Target: Huggies Clearance

If you are headed to Target, check for a clearance sale on Huggies Diapers.  The large boxes of Huggies Little Movers (92 ct) are on clearance, as low as $19.58 (reg $27.99)

There is a new Huggies Little Movers Coupon available to print to use with the clearance.

Buy (2) Huggies Little Movers $19.58
Use $3/2 Huggies Little Movers Coupon
$18.08 each after coupon

Click here to see the best prices on diapers this week.

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  • my store had them last week for 13.85 i used a 3.00 coupon and a store coupon paid only 8.85 but the bad thing hopefully not at all target but i asked my target they are gonna discontinue them

  • Erica

    @Jennifer m Delano Yay Bangor Maine!!!

  • My Girlie is potty training so we use the slip ons rather than pull ups for when we are away from home and don’t want to deal with wet clothes, and at night so we don’t wake up in a puddle of tee tee!!

  • Gina

    The slip on diapers are the worst! They don’t have the same rear coverage as the regular little movers.

    • Anna T

      I totally agree!! You can really end up with a mess. I also hate that I have to strip my daughter naked from the waist down to change her. Its a real pain when we are out and I have to remove her shoes and everything just to change her diaper. I know you can “open” the sides but they never seem to fit right if I do that.

      • Jade

        My husband hates the slip ons too. Personally if it doesn’t give her a rash and is a good price I’m okay with a little extra hassle.

  • In addition to the great deal on the diapers, they had the $2.00/1 coupons inside too!! Now y’all know what I do on vacation!! Lol, I couldn’t just leave them :-D I’m due in August, so maybe by December we can manage to use them.

    • Alena

      My son was 7.5 lb when he was born. We switched to size 3 when he was 4 months old. But slip-ons size 3 fit him perfectly when he was about 10 months +. He is 14 months now and we’ve just switched to size 4, only because I have tons of size 4. But he is very skinny (7% weight, 30% height).

  • Sheryl

    Target in Mt. Laurel NJ had Pampers Wipes on clearance.

  • chelsea schmidt nice thats awesome our kmart is closing soon

  • Chelsea Schmidt – nice!

  • Kmart has some too!! They actually had Santa diapers for $2.74, I bought the 2 they had and used two $2.00/1 Huggies coupon and got them for $.74/each BUT I had a $1.60 credit in Customer Rewards, so I didn’t pay anything :-D

  • I found them in Middle Tn in the baby clothes section. Still nowhere near as good of a deal as Target’s $20 big box. (125)

  • bought these last week…with mfg. and target q’s…also if you buy 2 boxes….$10 gift card! or at least I was surprised with one!!!! in Bangor,Maine

  • not the bulk kind though i found huggies and pampers on sale the big boxes for $8 i got them tht way as well

  • i wasnt looking for them there to expensive i found great and better deals with my coupons and pay $2 a package

  • Tiffany

    I found them on an end cap in the baby section

  • Beth

    My store(horseheads,ny) had these a couple weeks ago when they had the GC deal. I found them on the end caps of the baby section. Didn’t see any more there this week.

  • April Dean – this is from Rdg, PA

  • where do you ladies usually find the clearance diapers? In the baby dept. or a different location in the store?

  • Melissa

    Target also has a $1.50 off huggies slip on coupon making them $16.58 each

  • Tiffany

    Tucson, AZ:)

  • Natalie

    im from corpus christi, texas I have not checked my store yet but plan on it tomorrow hope they have some cause my twins go through them like crazy.

  • What city have these been seen in??