TruWhip Natural Whipped Topping

I have been trying to eat better. By better, I don’t mean like less chips and crackers. I mean by paying attention to what I am actually eating. I have heard over and over that it is too hard to stay to budget and eat things that are good for you. I just don’t buy it. I haven’t gone all out organic, but I am trying to pay attention. I figure every better choice I make along the way,the better.

I am starting to pay attention to labels. So this Thanksgiving, I decided to try some recipes that used the “better” version of an item I already was using.

I started with my banana cake. One of the main ingredients in the banana cake was Whipped Topping. For years I have been using Cool Whip, when I found out it had the same ingredients as condom lube, well game over! Bye Bye Cool Whip.


tru whip

So I reached out to a company called Peak Foods to see if they would be interested in letting me try their TRUwhip, as a subsitute. I told them I would try their product and review it honestly.

I like their ingredient list better:

Water, organic tapioca syrup, expeller-pressed palm kernel oil, organic cane sugar, organic palm kernel oil, contains less than 2% of each of the following: organic soy protein concentrate, sodium caseinate (milk protein), natural flavors, organic soy lecithin, xanthan gum, guar gum. Contains milk and soy.

The texture was about the same as other products. I did find that TRUwhip was slightly less sweet than the other. So the big test was how would my mini banana cakes turn out. This is something I have made time and again, so I would be able to tell if they were “off”.

The mini banana cakes turned out perfect, they just a tad less sweet, next time I will use a little extra sugar.  I will take less sweet for zero transfat and no hydrogenated oils.

TRUwhip is currently available at Whole Foods and the pricing is competitive with other major brands.

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  • Andy

    I bought a truwhip organic at Whole Foods and truly I love it! The Food Scientist who created this amazing product must have a great mind.

  • TD

    I like TruWhip. No,..I REALLY REALLY like Truwhip. What I’m surprised about is that nobody mentions the INSANE price that it is sold at. Over $4.00 for a tub of whipped topping at Whole Foods???? Really??? I won’t buy it more than occasionally.

  • Donna Watkins

    TruWhip is amazing! I happened upon it on a Mgrs. Special at a local food store that carries some natural stuff. It was 50% off so I figured worth a try, but not with much hope. It’s been 30 yrs since I’ve bought Cool Whip so I’ve learned to live w/o it. Anyway … took it home and couldn’t believe it! Absolutely delicious. Before it totally thaws out it’s like a cross between marshmallow creme and Cool Whip (well, I guess I should say whipped topping since I don’t have a clue what Cool Whip tastes like any more). So, I ordered a whole case of it at a place I can get it at wholesale price. Just came in on Friday. Loving it!

  • So, um, I am no longer eating Cool Whip.