CVS Deal Ideas – Share Your Scenario!

There are many ways to do the gift card deal at CVS this week.

Here area few scenarios – leave your scenario in the comments!


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  • Maggie

    I bought the following:

    (5) Tide’s x $5.94 = $29.70 (Used 5 $2/1 Tide Coupons)
    (1) Dawn x $.99 – $.99 (Forgot to bring Dawn Coupon)

    Total = $30.69 – $10 in coupons – $20.69

    I paid with ECB’s from last week, spent $.76 OOP. I still have about $20 in ECB’s and I got a $10 CVS gift card to use in the future.

  • Danielle Farrelly

    Well, all I can say is that I am envious of everyone who get to do these deals. I live in Michigan, and my area papers did not have the PG coupons. What a bummer. Glad to see you all are getting great deals this week!

  • amanda

    Does it go by the $30 before coupons? ive never done the gc deals

    • autumn

      Yes, before coupons are applied.

  • Brad

    I printed out 15 $2/2 glade coupons (with help of everyone I know) and got 30 free glade air fresheners and a 10 dollar gift card…

  • Lily

    Glade coupon is gone. =( I didn’t get to print it.

  • morgan

    is there a limit on how many of the glade coupons i can USE – i have multi printer access and would love to get a ton of these, but want to know in advance what the limit of coupons on this would be per visit/ per transaction– THANKS

  • Lauren H.

    If you need diapers – don’t forget about the free pack when you buy 6. So here’s my plan…

    3 Pampers x 9.50 – 28.50
    2 Glade x.99 – 1.98
    30.48 Total
    Use (1) $2/2 Pampers
    Use (1) $1.50/1 Pampers
    Use (1) $2/2 Glade CVS coupon
    After coupons 24.98
    Get back $10 gift card

    Repeat this a second time and get another $10 gift card
    AND get a coupon for a free 7th pack of diapers…

    So after the giftcards its 29.96 for 7 packs (4.28 per pack)
    I’m using up my ECB’s from Black Friday to pay zero OOP and still walk away with gift cards!!!

    • melissa

      Thank you! I was trying to find a scenario for diapers and had forgotten about the $1.50/1 coupon. Just printed the Glade coupons and plan on doing that exact scenario this morning. Thanks!

      • Lauren H.

        I think i got the $1.50/1 from a home mailer…

  • Melissa

    Here’s my plan:

    2- Tide= 11.88
    2 -Oral B Cross Action Power Toothbrushes= 9.98
    4- Glade Air Fresheners= 3.96
    2- Pantene= 6.98

    Total Before Coupons= $32.80

    Use (2) $2 Tide coupons, (2) $3 Oral B Coupons, (2) $2/2 Glade CVS coupons and (1) $3/2 Pantene coupon. Use these along with a $5 off of $25 CVS coupon.

    Total After Coupons= $10.80, get a $10 Gift Card. Get everything for 80 cents after gift card :)

  • Mylaina H.

    4 – Tide ($5.94×4= 23.76)
    2 – Covergirl eyeshadows bogo ($3.75)
    4 – Glade Air fresheners ($3.96)
    Total: $31.47
    4 $2.00 tide coupons
    1 $2.50/2 covergirl coupon
    2 $2.00/2 Glade coupons

    Total after coupons: $16.97 get $10 like paying $6.97!!!

  • melissa

    Aw, shucks… just found out the Pampers are $9.50 instead of $8.50. Oh well… still not bad.

  • melissa

    I have one diaper left, so I’m going to put it on my son in the morning and head out to do this scenario:
    4 Pampers ($8.50 each) = $34.00.
    2 ($2/2 bags of Pampers–10/30 PG)
    Total: $30.00
    ECBs from Black Friday sale: $29.79
    Total Due: $0.21 plus tax
    Get back: $10 gift card
    (That pretty much wipes out my ECBs from last week, but I need diapers anyway–might as well get them for practically free!)

  • kurt

    This is for those stocking up on Duracell batteries with Puffs and rolling gift cards.

    My CVS had the 16 count of Duracells in AA and AAA for $9.99 that included a $20 in coupons sheet . Good coupons in them. They got a $3 off 2 Duracell and a $1 off 2 Puffs.

    You can save a total of $5 on every 3 Duracell and 2 Puffs with those coupons.

    The book also has a $5 off of 2 Oral B battery toothbrushes, part of this weeks deal.

    The book also has $1 any Downy, $2 off any Pampers, $2 any 2 Vicks, and $1 any Crest rinse, 2 Old Spice, Charmin, Iams, Metamucil, Gillete (EXP 12/31/12)

  • megan

    My store starts the new ad Saturday PM , so last night I got the following for $31.36 ($161 retail) – paid with my ExtraBucks from Thanksgiving and got a $20 gc and $5.50 back in ExtraBucks.

