2.00 off 8.00 and got the bag for free

  • Andrea

    Long story short, my trip was a disaster. I tried to purchase 3 Neutrogena bars, but the cashier wouldn’t give me the tote. I was told this crazy story that I had to buy $30 worth of product to receive the free tote. Manager agreed to this as well even though the ad showed otherwise. I told the cashier to void my transaction and I came home to call customer service. The lady told me that my CVS was incorrect and that I only had to purchase 3 participating items. She is supposed to call my local store, then.

    After all of this occurred, since I like the workers at my store, I called to fill them in on what I learned from the lady at customer service. The cashier said, “Let me try something.” Over the phone, she rang up 3 of the bars and then scanned the tote. She said the tote wasn’t coming up free from purchasing 3 of the bars. At that point, I didn’t bother arguing. This store, as nice as the employees are, makes everything very, very difficult.

    • Ruth

      CVS corporate is very focused on customer service. I may have been a good to call customer service from the store because they would have solved the problem for you right then. They should also give you a gift card because you wasted a trip when their employees were wrong.

      • Shannon

        Ruth is always the voice of wisdom. :)

    • shrewdnorwalker

      I bet…….. if the cashier really rang up the soaps while you were on the phone along with the bag . She never scanned a CVS card which would mean it doesnt give the transaction the deal …

  • Jonisa

    I received a 25% off coupon in the mail that was valid for 5/3 and 5/4 but I think the soaps weren’t included because of their “sale” price. Still couldn’t beat paying a few dollars for them (I had the CVS soap coupon and the Neutrogena products I purchased had peelies on them), and receiving a free tote bag and $10.00 ECB! :)

  • michelle

    I just got back from CVS (Monday morning)…I needed sunscreen so I bought 2 sunscreen, 3 bar soaps and the tote bag (free, but counts towards the total item count)…equals 6 items, so I got back $10 and $10 extra bucks. :)

  • Marty

    About a $6.00 money maker with the 25% off email ($3.29 bars were not on sale), and the $3.00 off $9.00 bar soap that I printed from my CVS account. Was in a hurry, got my $10.00 ECB, and didn’t want to hold up a long line, so forgot about the tote. Called the store when I got home and remembered, and they’re holding one for me to pick up tomorrow. THIS is why I only shop CVS. Customer service is absolutely unmatched!

    • Shannon

      Very nice!

    • Anonymous

      I tried the loreal facial scrub deal and the neutrogena bars w my 25% , they said all was on sale and said I couldn’t use q.
      Sadly I went home

  • Cheryl

    Worked for me this afternoon. My CVS didn’t have the Neutrogena totes in yet, so they substituted other totes that I could choose from that I liked even better :) Awesome deal!

  • joane

    It works perfectly. Bought the 3 Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bars and got $ 10 extra bucks, today.

  • Pam

    just bought it at the CVS on High st. in Pottstown and it worked. turned around and used the extra bucks to score some free bottles of tide simply clean!

    • Shannon

      It is a great deal!

  • Anonymous

    It worked perfectly! I got the $2 off $8 soap coupon and got the $10 ECB. My store did not have any totes and told me that only the bigger CVS’s got them, but he gave me a raincheck for a free tote just in case they got them in.

    • Shannon

      Very nice! A freebie is still a freebie :)

  • Carolyn

    LMBO!!! too late….. LOL!!!

    • Ruchama

      Too late? Did it stop working?

      • Shannon

        No Carolyn is being silly :)

  • Karen

    I did it last night and my store did not have totes so they gave me an additional $10 extra buck to compensate for not getting the $10 tote

    • Anonymous

      That’s awesome!

    • Maggie

      Same thing happened to me. The store didn’t have the totes so I got an extra $10 ECB. I need another bag like I need a hole in the head so this worked out great!

  • Ruchama

    Do you get the tote when you buy the stuff, or are they somewhere in the store and you have to bring it to the counter?

  • Jeff

    Worked great! The bars were priced $3.49 but I had a $2 off $8 soap from the Redbox.

    • Kristee

      When did the red box have these facial soap coupons? This week, they are advertising $ off perfumes (allergic to them). Our local CVS did not have the totes. He told me to go to another store. I asked if I could call and he (cashier told me to come back another day or go to another store. Geeish. If they are going to have a promotion, they should honor it.

      • Shannon


        The Red Box coupons usually vary by individual, so you may not see them.
        Also, I am hearing lots of stores don’t have the bag but are giving out a $10 ECB. I would take that! Telling you to go to another store isn’t very helpful though !

        • karen

          I did the deal a couple times sunday and wish i was offered $10 ecb whe they didnt have the bag! That’s a great substitute!