CVS Clearance Deals Galore – Free Clairol Hair Color & More

There are a ton of CVS Clearance deals right now!  Crista was out at CVS and found many items on clearance. You will want to take your coupon binder with you. Many of the items don’t have coupons, but the clearance prices are great!

Keep an eye out for Clairol Color  clearanced to $1.99 
use $2.00/1 in 1/27/13 PG
Free after coupon

Check out Carla’s deals – she paid $1.73 with all the clearance deals & ECBS.

What deals did you find!?

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  • Laura

    There is a pink and orange venus razor on clearance for 2.07. With the $2 off any Venus razor from the PG insert, it makes these razors .07!!

  • Dhani

    Thanks FTM! While some shelves were already bare (soft soap, lysol, shaving items, etc.) I did find some Clairol hair color on clearance from $2.24-$2.74 (used MC for $2 off each);
    Nivea womens body wash at $1.49 (used MC for $1 off each) and Dial Foam mens body wash at $1.37.

  • Kristin

    Lysol soap dispensers were 1.94 (free after $2 q) and clairol hair dye was $2.19 ($0.19 after $2 q). There were lots more clearanced products, but I was looking for free deals this morning, so I passed on cheap listerine, shaving cream, etc. Definitely lots of deals to be had!

  • carla

    I purchased: 1 tresemme shampoo 3.50 1 tresemme conditioner 3.50 8 bic comfort 3 advanced 4 ct 1.94 each (75% off) 1 colgate sonic soft 2.07 (75% off) 1 lysol hand soap dispenser white 2.09 (75% off) 1 mitchem advanced control powder 1.04 (75% off) 1 speed stick aquafresh .94 (75% off) 1 colgate 360 surround 4.99

    used BOGO tresemme up to 6.00 $2/2 tresemme CVS coupon 2.50/12.00 any shaving purchase CVS coupon $2/1 lysol hand soap dispenser $1/2 colgate toothbrushes $1/1 speedstick (2) BOGO bic disposable up to 7.99 $2/2 any deodorant purchase CVS coupon

    my total came to 1.73 which was wronnggg because of the tooth brush

    • Anonymous

      Wow!!! That’s awesome!!!

    • Cheri

      I was so excited last night to read about your deal, that I went directly to my CVS this morning after dropping my daughter off at school. I ran in only to run my card under the red machine, planned on coming back home, planning my trip and then going back. I was so disappointed when not only did I not get the Tresemme coupon, but I didn’t get the shaving coupon either. (I really needed to stock up on both of those items) I am somewhat new to this whole thing. Do I need to make daily trips to CVS in order to get these coupons? Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you

      • Melissa

        I ran in today too to try to get some of the deals. I didn’t get the shaving one but I scanned my CVS card twice and the second time I got the TreSemme coupon.

      • For the Mommas


        If you are really new, you just need to give it a little time for your card to start getting coupons. Not everyone gets all the coupons – but many do! Good Luck!

  • carla

    no ecbs! Just all coupons! And if it wasn’t for a mispriced tooth brush it would have been a few pennys oop but I guess not everything can be free…. ( or can it.) :)

  • Jaime

    Made my second trip to CVS this evening….I got 2 Skippy peanut butter, 6 Ragu sauces, 3 Thermacare packs, 2 Bic disposable pack razors, 2 Tresseme shampoos, 2 Softsoaps, and 2 Clairol hair colors. The Bic BOGO coupon is auto deducting $7.48 (full price, though clearance price was $3.74 each). With all my manufacturer coupons, red machine coupons, and $18 ECB from last week’s Nivea deal, I paid exactly $0.38 and got back another $9 in ECB. When combined with my earlier deal of 2 Tresseme conditioners and 2 cans of Campbell’s soup (which I paid nothing for), I just hauled in $113.53 worth of products…..all for 99.7% off, with $ left to spend!

  • MountainMiss

    I found a bunch of Gillette shaving items on sale, with the BOGO coupons (which ring in at $3.99) and the $2.50/$12 shaving I ended up with a $5 MM! Also found some SoftSoap body wash on sale for $1.24, used my $1 coupon. Planning to stack the Right Guard bar soap with the $2/2 CRT. It was a great surprise week for me!

  • Tiffany

    I just went to cvs and got clairol hair dye for .34 it’s on clearance and I had numerous $2.00 off coupons also the hands free Lysol dispenser at my cvs ( leesport,pa) was on clearance for $2.07 and I had a $2.00 off coupon.

  • Tami R.

    Last night I found the Nivea body wash on sale for around $1.50, Act Sensitive mouthwash was about $1.50 and there are $1.00 printable coupons at Smart Source for these, Blade men’s body wash and sponge for around $1.50 each, Softsoap body wash for around $1.50, CVS brand men’s body wash for around $1, CVS brand razors (not sure how much), Dove body wash $4.50 normally $9.00, and a couple of good deals on electric/battery powered toothbrushes that had coupons. There was so much more too. I saved $150 and spent $40 out of pocket for more than 40 items! It was a nice surprise!