CVS: Free Visine Tired Eyes

If you are heading out to CVS for all the freebies, be sure to print these coupons for cheap Visine!

Buy (1) Visine $5.50
Use (1) $3.00/1 Visine Hydroblend Coupon (Facebook)
and (1) $4.00/1 Visine Tired Eyes (CVS Coupon) – will need to be adjusted down
Get back $1.50 ECB
Free + Overage affter coupon and ECB

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  • Tiziana

    Just left cvs…they didn’t accept the 2 coupons together ( the manager said they both were MC)

  • MountainMiss

    Could you clarify the CVS coupon policy? Some sites state to buy these types of deals with other products in order to “absorb the coupon overage,” but the official CVS policy states that coupons will be adjusted down so that they do not exceed the value of the item. Any insight on this?


    • For the Mommas

      Hi there.. CVS does not allow overage – so, it would seem as though “trying” to get overage would be abusing the policy, no?

      • Jen

        The “overage” is in the ECB’s, not cash. Their coupon policy says nothing of that. I just had a problem with a cashier that REFUSED to take my $5 off coupon for a $1.99 product and adjust the coupon. She said that they have “never have adjusted a coupon” and also said, very meanly, “You want me to give it to you for free?”. Anyways, I just read their coupon policy top to bottom. Here’s the link if you’d like:

        • For the Mommas

          Jen, How would you figure that overage is in ECBS when you are purchasing an item that is $5.50 and the coupons are worth $7.00?
          I literally just spent 3 days at CVS corporate and also spent time there in June and very informed on their policy. In the policy it specifically states:

          In the event that any item’s price is less than the value of the coupon, CVS/pharmacy will only accept the coupon only to the price of the
          item. CVS/pharmacy does not provide cash back in exchange for any coupons. If you buy an item and use the overage to buy other items, that is getting CASH overage to pay for you other items.

          So I am not sure what you mean – or perhaps you missed this?

          • Anonymous

            If they adjust the price down than you get the item for free. BUT you still get RR so those RR are your overage. So everyone can be correct. Yes the coupon needs to be adjusted. But yes you still get overage with the RR once the coupons are adjusted. You are not paying anything for the product but you are getting a register reward in the end.

            • For the Mommas

              LOL but that wasn’t the question. The question was about using overage on coupons to “buy other stuff”.