    8 glade sprays
    4 glade warmers
    8 oral b toothbrushes
    4 dawn
    2 bags combos (got a $2/2 from the coupon machine the other day)
    2 pantene stylers
    4 single serving bags M&M’s (11.24-11.26 sale)
    2 mentos gum containers

  • I used the $2/2 glade coupons and they just adjusted it down with no problems. I also bought 4 Tide (using the $2/1 coupons) in one transaction, then bought 1 Tide (using $2/1 coupon) in my second transaction and received my $10 gift card.

  • Rina

    Also, if I buy Covergirl Buy 1 get 1 half for the giftcard deal, how does it work toward the total?
    For example if I buy 2 things at 2$ each, I would pay $3.(Buy one get one 50%off.)
    So, will CVS put the 3$ toward my 30$ purchase to get the giftcard, or will I get the full price value of $4 toward the total?

    Does this make sense?! Its hard to explain through typing!!!


    • Melissa

      You would get credit for the $3, or whatever amount you actually spent. For example, when BOGO vitamins are included, you only get the price of one counted toward the total. HTH

      • Rina

        Yes, it helps!!! Thank you!!!

        • nicole

          also wondering if cvs will take the $2/2 glade coupons since there will be overage?

          how does the giftcard thing work? do they just scan one once it reaches $30, I’ve never done it before & I’m confused.

        • nicole

          also wondering if cvs will take the $2/2 glade coupons since there will be overage? how does the giftcard thing work? do they just scan one once it reaches $30, I’ve never done it before & I’m confused.

          • regina

            The $2/2 coupon will be adjusted down to the actual price of the Glade items. Also, for the gift card: once you have spent the $30 needed you will get a print out like an ECB for $10 purchase for the gift card. Then you redeem that for the gift card of your choice.

    • Rina.

      Ok, so I thought you had to meet the 30$ with one transaction. I have all my items that total just over 30$. Do I have the entire week of the ad to meet this 30$ for the giftcard? Do I not need to do the whole $30 in one transaction?

      • Sunny

        You have all week and can do it in several transactions. The coupon for the $10 gift card will print out when you reach the $30 (or near it I believe).

        • regina

          It will print when you hit $29.40

  • Rina

    Hey guys!

    Just a quick question about the Glade coupon. If I buy 2 air freshners for $1.98, will CVS allow the 2$ off 2 glade products coupon? Do I need to buy an extra one in case?

    • Erin

      It will be adjusted to $1.98. Sometimes my cashiers try to hand it back to me and say its over the amount. I just tell them you need to adjust it down to the price. (nicely of course haha) Never had a problem!

  • Carli

    2- oral b toothbrushes 4.99×2= 9.98- 2(3.00) coupons
    6- puffs tissues .99×6= 5.94 – 1.00 coupon
    1- pantene pro-v 2/ 6.97 – 3.00 coupon
    4- Dawn 4x.99= 3.96 – 3(.20cent) 1(1.00) coupons
    2- Cottonelle wipes 2×1.99= 3.98 – 1.00 coupon
    get 10.00 gift card
    pay 30.83 – 12.60 in coupons= 18.23

  • Meryl Seibert via Facebook

    they just had their special two day sale Friday and Saturday on pantene any size even the big 25 oz. for $1.99 with $10 purchase and your price plus card. limit 4 per variety. I got three of the color shampoos. 25 oz bottles.figure 3 @ $1.99 cost what one big bottle would cost regularly. you are saving $4.50 a bottle. used my coupons for the free bags of kettle chips had 2.

  • Meryl Seibert via Facebook

    sorry runs til Friday.

  • Meryl Seibert via Facebook

    wow sounds like some good shopping ahead for everyone. got shoprites circular the other day their special 3 day sale starts on Wednesday. get palmolive dish detergent for 88 cents . I think its limit 4 with your price plus card. also they have white rain body wash 49 cents. limit 4 also. good savings right there and time to stock up. three day sale runs from Wednesday to Saturday. best to go first day of this sale so you dont get there and they are out.

  • (I’m working my deal around cottonelle wipes and tissues)

    (2) Tide $11.88
    (4) Cottonelle pop up wipes $7.96
    (6) Puffs tissues $5.94
    (4) Glade air fresheners $3.96

    -(2) $2/1 tide
    -(2) $0.50/2 cottonelle
    -(1) $1/6 puffs
    -(2) $2/2 Glade

    $19.74 and a $10 gift card

    makes it $0.61 each!